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I hear you!! We are in escrow right now and my eyelid has been twitching for weeks!

You should probably stop looking until you’d be able to put in an offer and go!

I know here in Santa Monica, the market is hot. If something awesome goes up for sale, you have to act fast or someone else will get your house.

You’d save yourself a bunch of heartache if you wait a bit…

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IT ALL HAPPENS FOR A REASON! You will find the right house.

 My hubby and I fell in LOVE with this house, it was beautiful and had so much character, needed a little work, but nothing huge….but we were using a VA loan, which can be very picky. There were VERY small things that needed to be corrected before it would be VA loan approved. Like small as in fix the railing…Well the house was a short sale, and the owner didnt care about a damn thing (pardone the Lg) anymore and wouldnt do it. So not approved for our loan….well there was one other that was sim and I wanted to look at…it was the only other one that was in the location we wanted, with the land we wanted that didnt look like a…didnt look trashy I guess is a nice way of putting it. Sooo…..we went and looked at it…wow those were some deceptive pics online. So now, what? we looked at other houses but OMG I was not going to spend that much on those. I live in WA, on an Island, realestate is not cheap on the Island, we are military, we dont make THAT much and we wanted to get something with acreage. Hard to find in something decent WITH land up here. All we wanted was at least two acres. Not THAT much….

Anywho…my realtor knew of one more…I wasnt sure of the area because it was an area I was not familiar with and I was so set on living on the south side of town not north, at this point…we would look at anything because all the others needed soooo much work and the GOOD ONES were just not working out. So we go look at this one I am not sure about, and its a little higher than we can afford but maybe we can talk them down IF we like it, and it only had been on the market for about 2 mos.

Loooong beautiful driveway and then WHAM! OMG STUNNING MOST BEAUTIFUL HOUSE we have looked at, and on 2.5 acres. Like does not even COMPARE to what we were looking at…so we look around…our realtor tells us not to get excited, that this house IS worth what they had it posted for (which we could not afford) and that should really go for much more that they wouldnt come down, and if she asked them too they would probably laugh at us hysterically with what our bid was.

She calls me the next day…seems the owners are very MOTIVATED, this is there SECOND house, the first they have already sold, and the wife is very antsy to get to Hawaii already and retire.

So we now live in that “stunning most beautiful house”!

I know we got lucky, but I really do feel that you will find the right house that will feel like its meant for you~

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Everything will work out the way it’s supposed to dont worry! If you are able to move in August I would think you could go ahead and make offers on properties that you like. I could be wrong though I don’t know what things are like in your area. You could always create a clause in your contract that would allow you a certain number of days before you close. I just know that we went through hades and back getting our house that we closed on in April (3 br 2 bath on 22 acres) and we had made our offer in January. Things always take a little longer than you expect them to when buying a house~ That is something that I learned in the process! Hopefully we never have to move and go through that process again!

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Like other PPs have said it all happens for a reason! I work for a Realtor so I deal with this every.single.day 🙂

I recently wrote up my first offer for a couple who had already put in 5 offers, all feel through for some reason. They ended up getting the house, so maybe I was their lucky charm? 

Let your Realtor know your concerns, she/he should be able to give you some sound advice for your particular area. Each market is different and while it’s normal in some places for houses to sit for months in other places they move fast. 

Good luck! You’ll find something you both love. 

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When I bought my first house, I ran into owners who didn’t want to negotiate.  So I moved onto my second choice, which was a much cuter house but less upgrades.  They were totally willing to play so that was it.  Now if only I could sell the darn thing.

Our current house was also a challenge.  The first house failed inspection.  The second house’s appraisal came in under the purchase price and the seller couldn’t let it go.  The third (and final) house also had a low appraisal.  The sellers finally just went with it because they really needed to sell.  Note–the appraisal issue is VERY common these days.

There are zillions of houses out there, so be patient.  People change their minds, financing falls through (all the time).  Also, you will probablly have at least a 30 day closing, plus you want some time to fix it up before you move in, so this isn’t a bad time to start making offers.


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Oh yes, the Boston housing market.  I had two devistating heart breaks before finding our house.  House number god knows what that we saw, lets call it house #58, we liked, it was the top choice at the time but we werent quite ready to jump on it.  It had been on the market for months with no movement so we waited a little.  Less than a week later we decided to work with a friend/realtor and told him about the house and that we wanted to put an offer in.  He calls to check on it and calls me back to tell me they just accepted an offer on it the night before.  *sigh* ok, top choice but still iffy so we’re ok about it.  Then we go to see a house Thur night after work.  We LOVE it.  But it’s 8pm by the time we leave and we had one more really great potential that we were going to see at 10am, and after that house we’d decide.  We go at 10am, and didnt like it and he heads back to the office to draw up an offer… just to find out, that 9pm the night before… just an hour after we left, they accepted an offer.  AGAIN!?  What are the chance the timing was that right!  Twice, I want a house and just hours earlier they accept an offer.  I felt so defeated by this search.  We’d literally seen EVERY house on the market that matched our criteria.  Well, a month later (and another 10% increase in budget) we found the house that we now have… and (I’m not just saying this cause its the one we ended up with, but) it blows the others out of the water.  This was the perfect house for us.  So… I now do truely believe it happens for a reason.. you’ll find something even more perfect!

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We also were looking for houses in the Boston area.  Everything in our price range was tiny or “affordable”, which is realtor term for “in dire need of major renovations before habitable”.

One day we found this spacious house for a great price in a good neighborhood.  We went there with our realtor and fell in love with the house.  It was by far the best we had seen. And then we find out that there was an offer on the house but the seller was annoyed by the numerous renovation requests the buyer was making (all cosmetic!) and it looked like the deal might fall through. 
So we wrote up a competitive offer that would be ready to go as soon as the seller declines the current offer.  The seller stopped negotiating with the buyer and told them to take it or leave it.  The current buyers must have realized that the seller had another offer lined up, because they took it. You can imagine our disappointment!

The day we found out we wouldn’t get the house, DH saw this other listing that had just come out that day.  He knew how disappointed I was and tried to cheer me up by showing me the new listing and driving by the house.  Turns out that new house was in the same block as the other house, but off the busy main road. We told our realtor about it and went to see it a few days later and loved it. The seller had moved in with her new husband and just wanted to get rid of the house as soon as possible. She also really seemed to like us. Since it had just come on the market, we were the first and only people to look at the house before we put an offer in. The home inspection went smoothly and our realtor told us how lucky we were to get in so early since this was the kind of house that usually triggers a bidding war.

Hang in there, you will find your house!

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We put 5 offers in either asking price or more and none were short sales and forclosures and we kept losing. We were both so emotionally drained but we found a house in the most amazing neigbhorhood that need a little cosmetic work. After putting 30k into the house we added about 75k to the value of the house and now have a great house in a wonderful neighborhood with a good amount of equity. It all works out in the end and you will be happy with your decision. And if you’re not ready to put an offer in just look and get ideas and when you are ready there will be plenty of more houses to put an offer in on.

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This happened to my husband a few times. We were just dating at the time, and he was looking for a condo (this was way back in 2005 when the housing market was still booming). He couldn’t even look at a condo without it selling that night. He was getting so frustrated. He finally got into a place that had just gone on the market and immediately made a bid when he knew he liked it. We now use it as a rental property :o)

Try not to get discouraged. This is going to happen quite a bit to you if the market is hot where you are. Just try not to get too emotionally invested in the house until you know for sure they’re accepting your offer.

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