(Closed) How clean would you say your home is?

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  • poll: How clean would you say your home is?
    Spotless! Our house is always clean and clutter free. : (11 votes)
    7 %
    Fairly clean, nothing a quick pick up couldnt fix. : (66 votes)
    40 %
    Clean but a little cluttered. It would take some time to sort everything out. : (31 votes)
    19 %
    It needs a clean and to be órganised. : (39 votes)
    24 %
    It needs a MASSIVE clean and massive decluttering. : (18 votes)
    11 %
    At this point it would be easier to move. : (0 votes)
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    The main rooms (meaning those that others would see if we had company) are clean enough but behind closed doors, it’s kind of a disaster. I joke that it would be easier to move but in all honesty, I could have every inch spotless in a day if I really committed to getting it clean. Too bad I’m lazy. 

    ETA: Uhh… is my post showing up above the OP for anyone else? That’s a first. 

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    @dannielle89:  You sound like me. I started a new job in June so my house has been put on the back burner. I always try to do a little each night. Currently, the house is pretty spotless with the exception of my bedroom. I make sure to dedicate Sundays to clean the house. And when I say clean I mean wash all of our hard wood floors, vacuum, dust, etc. I also throw in a few loads of laundry. Throughout the week we try to keep up with it but most of the time we fail.


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    I said massive clean and declutter!  It’s just gotten away from me- it’s hard when I work during the week and travel alot on the weekends.  Hopefully this week being a 4 day week and staying at home this weekend will help!

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    ugh we severely need to organize and our bedroom/guest room/office are disaster areas. We moved in at the end of march but it’s been a slow process because the remodel was still going on and we couldn’t really unpack/put much away. They finished in late May but we ended up just throwing stuff in places and there is NO order to it. It drives me up the wall but we really haven’t had the time/patience/energy to fix it. I’m hoping we can start with our pantry this weekend and work our way through the kitchen, linen closet, and at some point the bedrooms. The main living areas stay pretty neat and never get to be more than a quick pick up session. 

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    My house is pretty clean and can get out of control quick with two teens and a pre-teen in my house. They love to eat late at night…and leave a big mess!

    I also have pets and the mess can get overwhelming faaaaaast.


    Here is how I cope.


    Set a cleaning power half hour. If you give yourself a half hour, every day, you should be fine. Start from top of the house, to bottom, and start with shining a sink or your tub.


    Keep cleaning supplies on each floor. In the bathroom-grab the windex and do the mirror while brushing your teeth. 🙂


    Have an organizational day each month. This works best on the weekend. Pick a day (like the end of the month) put on your favourite music and pick one room that needs a major overhaul and do it. In the beginning,  I would say do this once a week, to get everything caught up (ie: if you have messy drawers, etc). My biggest challenge is my closet, I have an armoir and dresser that get really messy, so I spend a half day once a month re-folding all the sweaters  Ithrew in and cleaning it out to get it back in shape! 🙂  Once you do the organizing day once a month, you should never get overly cluttered rooms…if you still do, increase it. Include your hubby/fi as well…make sure he is onboard.


    Keep one room spotless. ALWAYS. Make this your show room. Mine is my living room. If someone comes over on the fly at least you have one good room to sit them in. 🙂

    With your schedule, I would reccomend doing the half hour cleans just like you give yourself time at the gym. I would probably wake up earlier and do this before you go to work.


    The psychology of coming home to a cleaner house is wonderful! 🙂

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    I’m a clean/neat freak, so our house is spotless about 90% of the time.  Luckily for me Fiance is also a neat and clean person, he helps a lot, and the house is fairly small and easy to maintain.  I remodeled the entire house a couple of years ago which helps with the motivation to keep it looking beautiful, too.

    Clutter stresses me out badly, so I spend at least a few minutes each day putting things back in their proper places.  It’s definitely a priority to me but it’s not always easy to maintain my own level of “perfection,” lol.  There are times when I just say “screw it” and do something fun (or take a nap) rather than clean.  For me there is a fine line keeping my sanity about it one way or the other.  I’m weird.  I know.  Embarassed

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    Our house is a mess and needs a major clean and declutter but we’re working on it. It needs a total reorganise too but that is also under way.

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    With 3 kids and 1 on the way at times it’s difficult to keep everything picked up. For the most part my living room always has some toys scattered around and the kids living room (used by our 13 and 15 year old) is always messy because I refuse to clean it for them. Every week I pick a day and make them do it. Besides that our house is always pretty clean. I hate clutter and anything really messy so I have a cleaning schedule I go by and I also straighten every room every day. I end up doing dishes 3-4 times a day because I can’t stand seeing dishes in the sink. I think the cleanest rooms in our house are always the kitchen and bathrooms. It really bothers me to have a messy kitchen or bathroom. The main living room sometimes gets messy but once again it is just mostly toys.

    Edit: I grew up with a less then cleanly mother. Our house wasn’t like hoarders nasty or anything but EVERYTIME we had company come over it was like a massive cleaning process. I hated living that way. I decided early on I would not be that way and I’m pretty pleased to say my house is always clean enough for anyone to stop by and not think it’s messy/dirty.

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    We’re remodeling, so our house is pretty messy. We’re also prepping to refinish the hardwoods, so everthing’s just everywhere.

    But I have high hopes for when the remodel is done (which should be by the end of July!!)

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    Ours isn’t really cluttered because I hate “stuff” lol. I feel like I can’t sit down and relax if there’s stuff all over the counter / table / whatever. But right now we’ve been slacking on actual cleaning like doing the dishes, dusting, etc. I could have the whole house presentable in a few hours though.

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    @Westwood:  I hate “stuff” too lol when I moved in with Darling Husband I did an overhaul and got rid of all the random clutter junk he has everywhere. He has a bad habit of trying to decorate with tons of random nicnacs that do not match anything. His issue is now under control but I hate hate hate having things on the counters, dressers, end table, etc.

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    @MarryMeTiffany:   I hate clutter too!  Almost to a phobic level, lol.  Glad to know I’m not the only “stuff-hater!”

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    My house is professionally cleaned every friday and I pick up every day and never go to bed with dishes in the sink. With that being said I do have 2 dogs who shed a lot and my husband is sort of a slob. So I wouldn’t be ready at any given time for people to come in my house. As long as a know 30 mins in advance I can tidy up and make it presentable. I am also the farthest from a pack rat so I throw everything out because I hate clutter and most of the time am too lazy to find a spot for it.

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