(Closed) How can they be so rude! (rant- go figure)

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I do think that it was very rude that they came so late. However, you have to pick and choose your battles and getting mad at your Fiance because they have no sense of time is not fair. If you had an issue with them coming so late you should have told your Fiance and he could have called his mom and told her that she need to be at your home by a certain time due to the you guys having to work in the morning.

My Mother-In-Law has not sense of time or consideration for anyone else’s time! It use to drive me nuts but I realized that there are FAR more things that I could have to deal with then her being late to dinner.

OP I’m not saying that your overreacting…. I do think your justified in getting upset at them coming so late.. BUT don’t get mad at Fiance because his mom and brothers don’t have manners. Wink

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@graygodess20:  Oh, love, I know how you feel with being a stickler for being on time. I married into a family who is, “Well whenever we get there.” Early is on time, on time is late. I am ALWAYS on time.

Well, after dealing with this for over 2 years I can, like the pp said, I pick and choose battles. Is it really so bad for them to show up a little late? Is it really so bad to move my schedule around? Did I have something terribly pressing to do? 

My Darling Husband doesn’t say anything to his family about it. He just keeps his mouth shut, which I am learning to do (on some things anyway cuz it’s not worth arguing). I just want to spend time with my in-laws.  My Father-In-Law is really bad. He doesn’t value family–he values work, so when we want to go outt to eat he says that 5:30 is ok, but then says he’s shoeing a horse so it will be 6:30 instead. Instead of ruining my appetite and getting fussy I just shrug it off and eat then. Pick battles and learn to forget about being on time so much. It makes life a lot easier to just go with the flow sometimes.


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I’m big on scheduling and being on time, but I dont think either instances you mentioned were huge deals. Timelines get rearranged and people have different ideas of what priorities are. I just wouldn’t get too upset over it. 

I will give you that them inviting your brother and his female friend to stay the night (why call them a “skank” if you dont know the person…  I hate “slut bashing”) is an issue. Why did they need to spend the night anyways? 

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Well, sadly, my family are the rude ones in our relationship! My parents, esp. mother, have NO sense of time, or how much they are inconveniencing others. They just. don’t. get it.

As a teen, my mother was horrible at picking ME up on time or dropping me off at dance practices and school events, it was so frustrating and embarrassing, because people assumed I was the one making myself late, not my mother!

I would not bother your Fiance too much about it, though. It will take YEARS for them to stop treating him this way, since it is what they are used to doing. And you can’t just stop seeing his family, so there is not much to do about it. Patience…. oh, you will just have to have so much of it! Good luck!

FYI: When dealing w/my parents, I usually tell them to be places earlier than I want to actually be there, so they are on time. Also, I tell them when I will be meeting them/how long I will be staying, and if that doesn’t work then they won’t get to see me! But this is after years of emotional battling with them, and finally getting completely fed up.

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Buzzing bee

I totally empathize.  My DH’s family (immediate) are the most selfish people in the entire world.  Mother-In-Law and Father-In-Law aren’t, but they feed into all of their kids’ bullshit.  They expect me to do the same.  No, thanks!

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Eh, this isn’t so bad.  Try not to see it as such a rigid thing.  They probably jsut aren’t the kind of people who are really into “scheduling.”  The Type A/Type B divide can really become a source of conflict between people, and in my experience, it isn’t worth battling over.  They didn’t do anything super nasty…they were just inconsiderate and they inconvenienced you.  I’m type A, so I totally get it- stuff like that makes me bonkers, but you sometimes just have to suck it up and move on.  I lost too many friends trying to force my schedules on people.

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