(Closed) Hot flashes at 27 years old? Ovarian Cancer?

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Sweating, hot flashes and lack of energy could be thyroid issues, or a number of other things. But seriously, the only thing that will tell you if you are ok is a biopsy of the tumor, or maybe they can tell with an ultrasound. No one here is qualified to give you any medical advice so all we can do is lend support and tell you not to make yourself sick with worry.

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hot flashes could also be a result of anxiety which can also make you feel depleted of energy.  I agree with the above post that it could be thyroid as well.  however, I’m not a doctor so I cannot give out medical advice.  I wish you luck at your appointment this week. 

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I get hot flashes when I have PMS. They haven’t really been to the extreme you’re describing but I do get them. Sometimes they are so bad I feel like I’m going to pass out.

It could be a thyroid issue, too as a PP said.

I also have very low energy when I have PMS. B12 and exersize help.

I’m sorry to hear about the tumor and you being at a high risk for ovarian cancer. Unfortunately, it sounds like you’ll have to wait to see the Dr. to know more. 

But try not to stress yourself out too much. My doctor said that your PMS symptoms can worsen when you’re stressed and that is SO true for me. I’ve been so stressed before that my cramps and other PMS symptoms lasted for 2 weeks and I thought I was pregnant or dying or something. 

Just try to stay positive. Take deep breaths, do something to distract yourself, take vitamens, exersize, etc.

Good luck at the doctors and hopefully everything turns out okay for you.

















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Honey bee
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I am not really qualified to give you any answers but I hope you find out what is going on soon and that it is not something serious.

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You sound like you’re having hyperthyroid surges. I have Hashimoto’s disease and for a while it was like this for me – I fell asleep on the couch in the afternoon because I was exhausted, and when Fiance found me I looked like I had been swimming. Also, the constipation…yeah.

Get your thyroid checked, and make sure they run antibody tests too!

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Don’t freak out!  You did the smart thing by calling the doctor and making an apointment.  Try not to stress yourself out even more, because that could make anything going on worse.  I will keep you in my thoughts!

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I used to get serious hotflashed when I was on my oeriod with and wihout bc. It could be something or it could be nothing. Positive vibes your way…

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@MissFemmeFatale:  Honestly, you sound like you have a virus. High fever (you broke your sweat), bad bowels, feel like crap. Don’t stress, but it is probably just a bug. Those don’t sound like cancer symptoms to me and I would not tell you that just to make you feel better.

EDIT: in re-reading your post, I get fever like symptoms without a fever. This sounds like a virus. Get it checked out, but don’t stress

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It would be best if you went straight to a gynae/oncologist & had a diagnostic laparoscopy (keyhole surgery). This way they can take a biopsy & also have a look at your other organs. I had this surgery in Feb & they found a 2cm under my right ovary. It’s not malignant luckily but if you are a high risk for ovarian cancer you should have a laparoscopy. I didn’t have sweats but had a change in bowel habits, constant urge to urinate, bloating, dull abdominal ache, back pain  & a general feeling of pressure in my abdomen. Hope this helps. PM me if you want. Good luck.

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I’ve never had similar symptomes but last year, I experienced weird and painfull swelling in my joints, the symptomes were spot on for rheumatoid arthritis. I was sooo scared but in the end, it turned out to be some kind of a virus infection! 

It’s easy to think about the worst, especially when you and your family have a history of medical problems, but try not to panic and jump to conclusions, it may be something quite innocent. 

Fingers crossed for you and keep us posted! I really hope it’s nothing to be worried about.  

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@MissFemmeFatale:  i had a very similar thing 3 years ago. I would sit bolt upright in bed in the early hours wide awake from a sound sleep covered in sweat. I was exhausted, had no energy, would nearly vomit if i exerted myself even slightly.. I had been on a low carb diet but wasnt sure if it was related at the time. I went and had many blood tests at the drs. Turns out i was very low in vit d, zinc, magnesium, iron and also very low in progesterone and last year was very low in testosterone. It has taken a long time to get sorted out but i am feeling much better now. I think vit d was the main culprit. See if you can get tested for those. Good luck.

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