Hostess taking advantage? at a loss how to handle….

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RobbieAndJuliahaha :  oooommmmmgggg who thinks that way!??!?!?!?! I wonder how that convo went down between them that it got switched to a BBQ. Yikes! Plz go and report back. 

Also… not that I really think you should, but …. wouldn’t it be oh so satisfying if you went and

1) killed it, like fresh blowout and mani and makeup on point and all

2) brought the damn turkey (pre-roasted store pickup whatever)

3) loudly and oh so sympathetically in front of as many guests as possible let her know that you felt so bad hearing how should couldn’t manage both like you do and totally understand that she needs all the time she can get to look presentable 

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Busy bee
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I’d change my answer and tell her to not worry, and that i’ll bring what was asked, and then cancel last minute and tell her I was unable to come. The whole dinners be or not to be should not depend on if one guest shows up or not.

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WHAT A …. so many words I can’t use in public to discribe this woman!

You should go! 100%! OH! And I would def spend extra time on my hair and make up. Probably even bust out nail polish, something that never happens!

All the other Bees were correct. A host provides the main courses and enough sides that if no one feels like bringing side dishes there is still enough food. Even in the even of a Pot Luck the host still provides the Main Item. What a moron.

How old is this entitled toddler?

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So she can’t cook and have a shower as well? I love to host dinner parties and I’m never chained to an oven and unable to look good because of it. It just takes a bit of preplanning so you can enjoy the party and look hot at the same time.

i doubt this relationship will last…

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It must be tough for this woman, she’s pitted in a one woman competition with the rest of us to which we are oblivious. 

She doesn’t want to be friends with other women, she wants to be queen bee. 

So get your ugly jealous ass over to that BBQ and report back to us on this peach.

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I really feel that you have no choice but to go now, if only to report back to all of us what the B is like in person! And please either you or an outspoken member of the wives/girlfriends have to slip being chained to an oven in conversation.

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RobbieAndJuliahaha :  You’re update is hilarious. If you weeent a regular I’d assume you were trolling this because this woman sounds like she’s out of her mind. I’d probably go just to see what a crazy psycho she is. 

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The girlfriend/hostess probably has no idea how to host a party. I still blame her voyfriend, he mist have assumed she knew somethng about hosting.

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 RobbieAndJuliahaha :  wow, she’s really keeping it classy!  You absolutely must attend this party, if not for yourself, then for all of us here waiting anxiously for hysterical updates about her.  It’s probably time to get with the other jealous bitches and start a betting pool for when they split up.

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What a bitch. Please go and pull something passive aggressive. 

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I would go to her BBQ looking fly as fuck and I would bring some canned cranberry sauce. haha fuck her! She sounds insane.

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Please go OMG please go.  I CANNOT BELIEVE a hostess would do this.

Please go and look bomb af, dressed in the most stylish outfit that makes it look like you drip casual elegance.  And then bring a delicious side dish.  Get your friends to all do the same.  Show up looking like a bunch of supermodels who also know how to cook.  The woman probably will still think you’re jealous bitches, but you can’t let this slide without being the gorgeous, talented “bitches” we all know you are.

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With the risk to be stoned here…. So the nice guy team mate wants to host an event.. and charges his newly girlfriend with cooking for his friends and their spouses. Then she is the bitch for not really wanting to do that and trying to get out of the responsibility by delegating her boyfriends responsibilities of a host to the spouses of his team mates. Then when those spouses are understandably outraged, their SOs go talk to the guy who now appears to be the knight in shining armour saving the day by doing what he should have done in a first place – actually hosting his event. And the woman in the story is of course the evil witch. I think, while she acted in a very weird way (she should have simply refused to cook for his party if she didnt feel like it) I think we should try to look past.our conditioning and see things more objectively. 

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