How can I stick to only eating 1200 calories? HELP?!

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    I donโ€™t count calories

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    Is it possible to eat right before you leave work? Maybe a hard boiled egg or something filling like that? And def prep your dinners in advance so you’re not first cooking while starving.  That’s a recipe for disaster, at least for me.

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    Keep some healthy snacks on hand. Berrys, veggies… if it isn’t in the house you can’t eat it. I also love to sip herbal tea, water with fruit in it… otherwise, distract yourself. Yoga. A good tv show… it’s all about breaking the habit. 

    That being said, make sure you’re hitting your macros! The pro version of MyFitnessPal has been a life saver to me. 

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    You should eat when you’re hungry, and don’t eat when you aren’t hungry. The reason you can’t stick to 1200 is because your body needs more than that, which is exactly why you describe yourself as “STARVING”. Especially if you’re working out, you need to eat more. Just a friendly reminder that feeling like you’re starving is not healthy, just like feeling stuffed is not healthy. 

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    If you are starving after workout, plan for that. Make sure you have enough calories left from the day to be satisfied at night. Brush your teeth and go to bed early if you have to – I know I t takes a lot for me to get out my warm cozy bed ๐Ÿ™‚

    But honestly if you are working out hard and/or often, it’s not enough calories to be sustainable. I used to do 1200 plus half of what I burned (so say I ran for an hour and burned 500, I’d eat 1450 that day) and still lost weight at a good and consistent pace. 

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    azf0019 :  I totally get what you mean – however convenient sometimes pre-made meals just don’t seem so appetizing.  But I would often eat a snack towards the end of the day and it went a long way for me.

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    First of all, eating less than 1200 is actually not good. Having said that, I’m doing that too ๐Ÿ˜›

    What I do is, eat normally first… Then slowly switch breakfast to maybe oats, then slowly change to apple… Don’t jump straight to not eating… You have to make your stomach small.. 

    It took me about a week and a half to get the hang of it, the first week is the toughest, you get really hungry lol. Use MyFitnessPal, it helps.

    Now I eat 1 apple for breakfast, grilled chicken for lunch, no dinner. Sometimes during my period, obviously you get more hungry, so is fine. I still portion my food but I eat all meals.

    I do cut down on the carbs, spagetthi, rice… I will eat half of it.

    Take it slowly.

    It’s not a very healthy way unfortunately LOL

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    I will continue to say this every day-whole food plant based diet! You do not need to count calories if you eat greens, veggies, fruit, whole unprocessed grains. Learn to roast and saute veggies without oil. Don’t drink your calories- drink water or coffee/tea without sweetner. 

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    Have you actually used a calculator to figure out how much you should eat for your height and body weight? And make sure you’re tracking macros so your protein especially.

    IF you are very short, 1200 should be enough, however if your macros aren’t perfect, you will starve!

    Check out xxfitness on reddit!

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    You need lots of fiber to keep feeling full.

    I did steel cut oats in the morning (cook with water. One serving is 150 (or you can even eat more because it sticks in your stomach), then you can add some berriees and 1T honey). That keeps me full until lunch.

    Lunch and dinner is lots of veggie with lots of non-fat flavoring. Eg. if I eat salad, I add balsamic vinegar lean meat + but almost no oil. Or if I make cabbage/broccolli/asparagus/spinach/whater veggie stir fry, stir fry with just 1-2 T oil, and however much soysauce oyster suce, S+P you want it to taste. Eat with 1/3 cup cooked rice/other carbs you want, but have as much stir fry you want + 1/4 cup grilled meat.

    I usually feel pretty full with bulking up on leafy and green  veggies (like full 2 cups of cooked vegetable/meal) and oats (~1-1.5 cup/meal). If I want some snack then I eat dark chocolate, or sometimes tiny slice of whatever dessert I want. If I feel lethargic and need more energy, then I eat some more, but these usually keep me full within 1200cal. I almost never eat potato or any flour-product (pasta, couscous), avocado, even quinoa and beans. If I want protein, I go straight to lean meat (sirloin, bbq chicken, pork tenderloin etc).

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    azf0019 :  

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    1200 is quite low. I do between 1200-1300 because I’m only 5’ so I pretty much have to. But if you aren’t very short then you really don’t need to be limiting yourself too much and it’s really doing yourself more of a disservice because you are making it harder than it needs to be and increasing the possibility that you give up.

    But, I will say that the first few weeks of any diet I’m always starving! It takes my body a couple weeks to adjust to the lower calorie count.

    Some tips for feeling more full:

    – Don’t drink your calories! The only liquid calories I consume is 35 calories of creamer in my coffee in the morning.

    – Drink lots of water

    – Eat a decent breakfast

    – I find it easier to snack throughout the day rather than having lunch. Lots of veggies!

    – Don’t have junk food in the house

    – Plan out your meals. Even if you don’t meal prep ahead of time (I prefer to cook my food and eat it on the same day) it’s easier to stick to what you’ve planned and having to run to the store always makes me more likely to throw in the towel and just grab whatever is easiest.

    – Slow Cooker means are a life-saver! Ready to eat when you get home but not pre-made and reheated.

    – And remember it’s okay to be hungry sometimes.

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    I’m eating between 1200-1400 calories a day atm. 

    Something that really helps me is planning for when I’m going to be hungry,

    For example I’m not hungry in the morning so the most I’ll have is a protein shake. 

    Lunch: I plan on being like 400calorie hungry tops. 

    That usually leaves me with 700 calories for dinner or snackage. I try to save the most for dinner because I can actually cook and have time to enjoy my food. 

    If you’re really starving maybe uping your calorie limit is a good idea? Especially if you’re working out. 

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