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Neither myself or my fiance have any children yet. 

I am my parents’ only child together. I have an older half brother on my dad’s side and an older half brother on my mom’s side. The one on my mom’s side was placed for adoption at birth (she was a young mom at 16), so ‘legally’ he is not my half sibling even though biologically he is.

My parents are now separated and living with their new partners. No one is remarried but if that was the case, I guess technically I would have three stepsisters on my dad’s side and a stepsister and two stepbrothers on my mother’s side. I don’t want to think about that, because I’m almost 30 so it would be kind of weird considering them ‘family’ this late in life…but who knows right? 



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I have a brother. Fiance is an only child.  FI’s parents are divorced. Dad remarried twice. Mom…..five times. Right now he has 1 step sis on his mom’s side. They do not see each other since we are all in or near our thirties. A half sister on his dad’s side. And a ‘half brother’ on his dad’s side. Not biological. His step mom cheated and it was another man’s kid. She then just left her kids . Awesome, ain’t it! They live in another state so he does not see them either. Fiance has a daughter and we will not be having any children. He sees her every other weekend but she does not stay with us. Families are so crazy now a days!

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My Fiance is comes from a blended family. His birth dad left his mom when she was pregnant with him and she met his step dad a few years after. His step dad ( not officially adopted) raised him as his own and he also has two half sisters Now. The interesting part is my Fiance is technically Irish and Italian ( like me!) but was raised in a Cuban household. So all of his family is Cuban except him and his mom. My own upbringing is so plain jane compared to him. 

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Hmm… both my Fiance and mine parents are split. All with new partners. 

And everybody has kids. 

So my mum had kids with my step-dad. So I have two half brothers (but they are my brothers; I don’t think of them as half). My biological dad isn’t in the picture so my step-dad is my dad. He’s now split from my mum and is getting married to a very nice lady next month – and I suspect they’ll have a baby shortly after. 

My Fiance also has split parents. He has two siblings, and his step-mum has a couple of grown up kids as well.

When I write it down it doesn’t sound confusing – but it is in real person! ๐Ÿ˜› 

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Oh yes, my parents divorced when I was very young. My mom had another son who is my half brother and my dad and stepmom have two boys, one of which is adopted, so I have two more half-brothers. We have a fairly significant age difference so I didn’t directly grow up with any of them. Now my mom is remarried again and her husband has four children so I have three stepbrothers and 1 step stepsister. It’s weird now when  people ask me how many siblings I have, because technically I am one out of eight really only know my three half-brothers but grew up as an only child.

Then I have my aunt who’s two years older then me and the closest thing I have to a sister, she’s my Maid/Matron of Honor. My grandmother married and divorced young with my mom’s dad and then remarried later on and he had two children and then they had my aunt together.

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I think they are extremely common these days.  I am an only child by my mum and have two half siblings by my dad.  My Fiance has a sister, a half sister by his mum and a step-brother by his dads wife.  He also has a half brother whom he only recently found out about who is 5 or so years older than him by his dad.

Fiance then has a child which we only just found out about (seems to be a trend in his family??) So our children will have an older half brother.  I am childless.

It’s funny, growing up I think blended families were the best and worst families I knew.  I had a friend with 10 siblings, all different varieties of full blood, half and step.  Her dad and mum had both remarried people who already had children and had more.  Her mum and step-dad purchased 2 3 bedroom houses side by side and the kids sort of went between the two of them (you can’t buy big houses in our area and the kids were older, all in their teens.)  Their family was crazy, loud and soo affectionate and loving.  Her step-dad was great at treating the kids like his own without overstepping their father and her mum was the same.  All the kids got along great and it was like a big party everyday.  I loved visiting there.

On the flip side, I knew people growing up who had massive issues with not getting along with step-parents, being treated as second class citizens to the new kids etc.  Lots of them acted out in their teenage years and went on to make bad choices.

I think a blended family is what you make it.  My FI’s child will never be unwelcomed in our home, though he will also be parented just like the other kids will be.  

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MrsUPS:  my brother and sister are halfs but were not raised that way. my father was their father and they stayed married till my dad died. my DHs family is all full brothers and his parents have been together from high school.

oddly enough there are a lot of people with “blended families”. my friend “sarah” dad left her mom for the babysitter. they already had like 5 kids. so her parents both remarried and had more kids and step kids. needless to say her fmaily is huge like yours!! my DHs father also left his wife for (his mom) the babysitter..

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Jumping on the crazy blended family train! ๐Ÿ™‚

Older 1/2 brother from my bio-father.

me and my brother from my mom and bio-father

5 sisters that are from my dad’s first marriage (dad is not bio-father)

3 half brother from my mom and dad

Yes. 11 kids – no Mormon, Catholic, or rabbit jokes, please ๐Ÿ˜›

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MrsUPS:  My mom had my older half sister and then met my dad and they had my younger sister and I together, so ours is only a bit blended.

My SO’s dad was married to a woman and had two kids (my SO’s older half brother and sister). FFIL’s first wife then cheated on him with another man and got pregnant. The man she cheated with then left her for someone else (karma LOL), and she ended up getting married again. She and her new husband then adopted I think like six or seven kids. Although the kids she adopted with her new husband aren’t technically his half siblings or anything they ended up being right around the same age as my SO, so they all went to the same school and were friends. My SO’s dad also ended up marrying my SO’s mom and had my SO and two other kids, so it’s a big family!

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Myself and my brother from my Mum and Dad. My step mum had two daugters of her own and my step mum and dad had one son together. To top off that confusion, my Dad and step mum now do foster caring and we have 2 younger foster siblings who are each others blood siblings.

So I’m either one of 2, 3, 5 or 7 depending on how you look at it.

My dad and step mum then count long term partners as extra children so add 3 and its 10 ๐Ÿ˜›

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