How active is your relationship on social media?

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Blushing bee
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Well, I guess I’ll be the first to admit that I enjoy posting on Facebook, and I love posting pictures of me and my new husband when we are out doing something fun.  I likely post as many or more pictures of my daughter, though.


I love Facebook.  I love the community of friends I have on there.  I think it has helped me stay connected to people I wouldn’t otherwise.  I love catching up with high school and college people, or new acquantences.  When my late husband died, I was comforted by the pictures and memories and friends of his that reached to me on Facebook.  When my best friend was murdered, same thing.  It’s like an online scrapbook of memories.


So many people I see regularly in real life (work, church, etc.) bring up to me that they enjoyed seeing about this trip or that outing that I posed about.  I say the same to them–it’s a way to connect in to people’s lives.  I don’t think that a happy facebook DEFINITELY means that people are happy, but the whole “if people are posting happy all the time that means they’re NOT happy” isn’t true either.


I’m WAY happier with my new husband than I was with my ex husband OR my late husband, and I post WAY more about him. Part of that is because technology makes it easier, but a lot of it is just…I like posting fun, happy things.  I NEVER posted about my ex husband…well, because we weren’t happy.


And I can go 2 weeks without posting, and then post 4 updates in 2 days from a trip.  I post the highlights, because again, they’re fun to post about!

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Busy bee
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I post pictures of my SO & myself every few weeks, on average. I’m also one of those people who likes to post pictures of their food on IG, so if I’m out to eat with him, I’ll tag him in it. I pretty much post pictures every time we go on a trip or do anything fun/interesting. BUT I also understand that just because a couple isn’t active on SM, it’s not necessarily a reflection of the health of their relationship. I also know couples who post constantly about how happy they are, but are fighting/breaking up on the reg.


beesinging :  “I’m WAY happier with my new husband than I was with my ex husband OR my late husband, and I post WAY more about him.”

I feel this so much. I’m the same way.

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We are active. Pictures of us together, or of each other. Tag each other if we are doing something fun. I changed my name. 

We have rules however. No fighing. No talking negitive about each other. 

We keep things pretty light hearted when it comes to facebook. It works for us. 

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I quit Facebook during the last presidential election. I couldn’t stand seeing people I like irl posting inane, crazy sh*t anymore.

I am pretty active on Instagram, but I almost never post pics of me and hubby. It’s almost all food and my dog, lol. Husband doesn’t have any social media accounts, so by your friend’s standards, he might as well be dead, haha!

I am a teacher and most of my students are seniors. I am friends with many of them on Insta and it’s fun to see their adventures after high school. 

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ashleyroo :  I have changed my name on Facebook etc, will post pictures of me and my husband or posts about my husband maybe every couple of weeks or so? But then can go weeks with nothing at the same time. 😂 there’s actually been quite a few studies that show people who post daily pictures gushing about how much they love their other half, etc… tend to be in the most unstable relationships and they are over compensating (not saying that is the case for all by any means) but at the the end of the day your relationship is no one else business but yours. So it’s up to you how much you put it out there! The person  making that comment sounds catty to me! 

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My name is changed, or rather, I just tacked on his last name as well. Darling Husband rarely ever posts. I think he does the yearly “thanks for the birthday wishes post” and that’s it lol. I posted a photo of us on vacation in October, but I hadn’t posted a picture of us before that since a different vacation in May. We also never announced our pregnancy on FB, and I’m about 6 months now. Maybe when baby is born we will, but no need before then. 

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My husband’s a photographer so we post a lot of his pics of our random wanderings on fb.  We have family and friends all over the globe so fb is an easy way to catch up and share stuff.  

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I guess I’d say my husband and I are fairly active on social media, in that we both use Facebook and post about 2 or 3 times a week. My posts are usually about politics or funny things my kids have said, or amusing situations that have arisen that day. My husbands posts are usually rants about people who annoy him, or photos of the kids. I guess we probably have posts that include each other once a month or so? Usually that would be one tagging the other in a post about the kids, or in a group photo if we’ve been somewhere particularly interesting. As for actual posts about each other, we do that on anniversaries if we remember to lol. 

If I have an acquaintance on social media and I haven’t seen anything that includes their partner in a few months, I will sometimes wonder whether they’re still together, but if it’s someone I know well, I certainly wouldn’t assume they are having relationship troubles just because they don’t tag their partner in every little thing 

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Every now and then, I will post a photo of FH and I on Facebook or Instagram, but honestly it’s pretty rare that either of us post anything (especially him.) We are more lurkers than posters LOL. We are definitely not one of those couples that write love letters to each other on Facebook for the whole world to see though.

I mean, not that there is anything wrong with that, but we just don’t feel the need to do that. 

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Blushing bee

Not very active at all. The only place we really post anything personal is instagram and even then it’s not that often at all. I post maybe once a month and he posts like 3x a year. Our relationship is only really active in real life 😉 hahaha

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I find that extremely weird and rude that your friend asked you that! I would understand if you were on social media all the time and posted about everything but your husband. 

I post pics a lot because I’m that annoying person who takes pictures everywhere I go. I am very sentimental and I want to remember everything. So I would say I post pictures on Facebook probably once a week or twice a month or something. Usually it’s our cat and our dog lol. Right now, it’s all Christmas decor. I probably post pics of the two of us once a month or twice a month. Christmas is a little different because I post pictures a lot more. 

I think people need to mind their own business and post as much or as little as they want. The only think I cannot stand is when people post statuses about their spouses and get people involved in their drama and then post the next day about how perfect their relationship is. Barf.

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For her to assume something is wrong based on social media activity is actually ridiculous. I’ve seen couples who declare their love daily on social media split up, I’ve seen couples who don’t and split up. Social media doesn’t mean shit. 

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I am very active on IG. Social media is my job so I love it. 

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Helper bee

0 %. I have not even mentioned my status. We have a few pictures mostly because other people take them, post them and tag me. My fiance deleted his FB account. But I have friends who falunted their love lives in facebook and ended up with terrible break ups and divorces. It became embarrssing for them. After watching these sad stories, I became even more careful with FB.


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