(Closed) How are you and your SO different?

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I’m white collar, he’s blue collar. I am more social and he’s more reserved. He has lots of hobbies, and I can’t find anything that I like long enough to call it a hobby.  He likes going to bed around 8 and I stay up til at least 10 or 11.  I have a temper, and he is more mellow. 

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Fiance is a business man (to the bone) and I’m a teacher. I’m Catholic, he’s not religious (but will go to church with me and is doing lent with me for support). I love scary movies and he hates them.

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i’m more outgoing and louder than he is. he’s very methodical about his decision processes, there’s a logical progression for everything he does, which sometimes dampens my more emotional and random approach. let’s just say i woke up one day and decided to go to grad school and did it. he would never do that without thinking things through. lol

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I’m much more social than my Fiance is, and more confident too (although the latter is more the result of depression and some life challenges that the depression caused than it is an inborn personality trait).  He’s an amazing reader – he’s read more books than anyone I’ve ever met.  I like to read but I often prefer lighter novels when I’m not reading for my PhD.  He reads Literature. Not just the dead white male canon (although that too), but the great books from all over the world.  I really admire that about him, since I often don’t have the emotional/intellectual energy to do that.

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Bumble bee

He would rather not go out at all. I like to stay in sometimes, but I need social hour, too! He thinks about every aspect of a decision before making one, and I tend to just go with what sounds better to me. He loves non-fiction, and I love novels. We are both night owls, however.

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I was just thinking about this when I was looking through the other thread about high school sweethearts (which we are).

We are so incredible different on so many levels, but I honestly think that we balance each other well, and the things that are similar are so important that it really makes us perfect for each other.

On the basic levels, we both come from completely different racial, religious and cultural backgrounds. I was very much the Type A, president of every club, and straight A student when we first met, whereas he keep to himself, was the quiet-genius type and had a close friend or two. I liked to think of him as my diamond in the rough, because I could see even then what a great guy he was.

But since we got together I think we’ve almost switched personalities. He has become so much more outgoing and he really pushes himself to have fun and let go, and now I’m the one that’s a little more shy. Its so weird now that I’m typing this out.

Some other random differences:

  • He loves science, I like it but don’t understand a bit of it
  • I love dancing, he doesn’t, but will do it cause he loves me Laughing
  • I’m a city girl, hes nature boy
  • I love to travel, while he rather stay at home

Uh yea we are totally different… Tongue out

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Buzzing Beekeeper

He’s obsessed with sports, I would rather be at the theater.

He likes to drink, smoke, gamble and party, I’d rather make cocoa and watch a movie.

He LOVES the outdoors, fishing, hiking, camping, kayaking… me, I hate bugs and would sooner die than hook a worm.

He’s a slob, I’m pretty neat.

Come to think of it, what DO we have in common?!?!?! LOL

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He is the biggest Nerd EVER! Seriously. And I am in love with my theatre and law. I am very artistic and flowy and he is more, “engineery” with his straight lines and perfect plans and minimalism. It helps reign me in a loosen him up.

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Oh wow… we can be very different at times. When we say we’re going to do something, I’m ready to go do it. He likes to take his time and leave whenever. I like to be completely clean.. he throws trash just about anywhere. He jokes a lot, I love to joke too… but I’m finding that I can’t take it as much as I can give it. So basically, he’s teaching me not to take myself so seriously. That’s all I can think of at the moment 🙂

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Bumble bee

FH: Mormon, Republican, Hunter, Cooks, Loves Outdoors

Me: Not religious, Vegetarian, Googled “how to defrost chicken”, Hot House Flower

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Husband: secular Christian, MAJOR car enthusiast, small family (one brother), became a parent later in life (he was 39 when he and his ex-wife had their son)

Me: Orthodox Catholic, prefers automatic transmission so I don’t have to think about shifting gears when driving, big family (two brothers, three sisters), I was a mom at 25 (with my ex-husband, which means I can give my husband lots of useful parenting tips lol)

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FH: Outgoing, Loud, bit of a homebody, fitness fanatic, easily irritated.

Me: shy, quiet, I’m a bit more social (wallflower), lazy bum, totally chillax.

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Our major difference – or at least the one that causes the most strain in our relationship – I am very decisive and my husband is a first class hand-wringer. 

I make decisions very easily and usually have a very good sense of what I want.  Of course, this means that I take more risks and thus suffer more disappointment if something doesn’t work out, but I don’t change my mind very often and am usually very happy with decisions I have made.  (For example – I bought my wedding dress the second time I went shopping and never looked back; I knew as soon as we saw our house that it would be the one we bought…)  My husband takes FOREVER to make decisions, even on the smallest things, and needs every single piece of information available before he can move forward.  After a decision is made, he will fret about it for WEEKS, even something as simple as buying a pair of pants.  I find this extremely frustrating. 

Total Sidenote:  We went to a career retreat (we both work for the government) together and had to take a communications assessment. Turns out the main difference between our assessment results was directly in line with our biggest communications hurdle – decision making.  I am in the “Responsibility” group, which means I “have a clear idea what people should do,” “have to have structure, laws, and control,” nad “resist change.”  My husband is in the “Curiosity” group, so he “thinks searching, learning, and understanding are fun,” finds the most importance in “being correct and doing things right,” and thinks “the worst possible outcome would be to appear stupid.”  This assessment was one of the most powerful and personally AND professionally helpful things I have ever done – not only do I know understand my husband and his communication style a lot better, I understand my own communication strengths and weaknesses better.

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