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Talk to your doctor, but I wouldn’t spend too much time worrying. From what I understand, the danger is in raising your temperature over a certain threshold – 101 or 102 or something like that – but I don’t think you’re very likely to get that warm in a shower. I avoided hot tubs during pregnancy but took tons of hot showers because they were the only thing that made my back pain bearable, and my baby was fine. 

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sweetthing:  I showered through 3 pregnancies and it caused no problems. I can imagine extreme heat being an issue (like a sauna), but not a regular shower.

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In order to take a shower hot enough to cause harm, you’d have to practically blister your skin. Hot tubs are a no-no more about the bacteria and such than the heat, and you can’t feel yourself getting too hot in them because you’re submerging most of your body for a long period of time. Like a soup.

Shower on, ladyfriend!

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I hot shower every day, sometimes twice. It’s my favourite part of the day before and now during pregnancy. I have read about the no bath thing, which is a shame because I loooove baths. But I’ll see how I go holding off on those haha

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I’m freeeeeeezing too!! I am enjoying hot showers. We just moved house and we don’t have proper curtains (13/14 degrees in here!). Brrrrr! I got into the habit of always using a hot water bottle to thaw out. That’s probably bad too, but I’m so cold 🙁

You can’t do anything while you’re pregnant! Sigh. 

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I think you’re fine babe. As a PP said, it’s okay compared to a bath because a shower won’t raise your body temperature because not whole body is submerged. 

I’m in Melbourne and I couldn’t live without my warm showers right now! Though I try not to have it too hot when I wash my hair, not too good for healthy locks. Well, it’s not too good for your skin either but I’m willing to sacrifice!

Just watch out as your blood pressure lowers through the second trimester that you don’t get too hot and end up feeling faint. The weekend before last, when it was zero degrees in Melb in the morning, we overreacted a bit by cranking the heater too high and I had a hot shower. Just so happened to be around the time in my pregnancy when blood pressure is at it’s lowest – was not a good combo with the house too warm and standing around!

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I think I read a rule of “if the water is so hot you have to ease into it, then its too hot”.  But even with a hot bath, I think you have to soak for a good 10-20 minutes before your temp starts to rise, and I doubt you’re spending that much time in a hot hot shower (which you might need an even longer time to raise your temp, since your whole body isn’t submerged and cold air circulates around).

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sweetthing:  I wouldn’t worry about a hot shower! The slightly increased risk for open neural tube defects (like spina bifida) only comes if your core body temperature gets over 102F. This can happen in hot tubs (often set at 104F and you’re fully submerged so your body temp can get above 102F), saunas and fever with illness. But, no matter how hot your shower is, it’s unlikely that your core body temp is going to get over 102F in the shower. I was worried about it, as well, because I like really hot showers, so I just took a thermometer into the shower and took a really hot and really long shower and even then my temp never even got to 100F. So I don’t worry about showers. I actually even went into a hot tub that had been set on low in the first trimester and used a thermometer to check my temps and I never got to 100F, so I figured that was okay. 

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36.5 weeks pregnant and have definitely had my share of hot showers as well as baths. I just don’t get the bath super, super hot anymore. I make sure I can step right into it and that I’m not sweating in it. I have avoiding hot tubs though. Like PPs, it’s all about your core temp and a hot shower really shouldn’t bring it up to dangerously high levels at all. Shower on!

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I had this same concern last week.  Although for me it’s baths.  I LOVE a hot bath but I know you’re not supposed to have it hot enough to raise you temp.  I read that as long as you can get into it easily and not have to ease your way in, it’s ok.  I had a bath the other night and the water was way too cold when I got in so I added some HOT water to try and warm it up.  After about ten min I started to feel worried that I had made it too hot and got out… And then continued to worry about it ever since… I hope I didn’t make it too hot, or if I did, that I got out soon enough that I dont have to worry about having done any kind of damage to my little one… I was only 10 weeks at the time so still quite early

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Hot baths are different than hot showers. Hot showers are very unlikely to raise your body temp enough to do harm, but sitting in a hot bath for too long can, also saunas, steam rooms, hot tubs are things to be careful of or avoid all together. 

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sweetthing:  I wouldn’t think twice about taking as hot a shower as you like. I was pregnant in the winter in Alaska. I took hot showers, hot baths, and sat in a hot tub (that was not too hot). Like others have said, getting your core body temperater above 102 degrees in the first trimester can increase your risk of neural tube defects. It is doubtful your temperature would get that high in a shower, since your whole body is not submerged. I think it’s important to know WHY you are avoiding something and what the risk really is before deciding. Shivering through a luke-warm shower is not necessary!

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