(Closed) Hospitals banning elective c-section/induction

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@TheJeanses2012:LOL> My grandmother had my dad for almost 44 weeks. They never induced her, either–eventually she finally went into labor naturally.


@Treejewel19:Fair enough reasons, but I still think you should wait until you’re full term before you get your c-section.

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@PasteMoo: Agreed. As I posted I have no issues with waiting to accomodate the health of my child. 🙂

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I had an elective c-section, so if this were to happen at my hospital, Id have switched.  My insurance did cover it at the normal rate.  I, however, didnt do it for tax purposes, timing (she came on her due date, I dont agree with taking them early unless medically necessary,) or convenience.  I had personal reasons for wanting to do it that my doctor agreed with.  In the end, Id have needed one anyways due to the cord being around Liv’s neck 3 times tightly plus a whooooole list of other health problems for me, but thats neither here nor there.  I, like a pp said, feel that its up to me to decide how my baby should come AS LONG AS IT IS DEEMED SAFE. I dont think I should say when if its prior to 4 weeks, but how is my decision

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I think it’s a good thing since it’s elective before 39 weeks.

In an article I read one doctor say that a baby isn’t really ready to live in the real world even at 40 weeks and would benefit A LOT from staying in the womb another three months! Crazy, right?! So I think it is important to wait until full-term, or when the baby comes, especially since so many women can’t know EXACTLY their “due date” or how far along they are, it’s a guess date and I’ve heard many doctors refer to the week as estimated date of delivery so we don’t get hung up on ONE DAY! 

Not to spark a debate, but I think most reasons women have elective c-sections for are pretty selfish, especially the ones stated in the article. I was a nanny for a family who had elective C-sections for all four of her kids, and she just liked the convenience of it. She wanted to be able to make an appointment to give birth so it wouldn’t interfere with her schedule. I was astonished! Obviously I didn’t say anything but it really surprised me. Then I started to hear more and more how many women want to have c-sections for reasons similar to that. Crazy..

I wouldn’t mind seeing elective banned altogether either (only for medical purposes), but I won’t say that set in stone and I don’t want to spark debate, like @Treejewel19: sometimes there are REALLY personal reasons you want to have one, and as long as those women know the risks (which it appears treejewel19, you do!), I guess it’s their choice.

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I met (sort of,) this lady when my pregnant friend and I went to purchase her stroller (craigslist- and she did not end up using the stroller- it was kind of gross and she regretted even going, anyway…) there were kids everywhere.  Both parents were home and there were 5 or more children and she said “she always gets a planned C-section, we love them!  It is so easy and we just get right in there and do it every time.  We only go planned.  We love it.”  It was like a baby factory in the suburbs.  Get in and get them out, I suppose (was their philosophy.)  It was definitely different…  Elective c sections everytime- This is just a random, related story…


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@miss-spunkin: Not all reasons are selfish.  I know you pointed out @Treejewel19:s “really personal reasons,” and that is the case for a lot of people.  My reasons were personal to me, but my main one was terror of vaginal delivery.  Selfish to you (not you in particular.  Like a plural “you” as in others)-maybe.  But for me, necessity.  And the decision didnt come lightly.  My doctors discussed the risks and benefits, and because in my case a section was deemed to be a bit safer, it was a no-brainer for me. they didnt push me one way or the other, but they made sure I was educated.

A lot of people hear “elective” and automatically assume its about convenience.  For most of the women that I know that have had them (and I know a lot.  NYC has a lot of them) I would say that MAYBE one of them had it done because it was more convenient.  Most of them had their own reasons for wanting it done.

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@KellyV: One reason I’m for limiting access to elective inductions and c-sections is because not all expectant mothers are as fortunate as you to have a medical team working with them to make an educated, safe decision. (This isn’t to single you out specifically at all, I just feel you’re an example of a patient with medical professionals informing you of all your options, risks, and benefits so you can make a sound decision.) 

My Mother-In-Law works in Perinatal Outreach where she has a big focus on doctors’/hospitals’ over-use of medically unnecessary inductions/sections. The statistics she gathers and stories of hospitals she consults are scary. What I’m getting at is, not only is there a rising number of mother’s wanting early inductions/sections, but there are way too many doctors pushing patients towards these options when its not medically necessary too. Sadly, for some Doctors its a matter of convenience too.

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I was induced a few weeks ago but for medical purposes. I had gestational diabetes and we were worried about his size. I was 39 weeks though so he was in the safe zone. I got a shot in my butt every week for 16 weeks to keep him from being premature like his older brother. I personally wouldn’t risk earlier than 37 weeks. I agree with the 39 week rule.

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I totally agree with this. I think c-sections are done way too often, and there are consequences for both mum and babe. I’m a neonatal nurse so I see the argument from both sides, but elective c-sections are not the way to go. In fact, our local hospital (which is well known and used as an example for many other hospitals) will no longer allow elective c-sections. Giving birth shouldn’t be scheduled in like another appointment, baby will come when he/she is ready. Even though you’re given your “due date”, there is technically 5 weeks around your due date (37 weeks-42 weeks) that is normal for baby to come and be considered full-term. So who are we to decide when the baby should be born? Another interesting point is our hospital no longer does continuous fetal monitoring because studies have shown that the rate of unnecessary c-sections because of continuous fetal monitoring is really high. So now they do intermittent monitoring. Obviously c-sections that are emergent are necessary, I’m not arguing with that at all.

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@Treejewel19: makes sense to me..birth is pretty.. gross. And I say this from a very loving standpoint.. it is wonderful and amazing and all that jazz but it is still gross and some women poop and some tear ( I did) and it sucks butt. I never understood why people want a whole ton of people around them looking at their vagina to be honest lol. 

On another tangent, I was so over being pregnant that I wanted to just be induced already..(even did the whole caster oil thing.. that will NEVER happen again).. but I did really miss out on the whole water breaking…baby coming.. rush to the hospital thing.. which I really look back on and miss. I was also induced in the night because doc thought it would take a while for me to go into labor and she made me take a sleeping pill.. I did. But then I went into labor.. it was a mess.. I don’t remember signing to have an epidural (which I didnt want).. I dont remember ANYTHING . After my doc told me that it was normal and natural to not remember the pain.. i am like lady.. i dont remember ANYTHING , I vaguely remember pushing and them handing my baby to me.. nothing prior and nothing after.. they actually moved me to another room without me remembering.. I literally was like.. how did I get here?! I will never induce my labor again.. it really sucks not remember looking at your baby for the first time. 

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My mom had 4 unscheduled c-sections. Well, the last one was scheduled but my brother decided to go all placenta previa and be three weeks early anyway. She would have much preferred natural births – both for the cost and recovery time. She has back issues now because the muscles in her stomach have been cut so many times. Some women have bladder issues or more serious complications. God-willing, if I have children, I’ll do everything I can to deliver naturally as it’s best for both me and the baby. The human body has a lot of systems in place to determine when the baby is ready to be born- it’s fairly rare that a baby is truly late and not just an error in the EDD, imo.

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@Mrs.KMM: agreed!

My mom works for the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology and she would go around to hospitals across the country with doctors&nurses to review the OBGYN departments. She said that the complications a woman faces with a C-section are very high and she doesn’t think anyone should be induced until they are at least 2 wks late (even though many women get induced before even 1 week late)

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