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afenimore11:  I would only ever attend a hospital, or a birthing centre attached to a hospital.

I am happy to sacrifice a bit of comfort for a whole lot of safety.  My mum had to have an emergency C-Section with me so that probably helps with my biase.

Our local hospitals maternity ward is brand new and really pretty.  I have always been comfortable in hospitals, and I like the fact you can leave your blood and poo stained sheets for them to clean up hahaha!


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I’d only ever give birth in a hospital with a NICU. American home birth midwifes are not medical professionals and have little to no regulation. Birth (especially for a first time mom) is so unpredictable and risky, that the risks of being far away from the hospital should anything go wrong is much more risk than I am comfortable with. You could have a perfectly boring, healthy pregnancy and have something go wrong at the delivery. Even being 5 minutes away is too much…it doesn’t mean 5 minutes from an OR. For full disclosure, I work for a major hospital in OB/GYN (I’m not a nurse or doctor) and have seen and heard of so many home birth gone wrong scenarios, that I’d just never could do it. Most births would be fine but…just that risk of something going catastrophically wrong is too much. 


Also, I know first hand that hospitals have a ton of germs, but I’d be paranoid that my home wouldn’t be clean enough. And having all that mess in my home? Blergh. 

Also, since I work at that hospital and have no plans to leave my job, my insurance would fully cover any delivery should I give birth there. Our only costs would be those of a private room (and we’d get that 50% off). A home birth would actually be way more money.


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iv had a few friends who have had to be rushed to hospital for an emergency C- Section after trying to have a home birth or being in a birth centre. Personally i just am not going to risk it – im going straight to the hospital. then will move to a birth centre for a few days after birth ๐Ÿ™‚

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nowmarriedgirl:  what sort of birth center are you heading to after birth? I’ve never heard of that! 

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I thought about a home birth but wanted closer access to interventions, if they were needed. My ideal situation would have been a birth center attached to a hospital, but the closest one was an hour away and I didn’t want to do that. So I went with a hospital birth. 

My preference would have been to deliver with a midwife, but I found a highly reviewed OB that is walking distance to my work and I just couldn’t pass up that convenience. And he turned out to be wonderful. He let me do things mostly how I wanted (low intervention). I hired a doula, which helped my peae of mind. My main nurse at the hospital was also very natural birth friendly, which helped so much. I spent most of my hospital labor in a huge jet tub that was freaking amazing! I didn’t have to argue for anything! And I never felt rushed despite being in labor for 21 hours, including pushing for 3 hours! At one point my doc mentioned that if baby continued to have decels, he might want to put me on a saline drip and when he saw my face promised to just do a half bag and only if really necessary. I chugged some water and didn’t need it. I had heard rumors that he was a little episiotomy happy, and I did end up with an episiotomy, but that wasn’t the end of the world. Overall I was very happy with my birth. The only thing I wish I could change was that my son was having some mild breathing trouble after birth and so they took him to the heater across the room to get oxygen – I wish they would have let me hold him while he got the oxygen. But, I got him back and all was right with the world. 

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I feel like it would depend on your physical location. I am very close (~15 minutes) to 3 hospitals, as we are a ‘teaching town’, so if I chose a homebirth, it’s very easy to get somewhere if needed.

That being said, we don’t have birthing centers where I live, and I, being a first time mom, have no idea what I’m doing, and would rather be in the hospital.

Ontario is lucky in the sense that midwives can do home births and hospital births, so I can still have a midwife, but I was told by a doula that midwives trained in homebirths have the ability to sense ‘problems’ earlier than a normal doctor, so in some ways they are better. (For homebirths they have to be able to deal with problems while accounting for travel time)

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MrsAKSkier:  it’s another hospital but not the public one, they have maternity wings of the hospetal where you get your own room and can stay there a few days with midwives and nurses there to check on you all the time etC. It’s a great thing esp for new mums! I live in NZ ๐Ÿ™‚

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afenimore11:  I had a great birthing centre experience and my next will be a home birth since my first went so smooth I have the confidence to do it and know how it’ll go and how I can cope ๐Ÿ˜€ My priorities were no option of pain meds and privacy, both of which I got ๐Ÿ™‚

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