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1. We wash our own clothes at the moment. This may change as we’re expecting a baby in July.

2. I do almst all of the cooking, although he will help if asked. He’s just not very good at it lol.

3. We share cleaning. He probably does a little more than I do.

4-5. We both work full time.

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  1. All our laundry is put together. I tend to do large multi load washes on wekeends. He does small loads during the week if we’re gone several weekends in a row. 
  2. I would say he does 70% of the cooking and all the grocery shopping
  3. I probably do 70% of the cleaning and most of the dishes
  4. I work full time 
  5. He works full time
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1) I wash my clothes, he washes his clothes. I usually wash DD’s clothes but he does sometimes as well. 

2) DH actually does most of the cooking. he enjoys it and is better at it than me. 

3) We have a cleaner that comes every other week. 

4) I work full time and then some (I’m a teacher)

5) He works full time. 

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1. We share laundry, but I do it most of the time 

2. We share the cooking and grocery shopping equally

3. We share cleaning, but I probably do more of it. He is better at picking up, and I am better at deep cleaning

4. I work full-time and have a second part-time job

5. He works full-time

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1. Do you wash your spouses clothes or does he/she? We both wash each others clothes. Whoever has time to do the laundry, does it.

2. Do you share cooking during the week, or are you the only one who cooks? I’m typically the one who cooks because I’m controlling in the kitchen and tend to take over or join in when he attempts to cook for me. He definitely cooks and helps out but, I find it hard to be completely hands-off.

3. Do you share cleaning chores, or are you the only one who cleans? We share.

4. Do you work full-time? Yes I do.

5. Does your spouse work full-time? Yes he does.


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Not married yet but we have been living together for 4 years so here’s our answers:


1.  He does most of the laundry. He washes my clothes and his clothes.

2. I cook most (but not all) dinners. He cooks most breakfasts and lunches.

3. We have a cleaning lady. My fi and I each tidy up after ourselves but as far as sweeping the floors and scrubbing and stuff, we both hate those chores, neither of us do a good job, and for us it is just better to pay someone to come in once a week and do it. My fi does change the sheets on the bed every few days in between cleaning lady visits.

4-5. We both work full time.


FWIW I do most of the driving and I look after the bills.  He puts the groceries away whenever we go to the shops and he feeds the cats and changes their litter. We both walk the dog– the dog gets 3 walks a day and we just alternate.



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DanniBee83:  1) we usually do our laundry together but will occasionally do our own separately or just have in person do it if someone needs stuff quickly or something. Or DH sometimes does some on his work from home day. 

2) we almost always cook together.  Sometimes one will work on food prep while the other does dishes, tidies the kitchen etc but we are usually in there working together. Occasionally one of us will just do it all of the other one had a rough day and is tired or not feeling good. I usually do the grocery shopping but he helps me plan meals and make a list. He will come sometimes but he hates it and I don’t mind it. a lot of times he’ll mow the lawn or something while I’m at the store and then he helps me unload the groceries and put them away. 

3) we share cleaning. We usually do a full clean every 2wks or so and just divide up tasks as we go till we are done.

4-5) we both work full time, DH usually works from home 1 day a week and often throws in some laundry while he is home. 

We are very big on being a team! We are also flexible and adjust as needed, I’m 15wk pregnant and had a rough first tri so DH picked up the slack on making sure we got fed (there was a lot of takeout and that was okay) and we let the cleaning slide, just did laundry/dishes. When I’m on maternity leave for 12wk this winter we’ll see how things go and if Im able to do more then great, if not we will do it together. 

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Bumble bee

. Do you wash your spouses clothes or does he/she?   He washed his own 

2. Do you share cooking during the week, or are you the only one who cooks? He cooked mon- fri  I cooked w/e’s due to schedule

3. Do you share cleaning chores, or are you the only one who cleans? That was my job 

4. Do you work full-time? Yes, and my commute is one hour each way, Im gone 11 hrs work/travel time

5. Does your spouse work full-time? Yes, he did –   Hes gone now to the heavens above.




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We’re not married yet, but we’ve been cohabiting for well over 3 years…

1. Do you wash your spouses clothes or does he/she? We share it – If I put the load in, he hangs it to dry or vice versa.

