(Closed) How are you spending the day after the election?

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Bumble bee
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At work, sad and shocked, and listening to mourning songs, because I’m mourning for my country.

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Helper bee
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I am a pro Trump supporter for many reasons I’m not going to go to the effort of stating on here but in answer to the question, I have been doing my daily business as usual. Life goes on. I am suprised people are so shocked that the Republicans won. It’s a democracy sometimes the side you don’t support wins. Not everyone thinks the same way, thank goodness or we would be under a dictatorship. It will always swing from right to left and back again, the majority will keep it corrected so that we do not go too far either way and only with balance can everyone be represented.

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Bumble bee
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At work and happy to be here. Hardly anyone is talking about the election and it’s a nice distraction from the disaster social media is at the moment. 

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Buzzing bee

I’m just working today.

Not really understanding the current cryfest by the Democrats, they got what was coming to them. They lambasted anyone who disagreed with them, resorted to calling every American who dared consider Trump a racist, homophobe, or an ignorant jackass. Then had the great advantage of an extremely biased media train pumping the news stations full of political memes and jokes about Trump/ Republicans, insulting their ways of life, their beliefs, their families. Calling them undeducated. Calling them stupid. Yada yada yada. 

So ya know what?! They stopped talking about it. The DNC and HRC and all the little Clinton-ites thought they had this in the bag, and they have been smug and smarmy about the whole election. Here in an online presence, and I’m sure in person as well. The sanctimonious attitudes that prevailed were such a huge turn off. All of the crying and dramatics will end, and they’ll realize the sun will still rise tomorrow (as Obama put it). Republicans felt this way in 2008 and in 2012, yet there wasn’t this amount of hand holding and “shock”. They were just told to “get over it” already, so… sorry not sorry.

Liberals didn’t take into consideration that there’s a very silent, but proud and strong majority that lies in middle America. Step out of your uber liberal pockets and universities, get off of Twitter. Stop polling the “cool” millenials at Starbucks. There’s a very, very disgruntled group of hard working, hard pressed, to-the-point Americans who felt the Democrats marginalized, mocked and overlooked their feelings. Not racists. Not homophobes. Not sexists pigs. Those who traditionally vote Dem, those that believe in unions, wage workers, farmers. Those that supported Bill Clinton, hated Bush, supported Obama, and yet saw nothing progress. This election they started to explore other options, but were instantaneously labeled bigots for that consideraion.

Might I also add that MANY of those counties in swing states that went Red, have been voting Blue for 40+ years. 48 hours ago, those people were pegged by the Democrats as “one of their own”, but today they are universally racist? Today they all want to punch women? Today they all want to nuke a foreign country? How does that even make sense? 

No, and the fact that so many here, on this website STILL cannot fathom why Trump won just goes to show you how shallow and narrow their view of America really is. Take the MSNBC talking points out of it and REALLY try to understand WHY people in this country spoke, and spoke LOUD last night. It’s not because they all are dirty, racist, hateful people. It’s because they deeply want a change in this country, and the political climate didn’t even allow for respectful discourse, so they made up their mind in silent and voted with the hope that DC, and the media, got the point.

So yeah, big ole shock. People were tired of the elitist left talking down their noses at them, all while still needing their vote. Hillary Clinton and her followers relied on Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, The Boss and various other celebs to make everyone think that they were going to rock star their way in to the White House. I think they got what they deserved, big time. They had everything they could have needed — a campaigning President, funding, celeb endorsement, MEDIA BIAS and still could not win because they did not care to really delve into the hearts of middle Americans.

I think the DNC needs to really sit back and evaluate a new strategy for 2020. The way this all went down, and the utter shock, shows how truly off base they really are.

**PS, I didn’t vote for Trump

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Busy bee

I am pissed and disillusioned. I don’t understand why I expected people to be better than this. Apparently, America is a garbage, regressive country, so it is fitting to have a disgusting orange cartoon and his trashy family in the White House. I mean, we can’t have a woman running things, right? She’d spend taxpayers’ money on shopping and manicures, I’m sure.

