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@catracha:  I personally think a lot of this stuff is crap. I drank my normal amount of coffe, which is quite a bit, through both of my pregnencies. I never had any complications.

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The links between caffeine and miscarriage are tangential at best, but the current recommendation is to limit your intake to 300mg of caffeine per day to be safe just in case.

You can easily stay under that by drinking decaf (which does have caffeine, just less) or dinrking less coffee in general.

You should avoid unpasteurized soft cheeses (so things like imported brie, goat cheese, etc.), raw dairy, raw and runny eggs, raw and undercooked meats and shellfish, and deli meats and hotdogs not cooked to steaming hot (so you would need to microwave your deli ham, for example.). You can have sushi if you are used to it. Regarding all fish, avoid those high in mercury. Just look up the lists on google. Soft icecream is considered fine by most but some people worry about listeria in improperly cleaned machines.

How much caffeine is in your coffee depends on brand, so ounces is not enough to go by. You need to look up the caffeine content of specifically what you drink.

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I avoided it in my first trimester as even the smell made me wanna vomit lol but otherwise I drank 1-2 cups most days. Personally I wouldnt drink too much just incase, but like someone else said, i think a lot of this stuff is crap

my mum would tell me when she was pregnant with me they had none of the guidelines like they do now and she would eat anything & everything! i think they go a bit overboard these days however I guess it pays to be a little careful 🙂

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@mrsSonthebeach:  Yep, all of this is pretty darn spot-on.

I don’t drink coffee OP, but I’m a total Mountain Dew addict, and currently 33 weeks pregnant. And people like to judge and act appalled whenever I have a can – I know some are the same way about non-decaf coffee. But really, you have to drink a LOT to go over the 300mg a day limit. A can of Mountain Dew only has 54mg in it. I quit caffeine altogether for about a month towards the beginning of my pregnancy and it was a freaking nightmare – I was super tired, having headaches, and found that the syrupy-ness of pop was one of the only things that eased my morning sickness (and frankly, I was a raging bitch without it, lol.) When I expressed all of this to my midwife she told me that it’s fine in moderation and that having coffee or pop every now and then is certainly nothing to worry about or guilt trip myself over. 

Some things it is really crucial to stop having when you find out you’re pregnant – mrsSonthebeach’s list was pretty comprehensive on what those items are. But I find so many pregnancy books (and the people who have read them) are so alarmist! The one my midwife gave me kind of pokes fun at other books like ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting.’ It had a quote from a mom that was something like, Those other pregnancy books are so extreme! It’s like, ‘You didn’t ever paint your nails while pregnant, did you? Uh oh, well hopefully at least one side of your baby’s brain will still be developed!” That made me laugh a bit because I can definitely relate – towards the beginning I drove myself nuts worrying that anything and everything was unsafe.

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I have always had problems w migraines and have decided to skip medication during pregnancy so the doctor recommended 1 cup of the folgers coffee I drink in the morning every day.  I actually do a half a cup w the rest milk.  It really helped me. I gave up coffee while trying to conceive w no problem.  But I also took my migraine medicine. 

Anyway -excess  caffeine is the problem not specifically coffee 

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@catracha:  I’m not pregnant but I am an avid coffee drinker and I too wonder if I’ll be able to cut it out once I get my BFP. Since I can’t go cold turkey, I plan on switching to decaf….not pouring in the sugar and maybe drink more hot tea. I’ve known a lot of women who drink caffeine throughout their pregnancy and haven’t had any issues…except when the baby gets “wired” from it.

Overseas here, a lot of women drink wine/beer while pregnant which I can honestly say makes me sick thinking about it but they’ve been doing it for years and it doesn’t seem to be a problem. We went to dinner w/a couple one time and she was drinking a very large beer WHILE BFing….even Darling Husband thought it was strange!

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@MrsB1015:  I actually use coffee as a first defense to a headache too before I take any medication. So far this pregnancy (I’m almost 29 weeks) I haven’t had to take any pain killers because the coffee solved my problem. I figured a small amount of caffeine was better than anything in the drugs! I’ve heard of some people drinking it to help with constipation too.

I completely avoided/drank decaf coffee and tea my whole first and second trimesters (save for a few weeks at the end of my 2nd) but now I’ll have a small coffee here and there (which I’ve calculated to be about 80-120mg depending on where it’s from etc.. way under the daily recommended limit). Not every day, but maybe 4-5 times a week. I’m definitely less concerned about miscarriage now as baby is growing extremely well and is very healthy.

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I’ve just lowered my intake from one large size cup to one small size cup. Every other day if I’m feeling virtuous then I’ll make it half-caf. Half-decaf half-normal.

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@kriss85:  Absolutely agree with you there! I used to love my morning coffee but now the smell, even on DH’s breath, brings on nausea so fast! I’ve had to switch to iced coffee (less potent smell) or tea to get my (less than 200mg!) caffiene fix. 

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I wouldn’t drink any personally.  No matter what anyone says on here, I wouldn’t.  I avoid all things that can have potential affect, short of a true emergency.  I avoid prepackages lettuce, any salads from a deli that has been sitting out (like potato salad), salad bars, soda, any artificial sweetener, anything unpasteurized.  I try to avoid anything more than a few days past the ex. date.  I do eat deli meats, but I cook them, bake them, fry them nice and piping hot first, same with deli cheese.  Nitrates and other preservatives should definitely be avoided.  I could go on, wiith some non-food things to avoid, but I think it depends how hard-core you want to be.

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I drank coffee a lot before too, then switched to decaf when TTC.  Sometimes I drink decaf, sometimes I do half coffee/half hot water.  But I think 2 cups or less a day is what’s recommended. I did half decaf and half regular when trying to make the switch so I didn’t have the headaches and it worked out pretty well.  I did swtich from Splenda to sugar though, all the artificial sweetners are bad during pregnancy (I think if you have to use one Equal is the “best”) but I just go with sugar now since it’s natural.

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I skipped it in my first trimester, then after that I went to one regular size coffee mug full a day, no other caffeine. On occasion I’ll have an iced tea with dinner. This was my OB’s recommendation.

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There’s a caffeine limit during pregnancy, but like a pp said, it’s hard to equate that to ounces. You *are* drinking quite a bit of coffee, though.

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