(Closed) How clean would you say your home is?

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  • poll: How clean would you say your home is?

    Spotless! Our house is always clean and clutter free.

    Fairly clean, nothing a quick pick up couldnt fix.

    Clean but a little cluttered. It would take some time to sort everything out.

    It needs a clean and to be órganised.

    It needs a MASSIVE clean and massive decluttering.

    At this point it would be easier to move.

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    The only reason I wouldn’t pick the top “spotless” choice is because we own a Golden Retriever, so spotless is impossible, however the next closest when owning such a fluffy dog, is our house, ha!

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    I’m a housewife and soon to be Stay-At-Home Mom so our house is always spotless. I’m 2 weeks from my due date and I feel like crap, so right now my standards are slightly lower than usual, but I would still feel comfortable having someone stop by unexpectedly.

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    There are parts of my house that are generally kept clean (the living room/bathroom/kitchen), though I tend to do my cleaning on the weekends, so if you come mid-week, it’s not going to be spotless

    And then there are parts that are I would like to burn down in a fire.

    My husband has lived in this house his entire life. It was his family home…and then his mom sold it to him when he was 20. It was a revolving door of college/post-college aged bachelors for about 10 years before I moved in. I’ve worked very hard to make the parts that are livable that way, but get very overwhelmed with the place on the whole. The basement STILL has things from his mom/sister from before they moved out. I try to just not go down there because it gives me anxiety thinking about clearing it out. His office is also a disaster. It’s the one room in the house I don’t touch, so it rarely gets cleaned. When you’ve never moved, you’ve never gone through that massive purging process. He’s got 30+ years of crap in that house.

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    Near the end of the school year, my house goes from “Fairly clean, nothing a quick pick up couldnt fix.” to “It needs a MASSIVE clean and massive decluttering”. As of right now, I am cleaning up the clutter, decluttering all the closets (where we throw everything when guests come in May and June when we have no time to really clean), cleaning the carpets, washing walls, wiping cabinets, cleaning out cupboards in the kitchen, cleaning the bathroom top to bottom, moving the bed to vaccuum under it, and even tackling the linen closet (which, due to Fiance, looks like a partially organized mess and then like a bomb went off the further up the shelves you go!).


    The one DISASTER room right now is our guest bedroom. With me moving from one school to another and wedding planning, with no basement or garage or shed, evrything had to be stored in that one room. We had to flip our bed on it’s side just to fit it all in, and Fiance keeps joking the floor will, one day, fall through. The good news is that my school is open on Thursday, so I’m hoping I can get rid of a lot of stuff then and maybe tackle that room of death.

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    It is pretty clean except our office/storage room which is full of crap that I have no idea what to do with. 

    I usually try to clean and tidy up before I go to work, it is just the two of us here though and we are pretty busy people that are not home often, so not much to clean really. 

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    this describes my life to a T:


    About every month we have the “HOW DID IT GET THIS WAY” conversation, followed by the “Let’s be like real people, ok?” demands. Then we pick a weekend, and start. Well, one of us starts. The other finds an excuse why they need to stay on the couch (too tired, don’t feel well, I’m the one who cleaned last time). Which starts out as fine, and then devolves into a WHY AM I CLEANING EVERYTHING WHEN THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT???? situation. At which point, I start crying (regardless of who was cleaning) and storm off to the bedroom. Then we don’t clean for a few hours, then we begrudgingly clean in awkward silence until one of us gets tired, then the other one quits. Then we sit on the couch, drink a can of pop, and place it on the counter.

    The really funny part to all this is that I don’t mind cleaning… I get a lot of enjoyment out of a clean house. Everytime guests come over I scrub everything and I’m always so proud of the results. But I’m terrible at the upkeep. We’re both people who woould much rather just set something on the nearest table than make the walk to the kitchen.

    So it does get cleaned, at least once or twice a month. But is it clean at this moment? Heck no. So sorry, I have absolutely no tips 🙁

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    I’d say we are fairly clean, nothing a quick pick up couldnt fix.  Little things are out here and there but nothing that we can’t have cleaned in an hour if company is coming over or something.

    We also have dog hair from our shedding lab so spotless is impossible!  🙂

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    I’m anal about having a tidy house. When I lived by myself for a year after college, my apartment was always absolutely spotless. Now that I live with Fiance, though, I’ve had to lower my standards (he told me not too long ago during an argument about cleaning that I have unreasonably high standards of cleanliness). We also have a long haired dog, so I’ve learned to let some stuff go. People still always comment on how clean our house is when they come over.

    My advice is to spend 15 minutes every night before bed (or first thing in the morning when you get up) just picking things up and putting them away.  Wipe down the kitchen counters or put dishes in the dishwasher. It will make you feel better, trust me!

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    My husband is a neat freak, so our apartment is super-clean.  Then again, this is one of the reasons we love living in 550 square feet — not much to keep clean!  We never have a dish in the sink, or clothes piled up.  It makes my home much more comfortable.

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    We just moved (HOLY CRAP! AM I GLAD THAT”S OVER) and so there are boxes everywhere (it’s getting better) and we haven’t figured out where everything goes.

    Normally, our home is somewhere between 2-3.  Both of us are really bad at picking things up.  I’m a stay-at-home expectant mom so, I do 99% of the cleaning normally.  Our bathroom is always very clean (I clean it at least twice a week) because I can’t stand anything less, but I try to keep on top of the rest of the chores on a weekly basis.  I clean every day.

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    Our’s is a little messy right now, but Fiance just got back from a week long trip so that’s most of the issue.  We’re moving next month though, so we will be cleaning everything out!

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    Eh, nothing a quick clean couldn’t fix. The kitchen is always the worst but it always looks 1000x better just after I take out the trash and do dishes so even that’s not a big deal.

    I’m a Stay-At-Home Mom so I’d feel really strange if my house is a disaster since that’s part of my contribution to our household. I know that’s old-fashioned and doesnt’t work for everyone (even me sometimes) but that’s how our set-up is.


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    Right now it’s in chaos, because we’re preparing to move and have given up on cleaning.

    Under normal circumstances, it’s more in line with “nothing a quick pick-up couldn’t fix.” We have a few areas that are magnets for clutter (the table by the front door, DH’s desk, a corner of the bedroom that always seems to hold a stack of folded clothes), but we try to keep it presentable.

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    Our house is always clean and picked up. I cant stand clutter and if I see an area beginning to get junky I take care of it. I’m ruthless when it comes to throwing things away and/or donating them.

    I find that our lives/routines work easiest when our house is clean, organized, and uncluttered. For that reason, we always put things away after using them, vacuum once a week and frequently wipe down surfaces. If I know we are having visitors, I might scrub the carpets or something but our house is generally always cleaned up. That’s just how I have always been, it’s important to me.

    I noticed that since we vacuum and scrub carpets a lot more, plus dusting and wiping surfaces, we have both not had a cold in over a year.

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    Our apartment is pretty clean, I’m always keeping up on the bathroom, vacuuming, wiping down the counters, doing dishes etc…but occasionally there will be a glass, wrapper or something on the coffee table, and maybe one of DH’s shirts on the floor…but nothing that would take more than a few minutes to take care of.

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