House voted to approve Trumpcare

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chocochai :  

There was a story about a woman who was raped and had to take meds to prevent hiv for a month.

The insurance company refused to accept her after seeing her history and the medication on there, wanting her to wait 3 years to make sure she didn’t get hiv first.

Very…. exciting stuff we are regressing to.

I could vomit.

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raindrop101 :  yes!

 they do want to shut down the conversation and plenty of them are paid to troll and do just that. Sometimes they look to be regular commenters but are paid trolls. Republicans are big on that tactic, because their policies are crap for actual people.

Republicans are anti Christians and anti patriots at this point. I’ve never been so disgusted. 




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**** If you’re mad or disgusted or scared right now, mark your calendar for every local election- I don’t care if it’s dog catcher. Vote these scumbags out of every office you can. ***** 

And don’t forget the midterms. Too often only hardcore republicans show up for midterms. And that’s what got us into this mess. 

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FutureDrAtkins :  

My friend has a PhD in business and his wife is a medical doctor.

They BOTH call themselves doctors.

He EARNED it, as did you. OWN it!!

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jannigirl :  I literally had to make an account because of your comments. It seems like the only opinion that’s worthy other than your own is a physician’s.


Im an MD and my fiancée is as well. We are appalled about Trumpcare and worry about the future of our patients. Everything you’re saying is bullshit. AMA (American Medical Association) has even made a public statement opposing it. Just because you’re a nurse doesn’t mean that you’re above others or understand more when it comes to these issues. Obviously these other women can comprehend the damages more than you. I would expect more compassion from someone in your position. 


And for what its worth, if you’ve ever been in academia/research hospital those with PhD’s are called Dr. I refer to my own PI’s as Dr unless they tell me to call them by their name. These people could have done an MD if they wanted to but they enjoy research and scientific endeavor more than clinical medicine (which is completely fine — medicine wouldn’t be what it is without them). Dr Atkins in my book deserves calling herself Dr especially since bioengineering is no easy feat. These are the people that engineer the stents I put in vessels and the medical equipment I use every day. I never call nurses Dr because quite frankly the rigor between MD and PhD is not matched with nursing and it blurs the line with patient interaction. Nurses have an important role in healthcare but it is a limited role and often over exaggerated.

I probably won’t check this thread again because I have a surgery the rest of the night, but seriously, conservative christians should stay the hell out of government. The foundation of this country was built on separation of CHURCH AND STATE. Your religious views are not valid when it comes to lawmaking. I don’t care if your Bible says that abortion is sin, there’s as much evidence that there isn’t a god than there is one. Don’t control people’s lives over something so uncertain. 


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Just another “awesome” day in the land of the Douchebag “President”.

God I feel so sorry for the USA, and it’s women especially. 

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jannigirl :  the best way to be anti abortion is to support initiatives that actually decrease the reasons behind a women needing/wanting an abortion in the first place. Proper sex education, minimizing rape culture, available birth control, girls education, affordable health care (including pre and post natal), affordable daycare and liveable incomes for single parents would go a long way towards drastically reducing abortions. Making abortions illegal or difficult to get only increases the number of sketchy back alley ones. 

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My husband is a DO (it’s not an MD so I’m sure *some* people in this thread will consider that to be lesser, despite all of the same practicing rights) training in an ACGME residency program currently and he said he and his coworkers are just sick over this. He’s so proud to be a doctor but so ashamed that the government can take away his ability to care for those who need it, no matter who they are or what they can afford.

Oh, and he had PhD professors in med school and was happy to call them all “Doctor,” just so we’re not confused here. 

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I don’t know what’s worse-that I actually laughed when I saw this or that it’s so damn accurate it really isn’t funny.

glad he could get surgery for his pre-existing condition courtesy of the US taxpayer.

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BalletParker :  We weren’t married, so my income was not taken into account for his unemployment at all. He was not receiving any form of government handouts either. Hate to break it to you, but my state is blue, so you can’t blame republicans either. 

bretagne422 :  I did originally post the incorrect bill. Here’s the  correct one.

Lokie85 :  Actually, we use a CPA with over 30 years experience. There was no way around paying the penalty. Obamacare was nothing but a scam, and cost us thousands in penalties. And now that we are married, he has been added to my work insurance (which of course we will now be subjected to the ‘Cadillac tax which will penalize both of us since we choose to have the awesome insurance we have through my work versus the craptastic government plan). 

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So I usually steer clear of these threads because quite frankly, I end up feeling a little sick to my stomach when I read them.

BUT. These at-risk (meaning DT won with less than 50% of the votes in these districts) lovely and wonderful Republican representatives are up for re-election next year. 24 of them. If they all lost, the House would be rational, I mean thinking, I mean blue again.

District Republican                    District Republican
AZ-02 McSally, Martha               IL-06 Roskam, Peter
CA-10 Denham, Jeff                   IL-13 Davis, Rodney
CA-21 Valadao, David                IL-14 Hultgren, Randy
CA-25 Knight, Steve                 KS-03 Yoder, Kevin
CA-39 Royce, Ed                       MI-11 Trott, Dave
CA-45 Walters, Mimi                 MN-02 Lewis, Jason
CA-48 Rohrabacher, Dana          MN-03 Paulsen, Erik
CA-49 Issa, Darrell                   NE-02 Bacon, Don
FL-25 Diaz-Balart, Mario           NJ-11 Frelinghuysen, Rodney
FL-26 Curbelo, Carlos               TX-07 Culberson, John
IA-01 Blum, Rod                      TX-32 Sessions, Pete
IA-03 Young, David                  VA-02 Taylor, Scott

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