How can you tell the ring size is right for you?

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Sugar bee
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I like my rings on the looser side. According to my jewler id be a size 7. Size 7 is so uncomfortably tight. My comfy size is a size 8. I was previously a size 7.5, but during summer my hands swell and my rings are uncomfortable. I’m an 8 now by my choice and yes it spins, but I have huge knuckles so I don’t have to worry about my rings falling off. Your band looks a little tight. If you stack it…it might feel uncomfortable. Consider going up a half size

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Busy bee
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I’d get it in a 3.75. 

What is the weather like where you are now? You fingers swell in summer/heat so If its tight now and you are in cool weather its going to be impossible when you get to summer. 

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Busy Beekeeper

It goes into my finger a little easily but it’s a little bit of a struggle to remove.

This is exactly how a ring should fit. If you make it too loose it can come off too easily – while washing hands, or if you go out in the cold and pull off a glove (if that is something that happens to you).

What season are you in? Do you have season changes? Does your finger swell in the warmer weather? My fingers swell quite a bit in the summer so my rings are tight then, but come winter almost too loose lol. Sometimes there’s no winning! 

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Helper bee

I’m wondering the same thing. I thought I was a 4.75 and that’s what I ordered my setting in, but when I took it to the jeweler to set the stone he sized me and said I need a 4. Using the metal sizer he had with a very thick metal, a 4 felt exactly the way you’re describing: went on easily enough, no spinning unless I made it spin with my other hand, and medium difficulty getting it off, had to relax my finger and wiggle it for a couple seconds to get it off. When I was doing this, I was hot from walking there and the store was hot, so I was thinking my fingers were probably as big as they’ll be in the summer, but I’m so nervous this was a mistake and it’s going to be too small!

The ring is in the house and I’m waiting for a proposal now so I haven’t seen the completed ring yet or tried it on. The only reason I’m not freaking out more is because it sounds like resizing is pretty simple and they do it all the time, and my ring has a plain band not pave so it should be even easier. (Although I still don’t totally understand how they make a ring BIGGER… do they add more metal?)

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Busy bee
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I wear two different sized rings. My 2.5mm engagement ring is a 5.5, and my two 2.5mm wedding bands are 6’s. With the single band I was comfortable, but once I added another 5mm of metal to the stack for a total of 7.5mm I needed the bigger ring sizes for them to fit comfortably. If it feels too tight right now you’re going to be really uncomfortable when you add a wedding band. 

Also, think about the weather. It’s cold by me now, so my rings are way looser and I might be afraid that getting the 6 was a bad idea, but because I started wearing them in the summer I know that they fit perfectly when the weather is hot and humid and my fingers swell, so I can deal with them feeling a little bit spinny in the winter. That being said, I did add sizing beads to both of the size 6 rings so that they would be more stable when it is cold out, and that really helped a lot – now they fit in both the summer and the winter. 

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Sugar bee

I prefer my rings a little on the loose side.  My fingers tend to swell a lot (hormones, weather/humidty, long haul air travel) and if I sized them the way the jeweler wanted me to, they’d be too tight to wear half the time.  Seirously, my ring size fluctuates about 1.5 sizes.  

I also have larger knuckles so in order for a ring to slide over my knuckle it’s going to be a bit bigger than my finger and will spin a bit. I don’t mind the spinning and it’s mostly remediated with sizing beads (which also give me a bit of room for my fingers to swell!).  

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Busy Beekeeper

If its winter where you are and already tight, then definitely get them resized. Try on a 3.75 the same width as your current ring and see how that feels.

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Buzzing bee

odaile1 :  Your jeweler isn’t necessarily lying to you. Apparenly the size of mandrels can vary a bit. So a ring that measures 3.5 on one mandrel may measure 3.75 on another. To solve this issue, I’m having my jeweler send me a mandrel which I will mark for my wedding band sizing, then he will use THAT madrel to resize my band.

Most of the PP have touched on the things you need to be considering. 2 2mm rings will fit tighter than 1 2mm ring. 

I’m a 3.5 ring size, but my ering was sized closer to 4. I left it that size because I knew once I got my band, it would fit a bit tighter, and it does. And if I stack a third band later down the road, or if my fingers swell with pregnancy, etc., I’ll be glad of the tiny bit of extra space. 

The biggest your fingers will ever be day-to-day is when you make up in the morning during the summer after a salty dinner, so that’s the truest test.

I would go up to 3.75 if I were you. You can always put sizing beads into too-large rings. You can’t do anything for a too-tight ring.

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