I’m giving myself today to be angry and to read about the election. After today, though, I am going to avoid any news or conversations concerning the reality TV show star now in charge of the country as well as social media in general. I don’t want to hear about every stupid thing he says and does and all his inevitable scandals that people are going to try to pretend are shocking. I’ll pay attention if he starts a war, and that’s about it until the next election.

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Bee Keeper

fromatoz :  That is one of the smartest posts I’ve seen on this subject. People are tired of establishment politicians. That is what the voting public said this election. Am I happy Trump is president? Not especially, but Clinton was not getting elected, and she isn’t much of a loss. I just cannot believe all the hysteria and shock. He’s president, not king. 

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Sugar bee
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I went to work, vented with coworkers, then came home and I’m currently enjoying a glass of wine. I did my duty as a respoinsible and involved citizen and I voted. Good or bad, America will answer for the choice that was made.

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CakeSniffer :  THANK YOU. The fact that some people don’t understand that this isn’t just any other election certainly doesn’t make me feel any better about the future.

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ct2015 :  You and your posts are literally cementing every single stereotype of how awful Trump supporters are in my mind.

Enjoy today. You reap what you sow

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Helper bee

ct2015 :  Yes, karma is something. Let’s see how you feel over the next four years, assuming you aren’t a rich, straight, white male. 😉

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Helper bee

Friendly reminder, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. Also reminder this is a very scary time for a lot of us. The DNC Chairman at the time put Hillary up for the nomination even though she didn’t get as many votes. Bernie was the actual winner and he would probably be president now if procedures had been followed. But I didn’t come to debate.

I am rightfully sad and cconfused. I feel better today knowing that every single one of my family and friends are also confused and saddened, so we are in this all together. I am thankful I live in such a liberal city, in a liberal state, where I feel very safe. None of us knows what the future holds and at this time, it’s best we take it one day at a time. I hope everyone else is doing well and can somehow stay positive in all this. 

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Blushing bee

I’m in shock. I’ve spent the day in shock. And I’m a Canadian. This will have repercussions you cannot imagine. You don’t know the disbelief and disappointment the rest of the world is in.

No, YOU may not be a bigot, but if you voted for such an overtly toxic candidate, you proved that you’re willing to look the other way and that’s just as enabling. Apparently the wellbeing of anyone who isn’t a white, straight man is less important than your feelings of disdain for people who do not think like you. Or weren’t born twenty years earlier. Forgive me if I have no empathy for you in this moment. How can you gloat? He may turn out to be an idiot. Or he may trigger the worst war the world has seen.

You think he actually is a champion of freedom of speech? You have no idea how wrong you are. True freedom does not threaten to silence those that criticize or differ. That is what freedom of speech is built upon: the right to have ANY opinion or ANY criticism of any person. Take that away, and you risk possibly the worst corruption we may see in a first world government. His rhetoric and your acceptance of it matches patterns of past times of crisis. How could you have taken that risk, just to feel vindicated? I hope for all of our sakes, that I am wrong.

It confirmed for me that hatred is thriving. People very much have a reason to fear. You might not be able to see that, but they do. And the rest of the world can only watch and hope your country does not implode with violence.

When Canada threw out our own train wreck of a leader last year, we had so much hope. Everyone I know up here is horrified, now. We talk about how the intelligent and civil amongst you have every right to feel insulted now that they are to be represented by such a troll. 

Now I can only hope that he either has bluffed his way to the top just to get the votes of the angry and ignorant. Or that he bores of having to be a diplomat and steps down. When the whole world is grieving, you should know that something VERY wrong has happened.

This sense of grieving and horror does not make us ‘weak millennials, unable to lead’. Willingness to acknowledge, and subsequently work through, our emotions rather then suppress them and have them rule us is a skill any mature and reliable person should have. I feel betrayed beyond belief. How is it okay that this is the state of the world we are to inherit from our elders? You blame us and claim we are at fault and yet you raised us! And now, we will spend what should have been the prime of our lives cleaning up your messes.

We’re not smug and entitled. We are terrified and have every reason to be. When your elders carry on like schoolyard bullies, you should have every right to be ashamed and concerned.

Your slights and slurs will not sway me. We have been let down. I am so sorry. I wish there was some way I could help those who are living in fear today. That should not be happening.

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