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Don’t be scared, you will be fine.

If you have a scheduled C section you will come to the hospital, get an IV started, go to the operating room and get a spinal anesthetic (basically like an epidural but stronger meds), then the Dr. will check your belly and make sure you are numb, then they will start the surgery and within about 10 minutes you will have your baby!

Then it takes another 30 mins or so to sew you back up, sometimes you will be able to hold your baby skin to skin with you in the operating room, or your partner can hold the baby next to you. Then you will go to the recovery room for a little while then you can hold and breastfeed baby. Then you go to your room and get to rest and snuggle your baby. You will have lots of pain medication available, if you take your medication you should be fine. Most women get up and walk within 8 hours or so of the c section, and you should be able to go home 2 days after surgery. As for recovery you will want to take it easy for the first 6 weeks, no heavy lifting or strenuous exercise, but that is the same for after a vaginal delivery.

I’m a nurse in Canada and that is our usual protocol for c sections.

Good luck

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I have had two, the first was not planned and I went through labor and everything. The second was planned. If you are being told to have one, yours will be planned. With a planned c-section, you make the appointment, show up that day, they will get you ready (stats, IV, etc), and do the procedure. You will not go through labor at all, but you will have some cramping and bleeding after. They will take you to the OR and give you an epidural, in most hospitals your spouse is allowed to stand next to you, hold your hand, etc. It only takes about 5-10 minutes to get the baby out, all you will feel is some pressure. You will get to meet and hold your baby in the OR, and if your spouse wants to he can cut the cord. It takes about another 20 minutes to get you stitched up, and then you are taken to your room. You won’t be able to eat or get up until they give you the go ahead. You will be sore, and your abdomen will hurt, the belly wraps are extremely helpful with the discomfort, and most hospitals will have them and give you one. You will be in the hospital for 2-3 days (I was in for 2 with my planned c-s). I was really sore for the first week, but it goes by really quickly. You need to take it easy for the first 6-8 weeks, I started feeling good after about the 3-4th week, recovery is different for everyone. I am giving you all of the details, just so you have an idea of what to expect, but everyone has a different experience. It is scary, and the nerves won’t go away, but just know it won’t be terrible and holding your baby makes everything worth it. Oh! Just a piece of advice, make sure to shave at least the top part of your lady bits before you go, otherwise, you will get to experience the fun of a nurse shaving it for you (I learned that the hard way the first time). It will all be ok, and you will be back up and going faster than you think.    

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I just wanted to say chin up and you will do fine!!! Thinkin of you! 🙂


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I had a planned c-section for a breach baby, but it turned unplanned when my water broke a few days before the planned c-section. Beforehand I had never had a surgery before and thought the whole thing was terrifying and I was scared right up until going into it, but within 12 hours I was up and walking around, and was out of the hospital and happily back home with 36 hours. It was sore for 2 weeks, but didn’t require painkillers. From then on, I could tell I had it but it didn’t really restrict me. Honestly the whole thing was so much better and easier than I expected that I don’t even mind the idea of having a few more! 

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It’s really not that bad.  I did not feel a thing, I didn’t even feel pressure or tugging that some people say you feel. I was completely frozen and I was just sore afterwards for a few days. It was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

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SoontobeMrsAM:  I don’t have any children, but my SIL has had four c-sections. The recovery isn’t too bad and she only complained about pain because she wouldn’t take pain meds. I hope the more experienced Bee’s can help calm your nerves. As for me, I am wishing you the best of luck!

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How far along are you and has your OB or midwife discussed an ECV with you?

No advice on the c-section but check out spinningbabies.com for some tips on turning babies or you could try acupuncture of moxibustion. Drop me a line if you need any info on the ECV, I underwent a successful procedure at around 38 weeks and went on to have a vaginal delivery.

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My cousin had a c section today with her first baby and acted like nothing had happened. She got stitched up and was skyping me for about an hour immediately after!! She also put on some make up and took pics for fam to post on facebook with baby. I mean, I was amazed.

