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  • poll: How do you divide your household chores
    50/50 : (27 votes)
    26 %
    I do Everything! : (16 votes)
    15 %
    70% (Me) -30% Husband : (39 votes)
    38 %
    Other (Explain) : (22 votes)
    21 %
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    I put 50/50 but, I think it’s more 60/40 (FI/ME). First, let me say, I’m 33-FI’s 43.  I feel guilty about him doing so much.  He cooks dinner at least 5 times a week and I try to be the prep-help or clean-up as much as possible. He does things without being asked and if I do ask him to do something for me (like changing the oil in my truck), I rarely have to ask twice. I always make sure I thank him for EVERYTHING…even the littlist of things, like putting a new soap in the shower. I do enjoy cleaning so, all the tub scrubbin’, dusting, mopping or vacuuming is all me. I feel like I get a mini work-out when cleaning. 🙂 …and that’s my 40%. Doesn’t really seem even. Ok, maybe it’s more like 70/30.

    “Housewife scared” is what your husband told you – Does that mean afraid of staying at home full time? I think the sharing of the house chores are very important. I think the appreciation of the work done is also equally important. Hopefully you get work soon! (wink)



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    we have a system that I’m happy with.

    he does the brunt of the cooking, takes out the compost, and goes to the grocery store (chores I hate). 

    I do almost all of the cleaning – I find it relaxing (I know, weird, right?). I also go to target for dry goods. 

    everything else we split doing. our laundry is kept separate. I would highly recommend that!

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    I do most of the chores bu Darling Husband helps out. Sometimes its irritating when he just exspects that I should do it all, but we are working it out.


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    why is there no SO does 70 and I do 30? He likes it cleaner than I do and I’m busier…he does most of the cooking and cleaning

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    I dont think it’s even, but I think its fair.  I do all the inside stuff most the time, cook, clean, organize, laundry.  He helps out once in a while, sort of, load up and run the dishwasher, kick off the roomba.  He does all the outside stuff that I rather not, take out the trash, get out and snow blow the driveway.  He cleans the toilets too when I ask him to cause I hate doing that.

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    We try to keep it about 50/50, but there are expections.  I work more than Fiance does, so he’s home more, so helps out more.  I did once read and article though about how people generally overestimate how much work they do and underestimate how much their partner does.  

    I think the easiest way is to set specific chores each of you take care of (I do the laundry, Fiance always deals with the garbage/recycling, dishes) so even if for a time you are doing more, at least those core roles are separate. This, of course, if you’re trying to do 50/50.

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    Nope, he should still pick up after himself. You’re his wife, not his maid or mother. I work 40 hrs a week, Fiance works 50-60. He also has a much more stressful job, so likes to relax when he gets home. I do everything except for his laundry and taking out the trash. He’s a big boy, he can wash and put away his own clothes. I’ve been doing my own laundry since I was 12, it isn’t hard. Taking out the trash is just yucky, so I make him do it.

    “Housewife scared” sounds like he’s just trying to guilt you into it, in my opinion. Stand your ground girl LOL

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    We hired someone to come in and deep clean every other week.   If he is on night shifts or off while I am working, he cleans.   If he is on days and I am too, it’s equal.  If he’s working weekends and I am off, I do it.


    But there are times where I know I do more than him.

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    We try not to keep track because we found keeping track of who did what put pressure on our relationship. We try to keep it as even as possible and switch chores if needed. Basically we try to do it as a team, if that means I do more of the work one week or he does more the other that’s fine with me (:

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    I’ve given up with the 50/50 mentality I started out with.  We both clean when the other can’t. Usually, I think that’s me most of the time – but he does his fair share too – so, it all works out.  I stopped being bitter about the 50/50 issue and ever since I let it go, it seems more even (funny how that works).


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    We do what needs to be done when it needs to be done.  Although I just left my job to start school next week, so I feel as if I need to be doing more around the house now…  

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    My husband is currently unemployed and I work. Since he’s at home, he actually does about 90% of the chores. When we were both working, it was about 50/50

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    UGH I’m jealous of the 50/50 girls or even ones who’s SO’s do all the work! Goodness! I without a doubt do 90-100% of the work. My SO works ALOT of hours and he brings home the bacon hahaha. I work full time as well but my checks are definitely 1/3 less than his. I feel as though my contribution is to keep the apartment clean, and food ready to eat. Along with laundry etc etc. It’s a little old fashioned but I don’t know, my mom always did everything for my dad and us kids….so that’s just kinda where I see things. It would definitely be nice to have a LITTLE help AKA: not leaving your dirty shit on the bathroom floor or your plates on the counter. come on!! hahah 😛

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