(Closed) How cheap is too cheap for an engagement ring?

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    I would never be okay with my SO spending 3 months salary on a ring. That money could go towards something else, like for graduate school or a new car.

    The ring I want is about $600, and I would feel a little uncomfortable if he had to spend much more. If I’m going to wear something that’s supposed to last me the rest of my life, then I would want it to not fall apart or have to be replaced. Not to mention I want to like how it looks, of course.

    But, ‘cheap’, to me is not really a monetary value but more of ‘is this going to fall apart or easily break’. I need something sturdy and well-made, because I’m clumsy and I bang my hands into things a lot, lol.

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    @Honey-Bee:  +1 definitely if his habits are to be a big spender it seems like a red flag to cheap out on something like an engagement ring that is supposed to be meaningful.

    I mostly just hope he takes my tastes and dreams into account- the actual price tag isn’t too important. I would marry him without a ring because I do love him with all my heart. That said, I don’t own or wear any other jewelry and I really want him to choose something QUALITY and not pick something because of the price whether it is cheap and a deal or expensive. It would be nice if it costs more than say a traffic ticket or something like that, though. I know my SO has been taught to be…thrifty and super cheap about spending any money…so hopefully he gets past wanting to score a deal on such a milestone purchase and hopefully he puts thought into getting me something I would be proud to wear forever… :]

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    I don’t think anything is too cheap!! Mine was 100. My ‘work rings’ will not be more than 100. And my big expensive ring that i only wear out where I feel safe will be 1200. And that figure actually really freaks me out. But Joshua really wants me to have that ring becuase I love it to pieces. I wont even be getting that ring for probably another year and I will help pay for it.

    I would be disgusted and FURIOUS if he spent 3 months salary o  a rock. We have bills to pay and babies we will be planning for. 

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    Not like we have a ton of money to play with, but even if we did, I’d feel really uncomfortable wearing something that costs that much every day. I’d be so scared of damaging it. The setting we are currently looking at is roughly $1500 and I’m having a really hard time wrapping my mind around that figure. The only things I care about as far as the ring goes is that I like how it looks. it’s well made and that it is given to me by the man I love. I don’t think there is too cheap. I think so long as both parties love the ring and the sentiment is behind it, then we’re golden. 

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    My big thing was I wanted to know that it was a gift from him and it took effort to save for it. I think it shows financial discipline. ideally I wanted him to buy it without taking out a loan or CC, but if not then def have it paid off before we got married. Friend’s DH didn’t have any money (because he never saved and spent all his money on going out) so he took out a store loan. Yeah, she ended up making the payments after they got married. (He still isnt great with money).


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    I agree with some PPs, in that, as long as the couple is happy, it shouldn’t matter the cost. Fiance spent ~$400 on my ring, and I couldn’t be happier with it!

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    I think the important part is planning your lives together. I never asked or gave rules to the ring I wanted. So when my SO propsed I was just excited. I got it insured so I had to get it appraised and it’s worth 10k. That floored me, I had no idea. I don’t know how much he earns in a year so I didn’t have a number in mind, but anything over 5k is a bonus.

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    My ring happens to be on the more-expensive side but it is my absolute DREAM ring!!! I got engaged almost a year ago and I’m still obsessed!! I will be wearing this ring for the rest of my life – every single day – and have yet to have a single regret about the amount my fiancé spent. I’m not a jewelry person so the one piece of jewelry I want to love is my E-ring- honestly I could prob love it a little less haha but it makes Fiance happy 🙂 What I don’t understand is how people could spend more on their wedding dress thats only worn for 5 hours than on their e-ring!

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    i agree with those who say no such thing as too cheap. i know it sounds like cheesy, overly sentimental hoopla but it’s the truth. i used to be conscious about that but really, for me now, i just want something that would make it official. and i’m money conscious so i can’t imagine him spending more than $1k or even $500 sometimes. 

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    @MissFireFlower:  +1. stolen is bad.

    i think people should spend whatever they can. i don’t think there’s a minimum that should be spent, or a maximum. don’t put yourself into debt though.

    i don’t know what my ring cost. my future in laws paid, instead of paying for a honeymoon. i know that the setting was $1180 on the tag, but we traded in some gold and the original setting of the stone. so i don’t know what the final cost was. after i chose the setting, Fiance and i were sent across the street to get coffee.

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    I don’t think it can be “too cheap.” As long as it is well made enough to last a lifetime and I liked it, then I wouldn’t care if it only cost $10. I would be a lot more worried about him spending too much money than not enough.

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    I think it is romantic that a guy had to actively save and search for a ring in order to propose; it shows dedication and that he has thought about it and committed to an idea. 

    my fiancé proposed without a ring. That was a pretty I big mood crusher for me. I was happy, but couldn’t think of it as real until I had a ring- any ring- on my finger.

    that said: our choosing was rushed afterwards and I now have a 75$ ring that I love and cherish as a symbol of his commitment to me.even though he didnt save for it or hunt for it. i saw him wrestling with the idea of getting married, and that proved his thought proccesses to me. he is committed to the idea, and to me. his culture doesnt traditionally have big proposals or engagement rings, so im not hurt. it is not too cheap. (But I know he wants to get me a new one someday and I will be thrilled)

    dont propose without a ring!!!

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    “Too cheap” to me is when the purchase is treated as an afterthought. Such as “Oh, I was going to spend X amount but I had to pay bills so I ended up spending Y”.


    My ex-fiance did this and it contributed to the demise of our relationship.


    There should be no dollar amount such as “Anything over 1500 is ridiculous”.  To someone who makes that much in one paycheck, 1500 is on the low-end of the scale. If someone makes 300 a week, an 800 dollar ring is reasonable. It all depends.



    @Quickiebee:  This still rings true for me. Even if he finances it or puts in on layaway for a year:

    I used to think it was romantic that a guy had to actively save and search for a  ring in order to propose; it shows dedication and that he has thought about it  and committed to an idea. 


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