(Closed) How and When did you Tell Grandparents they were going to be Grandparents?

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We were going to wait until 3 months, but when I started spotting around 7 weeks and we were sitting in the ER we decided we wanted the support of our family and close friends. After we got the heads up that everything was good we had these picture frames that say “coming soon” and we had put a picture of my belly with the positive pregnancy stick in the middle. My mother got it instantly his mother it took her a little while to understand. 

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We told both sets of parents over the phone really early on. I knew I would want my mom to lean on if god forbid something went wrong. I found out I was pregnant on a Monday and went to the Dr. on Friday to confirm. I called my parents as soon as we got in the car – I was just about 5 weeks pregnant. We told his parents that evening over the phone as well.

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We told my parents on my dad’s birthday.  We had my 1 year old nephew help us make a card that said “happy birthday grandpa” and then the inside said “Love, Cole” and then at the bottom we put P.S. I am going to have my first cousin in July of 2013!

He handed my dad the card and they were both so shocked!

We still havent told my Father-In-Law and Mother-In-Law.  We considered having them all pose for a picture and saying, Ok Everyone Say – “MrsB1015 is Pregnant!” and then snapping a shot of their reactions.  Or we also considered making a calendar with all of the families photos on the months and then a photo of the positive test on the month the baby is due.

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We told both sets of parents on Father’s Day, when we were 11 weeks along.  It was a little sooner than we wanted to tell, but we figured it would be our best opportunity, since we were seeing them both that day, and could tell them at the same time. 

We gave our fathers cards that were addressed to “Grandpa”, and we signed it Shosha 1, Mr. Shosha 2, and Baby K.  My dad is already a grandfather, so the card idea kind of went over his head – he thought we just bought the wrong card by accident at first.  Father-In-Law said he got it right away, but he didn’t want to say it out loud, in case he was reading it wrong. 

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We haven’t told anyone yet, but I’ve been thinking about this too. We live pretty far from both sides and I’d like to tell people in person. For DH’s mom, we will see her at Christmas, so I’m thinking about getting stockings for everyone in the family and getting a mini one that says Baby F, and just having them all up when everyone arrives. Either that or getting a Grandma mug and giving it to her as an early Christmas present. I’ll be just about 8 weeks then so I feel comfortable telling family then. This will be the first grandchild on that side. We will probably just have to call DH’s dad since I don’t know when we will see him.

I don’t know when to tell my side. We’ll see them for Thanksgiving, but it feels too soon to make an announcement (I got my BFP on Saturday!). Then we will see them in mid Dec for my sister’s engagement party, so that would clearly be an inappropriate time for an announcement. We will probably come down for a visit in early january and tell them then. If we have an ultrasound picture by then, I’ll print one and put it in a frame and tell them I have a late Christmas present. They are already grandparents.

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we told both sides of our families about a week after we found out i was pregnant. they were already coming down for mother’s day, so they were all in the same place and we wanted the chance to tell them in real life. we have a relationship with each side that they would know if something happened, so i’m glad we got to tell them right away, even though everything was fine (i’m 32 weeks!)

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We told my parents at approximately 8 weeks. I gave my mom a Mother’s Day card with a photo of my ultrasound in it – she didn’t get it – ha! After some explaining that yes it was mine and not a feature of the card, they were very excited. We told my Mother-In-Law the next week in the same manner and she was also confused!  Haha – they’re all incredibly excited.  🙂

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We told DH’s parents at 6-7 weeks.  They are nearby and would have been supportive in case of a loss.  We tried walking them through our new house and pointing out “the baby’s room,” but that went over their heads.  I scrambled to Plan B and said, “Oh, want to see the shirt I made for Niece?” and showed them the picture of it on my cell phone (we had bought a shirt about the size she’ll need when our little guy is due and painted “I <3 my cousin” on it to tell BIL/SIL a few days later).

Didn’t tell my mom until 8 weeks, after my doctor’s appointment.  She lives several states away, so I got on Skype and asked her if she could get some vacation time in late February…to come visit her new grandbaby.  That reaction was priceless!

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We told both sets of parents within days of getting my BFP, because Darling Husband was so excited and didn’t want to wait. We’re lucky enough to see our families on a regular basis so it was easy to tell them in person. We didn’t do anything special – Darling Husband pretty much said, “iheartnerds is pregnant! You’re going to be grandparents!” – I had him make the announcements since he was so eager. I would have happily waited a few more weeks to tell them.

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We told both sets within minutes of getting our BFP.  We struggled for 2.5 years to actually get pregnant and ended up needing help, so since they knew when I had my procedure, they knew a test was coming soon.  I called my mom just a few mintues after – at like 4 or 5 in the morning her time!  And Darling Husband, and this is the worst way!, texted his mom a picture of the positive test.  He’s ridiculous.  But, he was so excited and he was afraid she wouldn’t be awake.  So they both knew almost immediately.

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We told DH’s family around 6 weeks or so, as it was his sisters birthday and we knew she would be extremely excited to become an aunt.

I then had plans to tell mine around 9 weeks when I saw them, but I wound up getting really sick and had to tell them on the phone. I need to find out some family history from my Mom and it was really nice to have their support when I ended up in the ER, even if it was hours away.

We held off telling our grandparents (so great-grandparents) until 12 weeks.

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I was going to tell my mother at breakfast, but wimped out for some odd reason. This was my second child and I’m married, plenty old enough to be having kids, but I still feel like a teenager telling my mom I’m “sexually active” haha.

Anyway, I immediately called her after breakfast and said “I’m going to have a baby.” She was really happy, and then my dad called right after.

I did not reveal my pregnancy until I was 20 weeks along, which to some is insane, but I had personal reasons.

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We told my parents literally ….. 2 hours after getting the BFP.  I can’t keep anything from them, lol.  

We told his parents at 3 months.

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@KatyElle:  You’re not insane at all for waiting to tell your pregnancy.  I too was close to 20 weeks when we told people.  I was so afraid of miscarrying that I wanted to really wait to tell.

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