How active is your relationship on social media?

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Busy bee

Not very active at all. FB is the only social media I use, I rarely post, I use it mostly for keeping in touch with people. I’ve posted pics of us at events a few times and I posted when we got engaged. Fi hasn’t posted anything since we got engaged and before that he posted very rarely. I don’t feel the need to post anything about us on FB but my newsfeed is always full of couply posts and photos and those ‘share if you love your husband/have the best husband in the world’ pics. Each to their own I suppose but I wouldn’t view anyone not posting about their lives or relationships indicitave of a problem or anything being wrong.

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Sugar bee
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Not active at all. My husband doesn’t even have any social media accounts, and I usually browse mine more than post. If I post something of the two of us, it’s usually because it was a big deal for me. For example, we attended a professional football game this week, so we took pics there and I posted them. I’m definitely not the kind to post pics of everyday occurences. I can go months without posting anything.

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Busy bee

ashleyroo :  nah. We actually deleted both our fb and made a joint account when we started living together. It’s mostly our dog. Lol. We post a couple pics when we vacay, but mostly we just use it to keep track of our friends n family who are far away. 

I have had one friend ask if something was wrong that we don’t post alot of couple stuff. And another who thought I was a battered woman or something because we combined accounts. We just felt it was an easy way to purge old news n start fresh together. 

I could live without social media tbh

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Sugar bee
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My husband doesn’t use FB and I rarely post anything. We also have a no social media policy when it comes to our child / current pregnancy.

i don’t feel the need to broadcast my relationship tbh 

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Helper bee
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I’m on FB only, but I rarely post, and when I do it’s hardly ever about my husband! We don’t really take many photos which are worth sharing, and I don’t think people really care that we’ve been out for dinner or gone to a museum, so we don’t bother broadcasting it!

We’re also one of the least romantic couples ever, so the thought of sharing one of those “best husband” lovey posts just makes me want to gag, and I know he’d cringe too

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Bumble bee
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Hardly at all. I have married to my husband on fb. Once in a very great while I post a picture of us or our baby. But not much. I feel almost 0 need to post anything. I keep fb only to keep in touch with close friends via the messenger and get updates for the spouses group and I just lurk there. 

I used to be crazy for social media but not anymore lol. 

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Busy bee
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This is why I hate social media. That’s ridiculous that she asked you that! lol I don’t even have a facebook and my husband does but doesn’t post really. We have definitely posted pics in the past of us from vacations and the status when we got engaged and married, but I actually asked him awhile ago to not post pictures of us or anything we do on there anymore and he hasn’t. I will privately contact and share what I want to with the specific people I choose to. 

It’s quite dim to assume someones relationship status based of the couples social media interaction… 

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Helper bee
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I used to use Facebook a fair bit when it was new and novel, but I actively dislike it now and use it as little as possible. I mostly use it to share photos with my Mum.

I almost never post couple-y things; I’m quite conscious that when I was single seeing loved-up posts and baby posts all the time was quite hard, and I don’t want to make other people feel like that. However, my husband is much more demonstrative and keener on social media so he posts stuff and tags couples stuff quite often. Occasionally I post something sweet about him just because I know it makes him smile. 

It would literally never occur to me to judge someone’s relationship based on how active they are on Facebook! In fact, if a couple was REALLY OTT on there, I might wonder if they were over-compensating.

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Buzzing bee
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Neither of us are in any social media, if we want to keep in touch with people we call them or text them.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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People probably assume we’re divorcing any moment now.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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My husband isn’t on social media at all. I will post the occasional picture of us but it’s not very often. In my experience, it’s the couples plastering their relationship all over social media who are having problems.

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Sugar bee
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Probably pretty average I guess. I’m more active on social media than he is – he rarely posts anything. I like to post pictures and stuff so he is in a lot of what I post because we do most stuff together. But we didn’t have our “relationship” on Facebook for a long time. Once we got engaged we put that up. 

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Helper bee

We tag eachother in funny videos or memes. in a year we probably each post 5 pics of eachother/us all together. I only use Instagram and hate Facebook. He has both. 

Next time you should tell them that studies done about couples show that those who broadcast their relationship more on social media are actually more insecure about their relationship and partner. You should Google it, it will make you feel better. 

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Buzzing bee

After having to go through a divorce that was from a relationship that was very active on FB (said married on FB, posted a lot, changed last name, had to change it back), I decided that i would not do that again.

Fiancé and I aren’t even in a relationship on FB and we post very sparingly.

I think in general, social media is a good thing for friends and family to be able to keep up with everyone, but it’s also making our lives too public to ridicule and judgment.

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