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  • poll: What would you do?
    AirBnB - slightly farther but private apartment with some London charm : (24 votes)
    49 %
    Hampton by Hilton - same old, know what we're getting : (18 votes)
    37 %
    Take whatever's cheaper : (7 votes)
    14 %
    I have another opinion : (0 votes)
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    If you do AirBnB, having a kitchen can save you more than $15/night — you can buy groceries and cook dinner at the apartment if you want to do that. But you might not want to!

    That said, I would probably just do the hotel. It’s simpler. I’ve stayed at AirBnB places several times, and while it’s always great, in my experience it’s slightly more of a hassle getting the keys and cleaning up the place (the places where I stay have all required that I do a certain level of cleaning before leaving). 

    If it were a bigger price difference, or if the AirBnB place were in a much more convenient location than the hotel (seems like the oposite is true?), then I’d pick it, but in your case, I’d go for the hotel. 

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    MsGinkgo:  I’d take whatever’s cheaper since you seem keen on saving the money and both options sound good. $75 isn’t a huge difference but, like you said, it could pay for other fun things.

    Another suggestion is, if the apartment is the option that is more expensive, it might still be worth getting it because you may save money by making breakfast at the apartment each morning. I’m not familiar with Hampton by Hilton so I don’t know what kind of breakfast options the hotel would have.

    And with the AirBnB you could also make lunches and dinners, but it’s perfectly legitimate to want to eat out while in London. I know I would, so I probably wouldn’t save too much money on that.

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    I LOVE Airbnb. Absolutely 100% love it. I like feeling “at home” and have never liked hotels. I prefer waking up in the morning and having milk in the fridge and cups in the cupboard so I can make myself some tea. I also get crabby if I don’t eat within an hour of waking up, but it takes me an hour to get ready, so if I wait to eat until I leave the hotel, I’m not a happy camper and it’s the worst way to start a day! So I love having a kitchen where I can make breakfast and start off on the right foot. And I love the quirkyness of living in a new place; all hotels are pretty much the same, but Airbnb lets me see a location through a local’s eyes! I would absolutely go for the Airbnb. You’re going to want an Oyster card anyways, so it’s perfect! And a 20 minute ride is nothing. If you like the photos and it has good reviews, I say hands-down go for the Airbnb! It’ll be an adventure and you’ll love coming home to “your” apartment! 

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    Haha I sound like an advertisement for them… so many exclamations. I do feel very strongly about it, though: I’m currently staying in an Airbnb for a conference, and saving tons of money for a much better situation! Since trying Airbnb just over a year ago, I’ve pretty much never stayed in a hotel since. I’ve seen so many cool places and am so grateful for those opportunities, so that’s why I’d be all over a London apartment in a heartbeat 🙂

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    MsGinkgo:  Ha. It is a tough call. I guess it comes down to this: do you want to feel like tourists for 5 days, or do you want to feel like you live in London for 5 days? Both have pros and cons!

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    MsGinkgo:  my family almost always gets condos or houses if we do a trip with more than two people, solely for the kitchen. Buying groceries and cooking will save you SO MUCH. more than $75. The apartment, IMO.

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    I’m all about location when vacationing and looking for housing.  2.5km doesnt sound like a big difference to travel, but I prefer to be on foot than on a bus/subway if i’m going to be exploring teh city most the time and that’s a little  a hike to start the day.  If doing a lot of travel with public transportation anyways, then it doesnt matter to me.

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    I voted AirBnB although I am almost as torn as you.  Personally I love going out to eat in new places so I wouldn’t really cook, but a fridge is still nice to have for drinks ect.  Housekeeping is amazing in hotels so that’s nice, but if I’d been away from home for a while before I’d probably go with the apt IF it had a clothes washer.  Is there any other hotels that are more charming/local then the Hilton?

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    I’d stay in a hotel if it were me because of the location. For example, if you’re planning on staying out late at night you might end up cabbing it back to your Air BnB spot, which would quickly eat up the cost savings of staying further from the city centre. I’m of the mindset that it’s a vacation – it should be easy, not much work, and definitely not a hassle (especially not just to save $75!)

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    MsGinkgo:  Hotel!!! Came back from my first and possibly only airbnb stay last month and it was a nightmare!!!! Boyfriend or Best Friend really wanted to try it. I thought, fine if you reeaaaalllly want to. Let me just say BEDBUG INFESTATION!!!!!! It’s not worth the trouble of saving maybe 10-20%!!!! NO live person to go to when something goes horribly wrong!!!! NO level is service. NO incentive to please the customer.

    i’d been getting mysterious bites (like 10/day)each day but want sure where they came from. Figured they were mosquito bites since we were in a warm tropical climate. By day 3 (and 80 bites later) I was still getting more and getting suspicipus. i looked up bed bug bites, and yup, what I had looked just like them. So after breakfast, we went back and yes, indeed, bed bugs, bed bug excrement, eggs, sheddings all over the bed!!!!! They had carpet too, so im sure bed bugs sheddings/eggs/excrement were all in the carpet. That we were BAREFOOT on. 

    Spent the remaining 3 days of our vacation doing laundry, bagging everything, freezing items, being super paranoid, stressed out, stressed that we would be brining hem back home with us. Threw out our luggage, half or clothes, most our toiletries, basically everything that was replaceable. They gave us a new room (the host asked another host to let us stay in their room). Felt bad for the new host cuz we may have spread the infestation to his place, even as careful as we were. But he knew we had bed bugs so ???? I ended up with prpbably 80+ bites. Boyfriend or Best Friend less than 10.

    TIPS: Any complaints you have, make sure to keep a record it! Make sure to TEXT your host of ALL problems and complaints, bc airbnb has a log of those texts. They looked at the back and forth between us and the host and verified our complaints. Not only the bed bugs, also the key and door problem, the television problem. Also, take pictures of anything and everything that might be a potential problem. They asked for pictures.

    i know this could’ve also happened at a hotel, but with a hotel they WANT to please you. You can have some legal recourse or some kind of justice. An airbnb host has NO incentive to help you. No front desk to run to. You are only waiting for hours and hours, hoping for your host to text you back.

    it was also advertised as “newly renovated” but it looked like shit. Professional pictures lie. It was what is expected from like a 2 star or lower accommodations. And ive stayed in hostels way better than this.

    P.s. You don’t know how bad bed bugs are until you research them. I certainly didn’t know. Females lay 300-500 eggs in a lifetime. The grow exponentially. They can live 18 months without feeding. We had bag EVERYTHIG we couldn’t throw out or wash (glasses, wallet, keys,etc) and put it in the freezer when we got back. FOR TWO WEEKS!!! Cuz apparently, they can live in the freezer for 2 weeks. Any eggs that we may have brought back take about 2 wks to hatch. We are crossing our figures that we don’t see any that haven’t hatched yet. Traps everywhere. Traps still being replaced DAILY. Still. Still. When does it end??? Wheeennnn?

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