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Busy bee
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Hmm, I think maybe allowing elective C-sections so long as a doctor OKs it would be a workable option. 

Beyond taxes and wanting to give brith when family is in town, I am sure that a lot of women might choose elective for lots of reasons…maybe there is set to be a bilizzard on your due date, if you live in a rural area, that could lead to a home birth you are not prepared for. What if a family member is dying and you want to make sure they meet the baby? 

Dunno, doesn’t seem like the worst thing in the world, but I get that there are drawbacks.

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From the article it seems they are only banning elective c-section and induction BEFORE 39 weeks. So I guess moms are still allowed to have an elective c-section after the 39 week mark?

I wasnt aware that people were choosing to get induced at 37 or 38 weeks. I thought you had to wait til your due date?

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Agree 100% and hope that at some point “elective” would be done away with altogether….

The risks of these interventions (when not necesary) far out weight the medical benefits for both momma & baby and I’m glad that hospitals are starting to accept this and do something about it.

Our healthcare statistics here in the US for mommas & babies is horrendoues in comparison to other industrialized countries and hopefully at somepoint we can turn things around and get back to being the best as opposed to one of the worst.

I think this is a great start! =)

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Honey Beekeeper
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I agree with the ban, personally.  Unless there is a medical reason, I don’t think hospitals should just allow elective c-sections and inductions.

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Buzzing bee
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I can’t imagine why anyone would want to have their baby at 37 weeks on purpose, it just seems kind of cruel to me.

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Busy bee
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I wish it would be banned all together! I had an elective induction at 39 weeks and it failed. I had another induction at 41 weeks and it worked. I wish I had just let my body take its course! Of course if you go for an insane amount of time, like my ex mother in law (45 weeks), then I think you should serve the eviction notice!

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Sugar bee

@plantains: “I have seen women induced or have a scheduled C-section because they have family scheduled to be in town, because they want the baby to be born on an anniversary or someone else’s birthday, because they want the baby born prior to Jan. 1 for tax purposes, or because they are simply sick and tired of being pregnant,” Dr. Elaine St. John, associate professor of pediatrics in the Division of Neonatology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, told ABC News in 2009.

Sad but true. I’ve heard of people saying AND doing that too!

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I really don’t understand elective births. I can understand inducing if you’re severely overdue but otherwise doesn’t the baby come when it is ready, rather when you are!

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Sugar bee
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The women in my family do not birth well,   I came early and my mom almost died,so they had to do an emergency C. My brother was a planned C, but around the 39 wk. mark. 

My grandmother and aunts also needed C sections. its just the way we are bulit.

The OBGYN recomended the same thing for me when i went to get a check up, ( if and when i have childeren )  and if they are banning it… that scares me…

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Buzzing bee
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I’m glad to hear it. I’m most intruiged by the mindset of the woman who was quoted at the end…

“You’re already out of control of your body, so at least to know if you go to your doctor’s office and say, ‘Look, we’re at 37 weeks, and I feel like I’m ready,’ ” Lisa Coulouris, who had twins via emergency C-section earlier this year, told NPR. “To know that I would have that choice would just make me feel better. But to take it away from me just adds to the pressure of being pregnant.”


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Bumble bee

@imalittlebirdie:  It’s only for elective. I doubt a hospital wouldn’t allow you to have a C-section if its a health risk or for medical reasons.

I think if these women can’t handle the discomfort and inconvenience of 40 weeks of pregnancy they probably aren’t prepared for the next 20 years of motherhood. Just sayin’…

But they are not ready that early and to request a baby be born early before he/she is ready just because you’re uncomfortable, not for an actual medical reasons or due to unmanageable pain is pure selfishness.

EXACTLY! In my opinion, people are becoming more and more selfish. It’s not all about you, anymore…

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Sugar bee

I think it’s smart to limit inductions with no health reasons before a certain week gestation, babies need time to incubate.

@Minutiae: while my baby went overdue and did not have a c-section, by week 34 I just felt helpless and done.  While I wouldn’t have scheduled a c-section I do understand the feeling of just no longer being in control of your body and longing to get that back.  I think a lot of women believe there’s no major health benefit for babies staying in longer so if Drs. explained the benefits I’m sure a lot fewer women would really feel ready at 37 weeks even if they were uncomfy both mentally and physically, I just don’t think the benefits of going the full 40 weeks are always explained well to women.

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