How clean do you keep your house?

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Bumble bee
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We keep things clean enough so that if guests come by unexpectedly, we aren’t embarrassed. We never leave dishes in the sink, those are washed as soon as we use them. After cooking, we’ll wipe up the counter, sweep anything that spilled on the floor, and clean off the stove (I’m a messy cook lol). If we open mail, we’ll throw it out or file it away. Any mess we make, we clean up right away. I feel like the longer you leave a mess, the more annoying it is to clean it up lol. We do our laundry on the weekend usually, and put them away as soon as they get out of the dryer, not just because we don’t like them sitting there, but I also hate ironing so if I put away the clothes right away I can avoid that lol.

We try to sweep and mop around the house every weekend, but that doesn’t always happen because sometimes we’re just busy all weekend. We try to clean the bathroom every weekend as well, but that also doesn’t always happen if we’re busy. We definitely don’t deep clean as much as we should.

To be honest though, we moved a month ago and the inside of all of the cabinets and closets in my house are a wreck lol. When I unpacked, I didn’t organize things well (especially the kitchen cabinets, those are a nightmare, I don’t know what I was thinking lol). Over the past few weeks, I have come up with how I want everything organized, but I just haven’t had time to do it because things have been so hectic lately. So I am happy to let guests come over, but they better not open any closets or cupboards lol.

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Sugar bee

(Content moderated for snark / baiting) 

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Buzzing bee
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I am a total neat freak and we just bought our first home a few months ago so I’m super obsessive over everything. 

  • Laundry is once or twice every few days depending. No schedule or anything just as needed.
  • Vacuum at least once a day. We have a dog and a cat and our cat sheds like crazy. 
  • I cook every night so at least once a day the kitchen and sink have a full wipe down. Sometimes counters will get wiped down twice a day.
  • I usually run the dishwasher at night after dinner and it’s very rare for anything to be in the sink. I can’t sleep if I have anything in the sink! 
  • Because of the pets I mop probably at least once a week, maybe spot mop in between.
  • Our kitchen appliances are black so I usually have to wipe those everyday, if not a few times a week.
  • Our family room is where we spend most of our time. I never leave cups out. And other than vacuuming there’s usually not a lot to to in there. I have a small bin for electronics and we don’t leave stuff out. I do like to arrange the pillows every night so there’s nice in the morning 🙂
  • Our bathroom is pretty clean. I always clean the toilet, shower, and tub as needed. So it depends each week. I like the counters bare so I can just wipe down as much as needed. 
  • Our master is always pretty clean. I don’t like stuff laying out in there although my husband leaves clothes on the floor so I move them to the closet. 

I usually get all of this done right when I get home from work (I spend about 15 min tidying/throwing in laundry, quick wipe down of stuff) or after dinner is ready. When we’re done eating I always load the dishwasher and clean the counters and sink.

But people I cannot make our bed for the life of me. It’s the one thing I only do if people visit! I think everyone has their weakness and mine is our bed! Haha.

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Helper bee
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This thread makes me feel a little better, because at least my fiance and I aren’t the only people who struggle with clutter and cleaning. We’re good about cleaning regularly — we’re diligent about keeping the kitchen clean, since we cook in it almost every night. We usually wash the pots and pans and wipe down the counters and stove every night. I do a full clean of the bathroom every weekend. I’m usually on top of doing laundry and getting it folded and put away. We vacuum twice a week — more if we can find the time. We change our sheets every 2 weeks. 

But I still don’t feel like our home is “company ready” most of the time. Our main issues are clutter and having cats. We live in an apartment, so there’s not a lot of room to put “extra” clutter and junk. We have to be good about finding spots for things as soon as they come into the apartment, and frankly, we’re not always on top of that. And living with cats is something that I’m still adjusting to (they came with my fiance as part of a package deal wink). My family never had pets growing up, and I lived on my own previously but only had fish, so I never experienced how much cats can shed and how much litter they track around. Vacuuming twice a week isn’t enough to keep up with our two cats. I never had to work this hard to keep my apartment clean before!  

We usually manage to do a deep clean over the weekend, and we’re trying to get more cleaning done on weeknights. It’s difficult though when neither of us is home until 7 or later most nights, and we sometimes have very full weekends, too. 

