(Closed) Hostess fun: Top three memories with your SO.

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Bumble bee

It’s too hard to pick!

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Busy Beekeeper
  • Wedding: November 1999

Ok I’ll play.

– When we first started dating (spring 2008), Fiance was working with dump trucks and working crazy hours, day shift, night shift so we didn’t see each other often. It was hard specially during the summer. One day he showed up at my appartment after his day shift and asked me to come out and help him with something. I was like hmm okay. So I went outside with him. He had his brother’s truck and from the back of the box he pulls out this piano. I was like “what the heck is that?” His answer: “well since i’m working crazy hours I thought I’d get you something to get back into your hobby, playing the piano”…. I melted that day and I knew from that point on that he was the one πŸ™‚

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  • Wedding: April 2019

when i looked down at him when he was asleep next to me and just knew he was the One, when he proposed, and the past few months the countless times he has supported me, and held me when i cried πŸ™‚

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: May 2013

1. We went on a cruise to Alaska in May and as we were leaving Juneau (which is basically in an inlet, so mountains on both sides) it was raining and cold and no one was on the deck — except us. We had put on our bathing suits and walked through the ship with our bathrobes on up to the deck where we sat in the hot tub for forever as it rained on us and we cruised by the gorgeous, gorgeous mountains. 

2. One day this summer we spent the afternoon in my parents pool talking about our five year plan and cuddling and being just silly and lovey and it was possibly the best day ever.

3. Last January we had gone out to my favorite restaurants and had this amazing meal, and we went home and were drinking wine, and we got pretty buzzed, starting watching American Idol, and came up with some idea that we would start a “travelling bullshit show” of the two of us, where people would pay tickets to come see some yet-to-be-determined act. We laughed so hard we were both crying by the end of it. 

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: May 2013

@Rouquine:  Yeah, anytime you laugh until you cry it’s a good day. πŸ™‚

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: July 2012

1. A month before Darling Husband and I started dating my only sis passed away. Through it all he became my best friend. Well I didn’t expect him to show up at the wake and when I turned around there he was. I knew there he was the one. 

2. We went on our first trip together to Orlando and it was only for 4 days. The last day we were coming back we stopped to eat. We sat there and just stared at each and his eyes teared up and he told me he was in love with me. I ended going to the bathroom to cry. 

3. Of course the day he proposed. Awesome memory

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: September 2013

Hmm… So many moments together it’ll be hard to pick three!

1. The weekend we got engaged- I don’t think I have ever experienced a feeling of sheer happiness like I did that weekend. I was completely carefree and blissful. We kept calling it “our engaged bubble of love” because neither one of us could stop smiling. I was so bummed to go back to “real life” that I cried on our drive home from the resort because I didn’t want it to be over! 

2. Oddly enough, after about a year of dating I had a very serious horseback riding accident that nearly broke my tailbone and could have left me paralyzed. Fiance witnessed the whole fall and was by my side before I even knew what has happened. He calmed my fears and wiped my tears and was overall amazing. Shortly afterwhile recovering, he admitted how scared he was for me and that seeing me hurt was the hardest thing he’d ever experienced. 

3. The day we moved into our place- after 8 years of dating and being apart, it was absolutely amazing. We had no bed and no blankets. We slept on separate couches, but waking up and seeing him there, using our new towel as a blanket made me laugh and cry and swell with happiness. 

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Honey bee
  • Wedding: January 1992

We began dating in October of 2007. When Thanksgiving rolled around, he asked if I wanted to come over to his place and spend it with him. He’s a transplant from NY, so he wouldn’t have done anything anyway, so I obliged.

He was so adorable. When I got there, food was infiltrating every crevice of his kitchen. It looked like a small farmer’s market had set up shop in his apartment. I wondered who else he had invited….. it was just the two of us. He had flowers set on the dining room table, we watched the Jets play the Lions, it was amazing. The best part though was food preparation. He was having a tough time opening a ready-made bag of tossed salad. He pulled so hard, the bag exploded, and salad flew straight up into the air like confetti. He was so cute, standing there like a deer in the headlights, and then he turned beet red (ironically, the only vegetable not making an appearance that night) and I just started cracking up until he joined in. That was a laugh-till-tears moment too. He went through so much trouble to make my 2nd dinner special, and I’ll never forget it.

There are other special moments too, but this one stands out aside from the obligatory engagement / wedding stories.

