(Closed) How am I going to sleep the night before?

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I would NOT drink, you will not sleep as soundly and it could make you puffy and bloated. If you can afford it, the night before the wedding, get an in-home massage in only candle light so when you are done, all you have to do is slide into bed.

In the mean time, try decaf teas, deligating work to others, mediating, easy yoga (in very little light), and lavendar scents.

Good luck!!!

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@Bainise2013:  I was still on my half marathon training schedule when our wedding happened, so I was going to bed at 10 or 11 and waking up at 3:45am.

I definitely had a couple of drinks from the Wednesday night before our wedding until our wedding night!

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Do you work out? That helps with sleep issues sometimes. Have you tried Sleepytime tea (Celestial Seasonings)? I started drinking that lately and I really like it. Are you taking time to wind down at night? I give myself about an hour before lights out to read, relax, have some tea, and get settled in for the night.

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@Bainise2013:  Can you see your doc really quick? Maybe they could prescribe you something for a few days.

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@Bainise2013:  I would try some decaffinated sleeptime teas. Also lavendar has a very calming effect. I have some lavendar lotion I use to just relax me. Even though you don’t have a bath, a shower can still be very relaxing. Put on some music, some candles, and just stand under the warm water.

I advise you not to drink though. To mix that with pills is bad for one, but also it can make you bloated the next day. I just wouldn’t do it this close to the wedding.

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Personally a big fatty works for me. There are some nutritional and herbal sleep aids out there though.


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No alcohol! Don’t do it! It might just be me getting old, but a drink or two will make me feel really drowsy at first, but it ends up ruining my sleep later on. 

Some things that have helped me: a hot shower an hour or two before bedtime is helpful- something about the lowering of your body temperature after the bath/shower cues your body to get ready to sleep. And I know it’s hard, but cutting out screen time (phone, computer, tv, etc) an hour prior to going to bed…

I used to pretty much rely on sleeping pills- so I know how awful they can make you feel afterwards. Hangover combined with PMS is the perfect description. Defintely not the way you want to be on your wedding day!

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@trueblue14:  HA!  Gosh if it were legal here all of my sleep problems would go away and I would never have a hangover!

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Honey bee
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PSG tech here

Have you done any CBT or other interventions for this sleep disorder? 

I would not start playing with your meds this close to the event. Have they ever tried zopiclone or benzodiazapines? I’m sure with this particular SD melatonin is something they’re going to have to implement long term, but it does lose it’s efficacy as a supplement over time. I have never heard of RX melatonin though, so I’m not familiar with how that’s used as compared to normal supplementary melatonin.

There may be other things like sleep hygiene training and other things you can do, like managing the racing thoughts and night time anxiety.

Alcohol is a stimulant, don’t take that to sleep. 

Have they ruled out RLS or anxiety as a cause of the delayed sleep onset? I’m wondering if your diagnosis was made by a sleep physican or a GP. 

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@Bainise2013:  my husband has a xanax prescription that he rarely uses, and a really hard time going to sleep until the early morning.  Once in a while he takes a xanax to help him relax and get to sleep at an earlier hour.  His doc said that’s fine to use as a sleep aid on occasion as long as you don’t do it every night…  So you might try that, since you have some already.  Good luck!

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Honey bee
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@Bainise2013:  Polysomnography tech. We run the diagnostic tests for sleep disorders.


The way you are counting hours of sleep is suggestive of anxiety and negative thought patterns regarding sleep. That is something we treat with CBT here. The fact that you are worried about how your sleep is going to be and how it’s going to effect you in advance is suggestive of that. If you tend to lie in bed and start getting “racing thoughts” like omg I only have 5 hours to sleep I’m going to be so tired tomorrow I have so much to do It’s only 2 weeks until the wedding omg I only have 4 hours if I fall asleep right now…


Do you check the clock overnight? 


Where are you that they only rx melatonin? What dose are you taking? Xanax or alprazolam is a benzodiazapine. It will help you fall asleep faster BUT it can leave you with a hung over feeling. It’s supposed to have a short half life though. 


Do you have any support while you’re coping with your mothers illness? Have you considered counseling for stress management?


And no, don’t try weed for sleep. It will shorten your sleep onset latency, but lower your overall quality of sleep as it causes alpha intrusions and a lower arousal threshold. 

As for melatonin being the only effective sleep aid… no. There are many medications used as sleep aids. Zopiclone for example. 

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Honey bee
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@Bainise2013:  My honest opinion is that there are some unresolved issues that could be potentially improved upon in terms of managing your sleep. That being said, I’m not a doctor. I really hope you find something that works. I started going to bed earlier leading up to the wedding and use distraction techniques for racing / thinking about random stuff thoughts that mess with my sleep. 

Good luck πŸ™‚

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