(Closed) Housewife/Stay at home mom with a college degree…. What's your take?

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  • poll: Would you be willing to become a housewife after earning a degree?

    I would not mind at all!

    I would rather die!

    I would do it if it was necessary

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    I am going to have a PH.D, and will be a stay at home mom, for as long as I can!

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    I am going to have a Master’s degree in social work and therefore most likely will not be able to be a Stay-At-Home Mom. I will have to work a certain number of hours and also have a certain number of hours of further education classes in order to maintain my certification. DH will probably be a Stay-At-Home Dad for at least a few years because he works in digital media and he will eventually go into freelance work once he has the requisite years of experience. I think it’s the education itself that counts, not so much what you do with it. Being highly educated will make you more well-rounded as a person, no matter if you’re a Stay-At-Home Mom or someone who works her butt off and makes a six figure salary.

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    @Syzygy88:  My mom was a stay at home mom, and I think having her around was a very important aspect growing up. Now, thats not saying that I will be a stay at home mom forever as I spent many, many years getting my Ph.D. I hope to be able to stay at home, at least for the first few years, if it doesn’t impact our finances. Given how much work I spent getting my education, I do want to work as it does seem a bit silly to not do so, but in the long run, I believe my kids will be far more important than making sure that I don’t “waste” my edcuation.

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    I value that my degree gives me greater flexibility in achieving the life I want for myself, for my husband, and for our future family. I have found great joy in service opportunities that are unpaid that would not be possible without my degree. I believe I will also find paid work worthwhile and meaningful in the right environment (I start in a couple weeks). When I do have children I will do what works best for my family, my marriage, and myself in terms of my/our overall happiness with life. I am not torn a certain way at this point. I am a cross that bridge when you get there type a gal. Overall I am grateful. Sure people might judge me for the lifestyle my family will choose (still not decided upon) but atleast I live in a country, that for most part, will not keep me from making any choice I want to regarding this.

    My main takeaway from this thread, and I apologize for my sweeping generalization, is that people will judge/express their dissaproval/disrespect you if your lifestyle largely differs from their own. There are amazing open minded people out there but they are not the ones riling you up. So the more you learn to let it roll off your back and not give a damn the more content you will be in your descicions. Why waste the energy? You only get one life, if you are largely satisfied and getting what you want out of it for you and your family than thats AMAZING! Let the haters hate.

    I will extend that I think there are valid points being made about education/scholarship funding in regards to staying at home. I realize that you may get an amazing opportunity and $$ to be formally or professionally educated and then not realize until later what you want to do in terms of your future and family. I dont neccesarily think that these situations are wrong. But I do think it can be sad and frustrating for men and women who would have made more/better use of those opportunities. Id like to hear more opinions on this specifically!

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    My Fiance will be working from home and wants to be a stay at home daddy. So, I feel okay with being in school and/or working with kids in the picture. I’ll be getting my Masters and graduating in 2016. We’re open to children in that timespan if our living situation allows for it.

    If that wasn’t the plan, I would drop everything and stay home in a heartbeat.

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    I voted I would rather die. My career is too important to me to throw away. 

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    To each their own. I have my masters in nursing and when Fiance and I decide we want kids and one needs to stay home I will be more than willing to do that.

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    This is 2014.  Oh! It’s fun to say that Smile

    Having a bachelors is basically the equivalent to getting your high school degree – it’s the norm and it’s expected.  Having your masters is slowly becoming very common too.  Almost everyone I know has a masters.  It’s just the way it goes now.

    That being said…..you have a degree and don’t use it to stay home?  Who cares – most people don’t use their degrees.  Do what you want and if you don’t need to work to pay off the student loans more power to ya.  I get we all work hard for our degrees but nowadays….they really aren’t such a big deal that the thought of not using them is a sin.

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    I have a degree that I can’t really use in the location we are in, I have a degree in Equine Business and around here most people who have horses only have a couple and take care of them themselves, so they don’t need a farm manager or anything, and those that do are cattle/goat/sheep farms which I have no knowledge or interest in.  I have a few “clients” who own horses that I help out with once in a while.  But, since I don’t use my degree much now, I wouldn’t mind staying home to take care of kids (which I probably will).

    BUT, I do hope to someday own at least one horse of my own, maybe start a small boarding/training operation of my own.  But that won’t happen until we move and/or build a new house (5-10 years).


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    my SO/future fiance has already told me that she will be a stay at home mom when kids are in the picture and she will have a masters degree!!! I have the potential to comfortably support both of us and children whereas her salary won’t be that much, so I think it is to the benefit of the children for her to stay at home. She doesn’t plan on staying a stay at home mom after the kids start school which if she did, I would have a problem with depending on my salary at the time (if it’s low, please work- if it’s high-stay at home)

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