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Sugar bee

1) Our first date. We went to the mall and saw the movie Arthur and had our first kiss πŸ™‚

2) When he proposed. We were at the zoo πŸ™‚

3) When we went to Seaworld. I felt like a kid again (had so much fun, went on every single ride except 2, ate a lot of junk food, fed the seals) That one is my favorite πŸ™‚

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  • Wedding: June 2013

1) Oct 2010 the night we met.  Is by far my favorite memory, he had just gotten back from a depolyment and he went out drinking with me and all my friends.  well we had realized that we were both stationed in korea back in early 2010 same base and everything. well at dinner he had said i looked familar ( we were stationed in Italy and mostly anyone to get a good assignment we have to do a remote like korea) so in my head i was thinking yea right.  but i went along with it since he was really trying to agreeded and said I had maybe seen him at the gym.  Well after we all went to club and he was super drunk he told me he had never seen me in korea and that he was nervous and made that lie up about seeing me because he wanted to talk to me LOL!

2) Sept 2011 My fiance left the states when he was 2 and grew up in england so he has never really exerienced the states. So the first time we went back to the states to visit my family (his first time meeting my fam) I took him to california and while we were there I took him to sea world in san diego.  I had surpirsed him with swimming with the dolphins and he knew NOTHING about it.  That time came for us to go over by the dophlins to change into our wet suits and i just had him follow the guys to the changing rooms and he was asking them in the locker room what this was for.  And when he walked out I was just smiling and we had the best time! It was great seeming him have that little kid smile on his face feeding the dolphins.

3) Sept 2011 would of course be out engagement.  We were in san dieo, from before with sea world we had ate a late lunch.  well we got back to the hotel and changed and we were going to eat downtown.  well i still wasnt hungry from my lunch. so we decided to go to the hard rock to get drinks.  after that i still wasnt hungry and he saw some thai food place and he insited we go there.  I still was not in the mood for any food.  so he ordered food for me.  and I guess thats where he was going purpose but it just wasnt the “right” place.  so after that we went to house of blues. and he was in a bad mood after that becuase nothing worked out for him so we just went back to the hotel.  well the next morning he was up on the ipad and told me that I was going to drive and he would give me directions.  so he ended up having me drive to sunset cliffs and i knew he was going to purpose and i freaked in my head.  And actually got scared and thought about driving away lol jk! But we got out and sat by the cliff he gave his big speech and then got down on one knee and purposed.  after the proposal we were hungry and decided to go to In-N-Out I laughed after we sat with out food and said that this is our after propsal lunch!! But we were in Italy they dont have stuff like that there πŸ˜€

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Honey bee
  • Wedding: August 2013

I’ve actually chosen just one, because there’s ONE that stands out from all the rest, the only thing that beats the proposal. It’s a long story so I’ve tried to make it entertaining.

Fiance and I used to live in New York City. We lived in a lovely little place in Brooklyn for a year, loved the area and the apartment, but hated our jobs, were always stressed and exhausted, never had any money, and fought all the time. We had to get out.
We decided to take a huge leap and move to South Korea as English teachers.

We wanted to work in public school through a program called EPIK. The application period was long and intense, but we made it in. They flew us over and we had a 10-day orientation in a college dorm where we were separated a lot, endured 12-hour long days of classes and lectures with many long bus rides, unfamiliar (honestly very tasty but unfamiliar) food, and a somewhat invasive medical check. My roommate was nice but not him. Days were exhausting and I was dying for even a few minutes alone with him. It was starting to wear on me.

We had no cell phones, no maps, no internet access except what was patchily available in the dorm, and we were only guaranteed to work in the same city. They don’t tell you what school you’re going to until the last minute, or even what area of the city. We had NO idea how far we’d be from each other, and with no phone or internet in our destinations, no idea how long it would take for us to meet up. Days? A week or more? He was my only comfort, my only anchor that made everything OK no matter how weird it was. I’m pretty adaptable and very adventurous but as you’ll see, it can easily overtake even the strongest traveler.

Here’s what happens at the end of the orientation. 

They put you on another bus and drive you for several hours to your destination city. Mind you, as a new foreigner, you don’t have a phone, you don’t have a map. You nervously wait in a room to be met by a stranger from your school, who is an English teacher but might not speak English very well regardless.

They pick you up, you try very hard to be polite, but conversation is awkward and stilted. You immediately feel that they probably hate you. You have no idea what is OK to talk about. It’s a bit of a drive to your area — great, you think, way out in the middle of nowhere, even more likely to be far away from him.

At last, you arrive at the school. You are led inside to meet a bunch of people who look you over like they’re at a dog show. They don’t speak English, they talk about you to your handler in Korean distinctly as if you aren’t there at all. No one translates anything. You fumble your way through a polite Korean greeting to your vice principal and principal who do the same thing. They converse for a long time, you hear your name a lot, no one tells you anything.