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Buzzing bee
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Our kitchen and bathrooms are always spotless. My floors are going to be so much cleaner when I get my dyson 

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Busy bee
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Ummm… not terribly clean, to be honest. We usually make sure the kitchen counter is cleared and wiped before we go to bed but that’s the only thing that gets done on a nearly daily basis. I tend to either clean before visitors come over or when the cat hair becomes just too much. Windows are cleaned maybe twice a year. I DO make sure the toilets and sinks are clean though but I don’t really care if shelves are dusty. 


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Sugar bee
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We’re only two people with a small dog that doesn’t shed much in a 700sqft apartment so it’s pretty easy to keep clean. It also helps that we’re both fairly clean people. 

We vacuum and mop once a weekend, do the dishes/wipe the counters every night, and clean the toilet as necessary (it takes like 5 minutes, I often just do it on whim). Our bed never gets made though, like maybe once a week if I’m feeling especially housewife-y for some reason haha. Also, my husband is really good about doing his laundry, like seriously multiple times a week he is washing his clothes. Me, on the other hand, I literally wait until my basket is stuffed/overflowing, then do it all in one weekend.

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Busy bee
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I work part time so house stuff is generally my responsibility. Bathroom and downstairs toilet gets cleaned every week, and I’ll do the kitchen counters/sink properly-they get a quick wipe down after cooking every day-as well as vacuuming upstairs (dh got a robot one that lives downstairs that runs most days, so that takes care of kitchen crumbs and cat fluff!) Dishes are washed after dinner, except sometimes fridays they get piled by the sink and left til morning, bed made every morning. Bits and pieces we’ve used that get left out I try and put away daily, but sometimes after work you just can’t be bothered so it becomes a ‘tomorrow job’. I sew a lot at home and anything I’ve been doing that day gets put away, even if it’s folded on a shelf rather than in actual drawers, we just don’t have the space to leave it all out mid-project!

I’d say the house is clean and presentable to any surprise guests, but if I know we have people over I’ll make sure to vacuum and clean bathrooms and clear kitchen counters/table of stuff.

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Helper bee
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Just want To thank you for this post it inspired me to clean my entire apartment today 😂😂

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Bumble bee
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Pinterest and such make it seem like homes must be clean 24/7. But for ours we just make sure all dishes are cleaned after we eat and the counters are wiped. If I feel too much dust on the floor during the weekday I broom the floor quickly. But most of our cleaning is done on the weekend. During the weekday we (I) try to make sure everything is put back where it belongs so the weekly chores are easier. Husband is of course a little messier lol.

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Busy bee

I thought my cleaning schedule would have definitely changed now that I’m taking classes but it really didn’t. Dishes are still done every day. I deep clean once a week- meaning Friday after classes I’ll vacuum everything with my heavy duty vacuum and then after, let our roomba run while I scrub the stove from any grease build up that happened that week. I’ll scrub the kitchen sink and bathroom sinks too. Laundry for the week + blankets, sheets, etc. Break out the whip-it and spray everything and wipe it down all shiny. Clean out the fridge for anything thats been in there too long. Trash is taken out as needed. I HATE an overfilled trashcan. 

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Buzzing bee
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Our house is always clean to the point dh tells me I’m always cleaning a clean house. There’s no clutter and the most that ever needs to be done is maintenance like trash and wiping counters and toilets down. We don’t leave anything on the counters whatsoever. Dh wouldn’t care but he knows it would drive me crazy. So when we use hair products, toothbrushes, etc it’s used and put away right after to avoid clutter. I sweep a lot because of dog hair usually 3 times a week and mop/vacuum at the end of the week on my day off. Bed sheets are washed once a week (dh tells me I wash them too much but idc lol), and all the laundry is done at the end of the week on my day off. Laundry does not sit once clean. I fold and hang up every load as it finishes. I am really big on cleanliness and not having clutter. It makes me feel stressed if my house isn’t clean. Also, my mom use to beat us if the house wasn’t clean when I was growing up so that might play a part in why I have the need to get everything done. Ironically my house is more clean than my mom’s by a long shot. The only things I let slide is not making the bed every day tho it does get mad sometimes and dh does dishes the next morning sometimes instead of right after dinner. Since it’s his chore and he does get it done within the next day, I don’t pressure him because the rest of the house is clean so I don’t want to be ridiculous about it. Like other bees said I could have guests drop in at any time and it would be a non issue. 

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