(Closed) How can I get my cat to stop being so nocturnal?

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Helper bee
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we had the same issue with our cat, mostly because we are gone during the day. we live in an apartment, so she is an inside cat. so to fix the problem, we keep the t.v. on in the bedroom, and the living room and make sure the doors are shut to the other rooms, so she has no where to go during the day but the living room and her food/litter box area. this has worked for us. we also keep the blinds open, so the light comes in. maybe it’ll help some for you, too? we figured the human voices would be enough to keep her up, and it’s working.

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Sugar bee
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lol! i’m sorry, that sucks. cats are nocturnal though, so your cat is unfortunately just acting within his nature! i just leave my door closed but not completely shut so if kitty gets the urge to come in and sleep at the foot of my bed she can, but the dog knows to stay out. i get home around 1630 most days and she perks up and starts whining to go outside (which i don’t allow) so then she throws herself a nice tantrum and runs around the house angrily, which gets some energy out of her. by night time she’s usually quiet and waits until about 0630 before she runs in and jumps on me with a big wakeup “MEEEOOOOW?!?!?!” haha… if only she knew what Saturdays are…

so long story short, maybe try to play with/annoy your cat in the late afternoon? that or a squirt bottle lol.

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I would try waking the cat up during the day & playing with him. My kittens went thru nocturnal “phases”, on days when we were out of the house a lot & when we didn’t really see them during the day, at night they would be very rambunctous. They woke us up because they would slam into our door or knock something over. I usually wake my kitties up during the day, sometimes not on purpose, sometimes I’ll pick them up while sleeping & then feed them & play with them & then they’ll start playing with each other. At nights, they don’t wake me up. I don’t hear them playing at night. When I wake up in the mornings, they wake up too, so I think we’re on the same schedule :).

You could also try feeding in small portions. I did this ever since I got them. I feed them probably 3 times a day, I feed them a portion of their daily food in the mornings before work, sometimes at lunchtime, then after work & then again before bedtime. It keeps them awake because there’s food, not sure if that would help?

Another option could be getting a 2nd kitten? About the same age & opposite gender as your current one. They take their energy out on each other & are great company to each other.

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I have no advice, because our cat is usually pretty good. He sleeps during the day, but we keep him up after work until we go to bed. Then he will sometimes cry at night, but most of the time, he sleeps next to the dog in our room. I woudl suggest keeping him up as much as you can during the day, but unfortunately it might be a good idea to keep him outside at night if you can’t figure it out. That is why we never allowed our cat outside. His dad’s cat is like that, and she cries whenever she is in the house to go outside. I can’t stand it

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Sugar bee
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My kitty was like this too. We always have “playtime” about an hour before bed and we keep her up which seems to make her really tired. We have a laser pointer (not every pet owner is a fan) and its so easy. We just sit there and twirl it around. She freaks out for a good 20 min chasing after it. Seems to do the trick.

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Helper bee

My cat went through this phase as well. She would wake us up around 2am EVERY night just because. If we closed our door, she would meow and dig at the carpet outside. She finally started digging the cheap apartment carpet up, so we started leaving the door open. She eventually just stopped. As long as we leave our bedroom door open at night, she’s happy to come and go as she pleases. She sleeps at the foot of our bed throughout most of the night. She also sleeps all day because she’s a spoiled, lazy queen 🙂

For now, I’d recommend playing with your kitten a lot before bed so that you tire him out. My cat likes to chase us around, and then we chase her. You could also get a laser pointer for him to chase. If you’re home during the day, make sure he doesn’t nap too much. He might also just be going through a rambunctious kitten phase that he’ll grow out of like my cat.

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I have three cats and they all have their special quirks.  But I have an especially wild kitty.  She will violently shake my bedroom door and scratch the door until I get up.  It’s very annoying.  My only suggestion is to play with him really hard before you head to bed.  That usually gets a lot of energy out of them.  Good luck!

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@OP- We have 2 cats and let me tell you they are LAZY. They are inside cats and only allowed outside with Darling Husband or I in our fenced in backyard (they have cat caps on their nails so I don’t want other animals to attack them). If I stay home sick they sleep ALL day with me, then are up all night, it’s annoying because one will meow and play and the other will walk on me and headbut me until i pet him. To stop this behavior we try to take them outside if it’s nice weather and let them run around to tire them out, also we play with them until they get sick of us, it tires them out so they get a full night’s sleep. It usually works really well….except this morning when I got a headbut at 3 am. Let us know how yesterday worked out for you!

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We have two indoor kitties and they sleep in our bed with us, if they please to do so.  Darling Husband works nights, so there often is at least one of us awake to play with them.  I’m not gonna lie, we are a bit obsessed with our cats. They get tons of attention from us. When we go to sleep at the same time, they sleep too.  If we try to close the bedroom door, or any door that would separate them from us, they cry and cry until we open the door again.

When they were younger, they would wake us up more often to be pet or played with, but I was usually so tired that I just ignored them. That seemed to help.  Now our sleep time = their sleep time.

I can see why you are concerned about letting him out at night, but for a cat, it really doesn’t make much of a difference what time of the day it is.  They have fantastic night vision. So unless you have dangerous nocturnal wild animals around, is there a way that you can install a cat flap so he can let himself out at night?

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