You sign some papers. You meet more people with impossible to remember names who all have wild and different expectations of you. You’re getting hungry but are afraid to ask too many questions or request anything, you want to make a good impression and seem easygoing and respectful. First impressions are everything, and you’re desperate to make them like you, since these people will control your world for at least the next year if not longer.

You may or may not be taken for food. If you are, it will be with others who will not speak English to you, and eating food you may not even like. It may be insanely spicy. You are constantly terrified of doing something wrong without realizing it and offending someone by accident.

At the end of a long day you are taken to an apartment you’ve never seen before in a confusing and winding neighborhood that’s just as alien. Few if any signs even have English letters. The apartment smells slightly like sewage, it’s freezing cold, and very dark. The lights flicker ominously when you turn them on. It has no food, no toilet paper, no supplies to speak of, and few furnishings. No one can coherently explain to you how to work the heater-water boiler. (Hot water has to be activated, it doesn’t automatically come out here.) You are told not to drink the tap water. All the appliances are in Korean and indecipherable. You are given the keys and left alone for the first time.

Again, you have no cell phone, no internet, no map.

We pick up my story here. Recall that I had no idea where boyfriend was or how he was doing, but I missed him terribly and wanted nothing more than to know what his day was like and tell him about mine. I felt myself falter, but didn’t give in. I had gotten shoddy directions to a PC-bang (like an internet cafe on crack) and braved the cold to find it. Luckily they’re everywhere in big cities so it wasn’t too far.

I fumbled my way through paying for an hour or so on a computer and sent him a facebook message about my day and asking him to tell me everything, complete with a google maps screenshot of my new home, street number and apartment number. I mostly tried to sound strong, but admitted in my note that I was scared and lonely. Lastly I said I’d come back to the PC bang in the morning to see if he had answered.

I fought through the cold to get back to my new home.

As soon as the door was shut, it was over for me. Without the adrenaline and nerves keeping me on the ball, I collapsed, crying. I cried and I cried, big ugly tears leaving tracks down a reddened face, my snot roving about with a mind of its own, my eyes swelling from the hard work. I am very flexible and love strange new things and adventures, but it was honestly overwhelming. I don’t know almost anyone who didn’t feel similarly on their first night alone in their new place.

I discovered that my TV got a couple of English channels, and tried to distract myself with some Discovery channel. I cried while I ate pringles (the only recognizable thing at the convenience store) and while the teard ebbed a bit, I cried my way through an episode of Man vs Wild.

At that point it was time to give up — the only thing that would help was clearly sleep, and if I slept it would become daytime again and I could go back to the PC bang with hope of news. I climbed into bed in plaid pants and a sweatshirt because my apartment was still freezing cold. I tried to calm the tears. I sat and listened to all the noises outside and in the hallway… I’m used to a big city with noises but haven’t lived on the first floor by the street, in a thin-walled place like that.

I had a hard time relaxing. I began to daydream about boyfriend appearing at my door, which just brought on more tears. I just sat there in bed for what felt like a long time. (I didn’t even have a clock, I had been using my defunct US phone but the time had gone off and I couldn’t fix it with nothing to compare it to.)

Just when I started to relax a little, there was a harsh sound. The door… someone was knocking. My heart jumped into my throat. Was it my co-teacher/handler? Was it a neighbor? I elected to answer the door in my pajamas, as it was late. I hoped it wasn’t too obvious to whoever it was that I was crying.

Totally on edge, with my best composed face, I opened the door.

And I immediately resumed crying. There he was, in his best shoes and dress coat, arms spread, rose in his hand, looking for all the world like the protagonist of the cheesiest romantic comedy known to man. I flung myself at him, sobbing into his coat while smiling so hard my face hurt.

He asked awkwardly if he could come in. I closed the door behind him and kept poking at him, half convinced it was just another daydream, or that I’d actually fallen asleep. He was real, it was real — he’d found me somehow, and everything was going to be fine.

I’ve never felt so much love and pride and amazement and relief. I feel like he came and rescued me, it felt so incredible and impossible. In the end it turned out amazingly that his school and his apartment were a 5-7 minute walk away, and his place was awesome. (We both live there now, my apartment sits largely unused.) I still talk about that night sometimes, I see it as sort a really defining moment. 

His end was: There was a bus stop outside his place that had unsecured wifi and he had gotten my message, and even though he couldn’t print the map, or the building info, he just memorized it as best he could and struck out on a freezing, windy night in a strange city with few street names to try and find me, and he succeeded. I get all warm and fuzzy every time I remember it. 

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