(Closed) How are you and your SO opposites?

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Buzzing bee
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He’s a science and math person; I’m much more into communication and writing. 

He loves all kinds of music and will eat nearly anything.  I prefer certain types of music and am STARTING to branch out to more adventurous cuisine. 

But we both love Banana Republic clothes, cooking and USA Network’s Psych — among other things, of course!

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Blushing bee

He is a White Sox fan and I am a Cubs fan (I am determined our kids will be Cubs fans!!)

I am a vegetarian…..he is a meat and potato guy

He is very outgoing while I am pretty shy

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Buzzing bee
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I remember him talking about how he eats the same thing everyday! Lol.

Us: I looove steak and really cannot stand chicken … he loves chicken, I loove chocolate and desserts … he doesn’t like chocolate and sweets, I love vegetables and fruit … he will not eat them, he’s a whiz with numbers and business … I hate math, he can negotiate anything and I’m like AHHHHH, he like it really cold in the house – I prefer just right kind of warm … really… we are sooo opposite!!! There’s much more … but I’ll stop here.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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I love trying new things, especially foods, and the Dude really likes to stick to what he knows (and he is picky as hell!). 

I’ve got a lawyer’s brain (logical and analytical), while he’s got an engineer’s (also analytical, but more so when it comes to fixing something that’s broken–he will try from every angle before giving up!).

I always thought I was laid back until I met him.  He’s like a Type C person, if such a thing existed.

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Buzzing bee

We are scarily sort of two peas in a pod…down to cleanliness and preferences for spending free time…both are driven, slighly anxious people…both love sports and spending time outdoors…both love our beer and wine…both love to eat and love to try new things.  Who says opposites attract?? : )

But, he is a science person – a surgeon – and I can’t stand the talk or sight of blood.  It seriously makes me woozy!

Also he does not need a lot of sleep and I do.

I am also more social than he is.

We are both organized and disorganized but in different ways.

THe list goes on!

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Good topic Mrs. Bee!  Your first two definitely apply to us too!!


I love watching football, he’d rather play a video game or read a comic book.


He’s the neat one, I’m the messy one.


He has a sense of direction, I most definitely don’t.


I read directions carefully, he sets them aside.


He runs for the sake of running, and I run mostly to get in shape.


He’d rather go camping for a vacation, while I’d rather stay in a luxury hotel.

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Sugar bee
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We are both Sagittarius’s so we are very much alike. But there is one big way that we are opposites and it works our great in our relationship.

He is the type it think everything through thoroughly. Every big (and some not so big) purchase he makes, he researches every aspect, every brand, checks out every review. He will think about every possible outcome before making a decision. I think I can actually see him thinking. I tell him sometimes to stop thinking and just feel.

I am spontaneous. I jump in to almost any situation without thinking about the consequences. I tend to go with what my heart and my gut tell me. I act first and think later.

And we balance each other perfectly. We make decisions based on each of our perspectives and so far, it is working out beautifully.

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Blushing bee
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he is neat and i am messy 

he is meticulous and i am sort of careless (not careless, just more, um free-flowing)

he is grumpy and i am always cheery

im a saver and he is a clotheshorse

he likes to clean and i am okay with waiting til the cleaning lady comes

and here’s the most important one – tell me what you think of this — i don’t mind that we are total opposites, the things i love about him arent so mundane as mopping and putting away 20% of each paycheck “just in case” but bigger things (like the fact that he’s honest, caring, ambitious, you know – important stuff!). HE on the other hand sometimes thinks our relationship is doomed bc i dont like to do dishes. not to be debby downer, but im hopeful this will not become a bigger problem down the road and hope he really sees me for me and doesn’t fixate on the fact that i dont remember to close cabinet doors. yipes. 

(sorry that got a little rant-y but we kind of had a fight about this exact same thing yesterday. eep!)

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Bee Keeper
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i love sweets, crave sweets, dream about sweets, drive out of my way for something sweet – he can take it or leave it

i hate exercise – he loves it

i hate studying – hes driven and passes everything with honors

i cant navigate underwater to save my life – he cant navigate a shopping centre to save his

i have a terrible memory and dont care to remember the names of people i met yesterday – he remembers people he met 20yrs ago

i have a very very small circle of friends – everyone knows & likes him

i sweat the small & detailed stuff – he takes care of the big issues

im happy to think about tomorrow and thats about it – hes the long term planner


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Worker bee
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I hate being the center of attention and he has his own band.

I can’t let go of anything and he lets everything roll off his shoulder.

I love roller coasters, but he refuses to get on one!!

I am a big reader, but he’s not.

I could fill up on chips and salsa and he doesn’t eat chips.

🙂 But, who would want to be with someone exactly like them?



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Blushing bee
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He’s neat…I’m messy

He can make anyone laugh…I can’t crack a joke to save my life

He is a spender…I’m a saver

He likes horror movies…I REFUSE to watch them

He is carefree…I’m a nervous wreck

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Busy bee

He’s leads with his head…I lead with my heart.

He jumps out of planes for fun…I’m a chicken.  

He stays cool especially under pressure…I’m mostly a ball of nerves.

He’s patient…I’m not.

The list goes on–political views, family background, interests… 

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Bumble bee
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Opposites some ways. I like to read, he likes sports; I’m practical and environmentally conscious with my transportation, he likes cool cars; he’s very career driven, I like to find happiness outside of work. I’m “early to bed, early to rise” — he’s not.

Other ways, we’re the same, especially in what we value (I know I meantioned some contradictions above, but we’re on the same page a good bit).

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Helper bee
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The thing that comes to mind is that he is always hot and I’m always cold.  It’s a battle in the car, we seriously need dual climate control.  I’m cuddly at night but it overheats him so I get pushed to the other side of the bed.

Another random one is that I have a really strong stomache and can eat spicy curry or anything.  Mr. D on the other hand will be hurting later and in general has a sensitive stomach.

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