2. Do you share cooking during the week, or are you the only one who cooks? He does all te cooking during the week

3. Do you share cleaning chores, or are you the only one who cleans? I clean the house top to bottom once a week and do little tidy-ups as I go along.

4. Do you work full-time? I work full time Monday-Friday (37.5 hours), and also study evenings Monday-Thursday (4 x 3/4 hours)

5. Does your spouse work full-time? Yes, he does, Monday-Friday (38 hours)


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1. I typically do all the wash. I do not want him washing my clothes, period. He can and does do wash but I enjoy it so I do it most.

2. We share. I have a couple of late nights every week so we’ll either do leftovers or he’ll cook. I can give him new recipes and he’ll prepare them for us. He’s a good cook.

3. I typically clean and I’m fine with that. He’ll help me change sheets, dust, etc. if I ask. I like to vacuum so I do that. I also have a housekeeper come in to help me keep things tidy so the biggest part of keeping a clean home is tackled by others. Husband tends to the lawn and toys which again is fine by me.

4. Yes!

5. Yes!

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1. I wash all clothes & towels, blankets, etc.  Washer & dryer are just not a part of DH’s life.

2. I do all the cooking (and grocery shopping).  Maybe once a month DH will grill something for us (May-Oct only)

3. I am the only one between the two of us who cleans.  And we have a house cleaner come once every two weeks.

4. I work 30-35 hours a week.

5. DH works 70-80 hours a week.


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1. I do all of the laundry. From sorting, washing, drying and folding. He does his own ironing though.

2. I do most of the cooking for both of us. I make us both breakfast before work during the week. On the weekends he usually makes breakfast for us…usually pancakes! I do most of the dinnner prep and cooking unless it’s grilling and then he steps in for that. I usually try to make enough for lunch the next day so I cover lunches too! Rarely does he have to make a sandwhich. I also do all of the grocery shopping.

3. It’s mainly me cleaning – bathrooms, floors, dusting etc. He will do the dishes and load/unload the dishwasher but our weekend routine usually includes me cleaning the house while he works outside on the yard/pool. He’s also in charge of car duty/cleaning.

4. I do work full time and manage to go to the gym 4 days out of the week. Oh and I’m making a baby….25 weeks along today! Just typing all of this out makes me tired.

5. He works full time and his commute is a little longer than mine.

After baby all of these duties will probably end up changing drastically but for now I do the home and he does the cars, pool and yard. It works well for us and I don’t mind doing the cooking bc my Dh can eat anything without gaining a pound so he uses more salt, butter and what not than I do. After his ruining a few clothing items I gladly took over the laundering duties as well!

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1. He does most all of the laundry.

2. I usually cook, but he has lately been cooking for himself as I’m pregnant and right now (1st trimester) have no energy and weird food aversions so I grab whatever sounds good to me and he fends for himself haha.  He always makes his own lunch though.

3. We share cleaning chores.  I do the bathroom and some cleaning around the house (living room, kitchen, etc) and he cleans the cat litter boxes, takes care of the garbage and recycling and we both pick up here and there.  He’ll do specific things (vacuum, etc) if I ask. 

4. I work full-time.

5. He works full-time.


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Busy bee

1. Do you wash your spouses clothes or does he/she? We wash our own clothes.

2. Do you share cooking during the week, or are you the only one who cooks? I cook about 80% of the time. DH does most of the grilling/smoking. 

3. Do you share cleaning chores, or are you the only one who cleans? We clean every Sunday and share responsibilities. I clean the kitchen area, he sweeps/mops floors and cleans the living room. We both clean the upstairs/bathrooms. We both pick up dog poop, he mows the lawn and I pick up the dead grass.

4. Do you work full-time? Yes, we both work full-time. I work about 50-60 hours a week.

5. Does your spouse work full-time? DH works about 40 hours a week.


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