(Closed) How are you and your fiance/spouse not stereotypical?

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We played a similar game at our bridal shower!  It was so much fun.  🙂  Let’s see…

My Fi is way more sensitive than I am.  Not just about things we say to each other, but he is way more aware of how other people are feeling and what he can do to make them more comfortable.  He can always pick out what might hurt someone else’s feelings and warn me before I say/do that.

My Fi is also much more willing to be mushy in public.  All of the answers he gave for the trivia game were super sweet and adorable, (like his answer to "What are you most looking forward to in marriage?"  He said that the thing he can’t wait for is sharing everything with me and becoming one united soul sharing two bodies.  :).

Finally, he was ready for all these big life moments WAY before I was.  He started talking marriage like a few months into our relationship.  He started talking about having kids when we were sophomores in college, and he convinced me we should buy a house at 20 years old.  If I weren’t with him, I don’t think I’d be thinking about any of these things for another 5-10 years!

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Busy bee
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Ha! That’s fun! We are pretty stereotypical when it comes to the things you mentioned. But we do have some things where we’re opposite, stereotypically!

We’re pretty opposite when it comes to housework. My fiance loves to vaccuum, sweep, do laundry, make the bed, etc. I am the TOTAL opposite! I have enough underwear/sheets/clothes so that I don’t have to do laundry for like 2 months, I hate doing it so much! I don’t even want to merge our laundry because he does his literally every other day and good God, the thought of all that laundry makes me ill…

We are also pretty opposite stereotypically when it comes to our choice of dogs. I want a big dog, preferably a Lab or a German Shepard, and he only likes little lap dogs! I tell him all the time how girly that is of him. I always tell people we aren’t getting a dog until we can agree on what kind…and I have to be the one that wins. 😉

Also, I drive a big SUV and he likes small cars.. I guess in some ways that’s not too opposite but it’s kind of funny to me.

I’m sure there’s more I’m forgetting, if I think of others I’ll post again! By the way I don’t think it’s a bad thing, my dad is in many ways the stereotypical female in my parent’s relationship, always renting chick flicks, preferring sappy cards, etc. I think it’s cute!

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I am more interested in cars than Mister Mary Jane, and he’s also a bit pickier of an eater than I am (and if prompted, I think I could eat a lot more in one sitting without feeling ill than he would). We’re BOTH in to electronics and neither of us are in to sports. And I do like girly stuff like baking and scrapbooking and manicures, so I am a bit stereotypical there.  I guess we’re an interesting mix!

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*we’re older than most just getting married..and when you’re our age going out people already assume you’re married..(I just turned 40 and he’s 43).

*he pays more attention to detail than I do..

*we both almost cook as much as the other..he’s a great cook (I’m pretty ok as well)

*in terms of feelings, he is somewhat more sensitive than I am

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i am an adventure/extreme sports junkie, mr. bee is not.

he can eat the same thing every single day, i get sick of food easily and have to switch it up all the time.

i think we’re pretty similar on other things though.  

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Fiance is the "needy housewife" holding down the fort while I am the deployed military member.  I think in general being female and being in the military tends to reverse A LOT of the roles.

I am the breadwinner, he is a student.

He always wants to do romantic things for me, like massages, bubble baths, and cuddling, and I like buying him presents like new video games.

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The biggest thing is the’s the way better cooker, cleaner, and organizer in our family. 

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Busy bee
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– he loves to the do the dishes, im a bit messier

– he is more sensitive and not afraid to cry when necessary

– he has been ready for life milestones earlier than me…he started talking about marriage and children pretty soon. it took me awhile to get used to the idea!

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Honey Beekeeper
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I love beer. He doesn’t.

What guy doesn’t like beer?! 

That’s all I can think of right now. I used to make more money, until he got promoted to Captain. Now I do make less, but only by a little bit! haha. Oh, and he likes Chick Flicks more than me. Once he suggested a Lindsey Lohan movie, "just my luck" because he thought it would be cute, even though i said no b/c i thought it would be dumb

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As far as we go…he’s definitely the sports-lovin’ beer-drinkin’ guy…BUT our thing is – he’s such a super neat freak – HE is the one who cleans the house (constantly) and I don’t mind if it gets a little cluttered – HE’S the one who does the laundry (mainly because I hate it and he has always had his "way" of doing it) and after he’s done I’m really bad at leaving my clean clothes on the bed in the guest room (our home/bedroom closet is a weird situation and my side of the closet is in the guest room)…he’s usually the one who’s always cooked dinner (however I’ve been cooking a lot more often lately because i’m on atkins…) but he’s the better cook (i use recipes, he doesn’t – he LIKES cooking – i only do it to feed us…)

but we are def. not sterotypical when it comes to all the house-hold stuff!!!!

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Busy bee
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He’s the sensitive, emotional one and he does most of the cleaning. He’s totally the girl. hehe. Oh and I fix the cars.

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I like to save money, he likes to treat me well, usually its the other way around the woman is more extravagant than the guy; while I’m practical he teaches me how to treat myself well, like if we’re on a trip I would book cheap hotels to save money, he would prefer nicer accomodations so we can enjoy oursleves

 Ican get anxious and be a worrywort he calms me down; I feel better after I tell him my worries

He’s English and loves the beach and has travelled extensively and lived in Asia and finds it fascinating, I am Asian and I like to visit Europe and find Europe very cool


I like to make lists he likes to wing it

el and have fun, we both work hard but like to enjoy it through travelling and we’re both very family oriented and love our families

we’re unique from other couples theres an 11 year gap, I’m older

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Busy bee

I do all basic maintenance on my own car, while he takes his to mechanics for even an oil change.

He cannot stand when things are not organized, but I really am not a neat freak.

He may be a Chargers fan, but I’m the one who’s able to sit through a whole game.

We really don’t go against the stereotypes much, but he’s definately the complete opposite of what I envisioned in my future husband. I always refused: prior/active military (he’s a former marine), anyone more than 4 years older or younger (he’s got me by 8 years), I normally go for scrawny white boys (he’s hispanic). So when they say that you can’t choose who you fall in love with…it’s true.

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