How clean do you keep your house?

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I can’t leave the kitchen dirty. So the counters are wiped down almost every day, and dish washer is run almost every day/ever other and stuff that can’t go in the dishwasher gets cleaned after the meal is made. 

Our guest bath gets cleaned every 2 weeks or so or like you said if the toilet(s) look dirty, they get cleaned. 

Our shower/tub gets a bleach out every once in awhile. And I just changed the shower curtain (dang was it dirty- yuck!). The problem is our house is old (70’s) and likes to collect dust. I will literally clean it and it will be dusty the next day _ _ 

When company comes over, we do a full house cleaning – vacuuming, steam mopping floors, tidying up, wiping all counters down and bleaching all toilets. 

My bed is never made but we change the sheets every one week(s) and clean towels every week. Kitchen towels get cleaned more often.   

The cat blankets/dog blankets get washed ‘when they seem dirty/loaded with fur’ (fi is actually really good about this). 

So we’re actually not that big of neat freaks except in the kitchen I guess. 

I also try to keep tidying up in ‘high traffic’ areas so they dont get loaded with stuff. 

I would say our house is probably a 7 out of 10 on most days. Maybe a 6 by the end of the week. Lord. 

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im similar to PP. the kitchen gets cleaned daily (thank god for dish washers) because….bugs…but everything else is a weekend thing, mainly sundays. ill clean the entire house. sheets get changed once a week as well.

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Bumble bee

House is usually tidy enough that if someone popped in unexpectedly, I wouldn’t be embarrassed.

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Sugar bee

I think we are similar to OP and PPs. 

Kitchen gets cleaned most regularly because that’s where we make messes the most regularly (we cook daily). Dishes and a wipe down of countertops/stove get done daily, but if we’re really tired sometimes it will slide into the following day. We have no dishwasher and an open plan kitchen/living area, so having dishes in the sink is an eyesore. We take out the kitchen trash/recycling at least twice a week. 

Bathroom gets cleaned on average once a week (quick toilet scrub, surface & mirror wipe down, floor wipe down, bathroom trash taken out), with more of a deep clean (shower scrub down, wiping down walls, wiping down/organizing shelves, mopping, bleach in sink & toilet, etc.) roughly every 2-3 weeks. Shower curtain/bath mat gets washed monthly. Again I go more by sight than having a cleaning schedule so it depends but these are my estimates. 

I usually vaccuum/swiffer/dust weekly, but sometimes we’ll be busy and it will go a little longer. (We don’t have pets and we take our shoes off in the house so that helps.) 

The most variable thing for us is clutter — folded clothes that don’t get put away immediately, papers that are waiting on the desk to be filed/shredded/recycled, and doodads like cords and chargers that don’t have a designated place to go. We are sometimes bad about letting a bag of clean laundry go unsorted or letting a stack of mail pile up. It’s not uncommon for us to leave some of these things to be dealt with later. Compared to most people, I think we’re fairly tidy, but our apartment is so tiny that anything out of place really impacts the space. My preference would be for our home to always be guest ready, but we’re definitely not there. 

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Similar to you OP. We both work full time and have a 4 year old son. I tend to do the bulk of my cleaning on weekends. Laundry I typically do on Saturday or Sunday (wash and put away all in one swoop…typically like 6-8 loads LOL). Kitchen I clean up as needed, but there are sometimes rinsed dishes in the sink until there’s enough for a full dishwasher load. I rarely make our beds (ours or my sons) but our guest room bed stays made so that counts for something right? 

Bathrooms I usually clean weekly and toilets as needed whenever I notice them getting any amount of visible grime. 

I do my best. In a perfect world, we’d hire a housekeeper to deep clean a couple times a month. But right now it’s not in the budget lol 

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We’re not neat freaks but don’t let our place get dirty, it does end up being cluttered sometimes as our place is tiny, so if we have our mail or any packages or whatever on our kitchen counter it makes the place feel cluttered. We have an open floorplan so you can see the kitchen from the dining room and living room so it’s important to keep the kitchen clean. Sometimes we hold off on doing the dishes until the following day though.

Almost always have some clean clothes in a hamper in our room due to lack of closet space it’s nearly impossible to have all of our stuff put away at once.

We do a deep clean every few weeks I would say, if we’re expecting guests we always do a deep clean the day before they come over.

We have dogs but luckily they don’t shed so I don’t need to  vacuum quite as often, we also don’t have a ton of carpet which makes it a little easier.

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Sugar bee

As a PP said, if someone popped in unexpectantly, I would feel fine with the state of my house. 

We are very neat people, no clutter, no dishes in the sink, no laundry unfolded, kitchen and bathroom counters wiped, I vacuum at least once a week, beds are always made, and we have a cleaning lady who comes once a month to do all of the deep cleaning.  She is great because she covers all the normal stuff and then works on some extra things each month like cleaning all of the blinds, windows, inside the fridge, etc. 

To be fair, our place is small and it’s just the two of us, but I cannot handle when it’s messy and I’m in the habit of constantly making sure things are in their place. 

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otterbee :  It’s alright girl – I gotchu! 

Definitely guilty of leaving cups in the lounge.  Dh hates when I craft because that will be left out for at least a week.  I am never up to date on washing – I’m always about 3 loads behind. We vacuum once a week most of the time (we have a dog) but our floors hide dirt really well so I guiltily have to say that we probably only mop every couple of months (I blame Dh since it’s his job)  We don’t have a dishwasher.  I deep clean the kitchen at least once a week since I hate it being dirty, it won’t be completely tidied every night, and the dishes won’t necessarily be done. Overall we are fairly clean – but not extremely neat.  We have chore lists that help but it depends on how busy we are for the week. 

I really want to learn to do all my chores on week night evenings so it leaves the weekend to relax and enjoy but I just can’t seem to do it!

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otterbee :  I think you’re doing just fine. If you want to feel better about your efforts, go read avprobeauty‘s thread from earlier about her inlaws sealed lol 

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I’m ocd about cleanliness so everything is put in its place, including dog toys. Dishes are washed after every use,  floors swept and washed almost daily, vaccumed daily, furniture dusted and wiped daily, bathrooms and counters cleaned, nothing left out. Darling Husband is the same way so it’s nice to have someone take care of the home too.

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otterbee :  I do get home earlier than you.  I walk in the door around 5:45 and go to bed at 10.  I get up at 6:45 to run and don’t have to be at work until 9.  So I do have extra time.

But the biggest thing I’ve learned is to not let stuff pile up or get behind.   Do things as you go.  Dishes are in the dish washer immediately.  If the dishwasher is full, run it and empty it right away.  If I do laundry, I take it and fold it immediately.  Kitchen gets wiped down after eating dinner.  Beds are made after we get out of bed.  I go through mail and throw out junk and file away anything important right when I get home.

I won’t lie though, a cleaning lady is worth it.  It takes the pressure off of having to do everything.




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Our place has limited storage options.  It was newly remodeled when we moved in, and to make space for some modernities and upgrades, they got rid of a linen closet and two kitchen cabinets.   The place can get cluttered pretty quickly due to its size in relation to the amount of stuff we have. 

Clutter I can live with but filth and nastiness I cannot so sweeping, mopping, disinfecting etc. is done on a weekly basis.  We had a house cleaner who did all this, but I am looking for a new one and also trying to save some funds, so the cleaning is all on us right now.  On your typical day there will be clutter but there will not be germs.

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