She said she felt a little bit of movement when they were working on her but not pressure. She said it wasn’t that bad at all. She looked as if she had just gone through a drive through for a latte. She was really happy. She literally (not on purpose of course) made me feel like an idiot for being afraid of c sections.

I asked her so many questions and she was so chill and acted like it was no biggie. We talked later when her anesthetics wore off and she was totally fine!

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SoontobeMrsAM:  I had a scheduled cesarean and it was not nearly as bad as I expected. I didn’t feel a thing during the surgery. Maybe a bit of tugging, but it wasn’t even uncomfortable. I had a spinal tap, and while that was weird feeling, it also didn’t hurt.

Basically, here was my timeline:

10:30 arrive at hospital and answer questions and such

12:00 doctor came in and said she was getting prepped and nurses will come to get me when it was time

12:45 nurses came to get me, I was wheeled into the OR without hubby

12:50 given spinal tap, hubby comes in OR

1:00 start surgery! (I wouldn’t have even known it was happening if they didn’t tell me… seriously couldn’t feel anything)

1:08 baby girl is born! She screamed so loud even my parents outside the OR could hear her. They immediately bring her to me and laid her on my chest for a minute. She was then taken to be weighed/cleaned/ then to the nursery (hubby went with her) until I was in the recovery room

1:30 cesarean done, I was moved to recovery. I started shaking uncontrollably (which is pretty common with spinals), so they wheeled baby in but I couldn’t hold her yet 🙁 Once I stopped shaking I held her and breastfed her.

3:00 after they finished monitoring me and decided I was good-to-go, they moved me to my room in the mother baby unit.

As far as recovery, I was sore for a few days, but by the time I was home (4 days PP) I was walking, cleaning, taking care of baby without a problem. I was cleared to resume normal activity (sex, exercise, etc.) 4 weeks pp. You probably won’t have “labor” pains, but you will feel your uterus contract, especially while breastfeeding. This helps it get back to its normal size.

My advice is to walk as soon as they tell you you are able to. I walked often (but listened to my body and didn’t overdo it). Gas builds up horribly, and walking will help you release it.

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I also wanted to add that rather than it being “not that bad,” like I said before, it was actually incredible. The day she was born was the best day of my life. Despite not being the natural delivery I’d always imagined, it was perfect, emotional, and overwhelmingly wonderful. You’ll be great!

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SoontobeMrsAM:  You’ve gotten the gist of it from the other bees on here, so I won’t bore you with my story. 

What I WILL say & I wish SOMEONE had told me this (but they didn’t because my c section wasnt planned) is to start taking dulcolax stool softeners one or 2 days ahead of time & KEEP TAKING THEM, however many they allow you to take per day, until you poop on your own. The first poop after CS was HORRIBLE, but probably wouldn’t have been if I’d had time to prepare & been taking the softeners earlier. Sorry if Too Much Information, but I ain’t playing. It sucked.

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SoontobeMrsAM:  I had one in December and it was a breeze! I was a little sick a few hours after- I threw up maybe 3 times. I was up as showered the next morning. Went home on day 4 and took a long walk with baby and dog. 

Healing was no problem. The scar isn’t pretty but I didn’t wear bikinis before so it’s fine. 

The only thing I didn’t expect was that I bled for about 7 or 8 weeks after. 

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dude im not pregnant, not even trying.

but as someone who is also terrified of surgery and pregnancy in general- this makes me feel so much better.

good luck, op!!

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SoontobeMrsAM:  I have never had a c-section so I can’t really help you with advice there, but I can tell you to find a midwife with experience in flipping babies. My SIL had a breech baby and was scheduled for a c-section but she found a midwife who through massage and having her lay in certain positions for a certain ammount of time per day was able to convince the baby to flip around on its own.

I don’t know your particular anatomy so I can’t say it is going to work for everyone, but if it were me I would certainly try massage and some yoga poses any day if it meant I might be able to avoid a major surgry. It can’t hurt right?

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