(Closed) How close are you to your sibling(s)?

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  • poll: What is your relationship with your sibling(s) like?
    We're extremely close. : (54 votes)
    34 %
    We like each other, but we're not best friends : (43 votes)
    27 %
    Neutral - we get along, but are not really involved in each other's lives. : (34 votes)
    22 %
    We dislike each other, but suck it up and deal for family events. : (5 votes)
    3 %
    We can't stand each other and/or have cut off contact. : (2 votes)
    1 %
    Close to some sibling(s) but not the other(s) : (16 votes)
    10 %
    None! Only child! : (3 votes)
    2 %
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    Even though she drives me absolutely insane half the time my sister is one of my best friends.

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    My younger brother is 22, and in short, a bit of a screw up. He does drugs (nothing hardcore, but nothing to write home about), failed out of college, has been fired from more jobs than I can count, is basically nocturnal, etc, etc, etc.

    That being said, while we are polar opposites, we tolerate each other and can even enjoy each other’s company every once in a while. Our relationship has gotten a lot better since I moved out of our parents’ house (I lived at home for a couple years after college), but we’re still not super close. We were a lot closer in high school (I was a senior, he was a freshman) – we had similar groups of friends, similar interests, etc.

    The biggest source of conflict for us is his relationship with my parents. He takes them for granted, cusses them out, and they just take it. That drives me crazy, so since I’m not at home observing that, I enjoy him A LOT more.

    Fiance has a brother who is 10 years younger than him – they have never been super close, either, but I think that’s more due to their age difference than anything else.

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    I have five older brothers and sisters. My oldest brother is almost close to twenty years older than me. We all love each other but do I talk to them every day? every week? every month? Not really. I used to be really close to my one sister who was closer to my age but life changes and I still love her a whole bunch, we just aren’t as close as we used to be. But I have to say I’m closer to my sisters than my brothers. they each had their moment where they were kind of my second, third, fourth moms when our mom was working.

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    I have 6 siblings.

    Two of them I very actively dislike–one called me on my wedding day and told me I was going to burn in hell and my children were going to burn in hell for marrying “that godless heathen” aka my atheist husband, the other up and left his amazing wife and two children and moved across the country from them for no good reason except that he’s a selfish prick.

    Two of them I’ve barely spoken to in years, and two of them I feel pretty neutral about (I talk to them a few times a year, either via FB or text message).

    Darling Husband and I are considering only having one child, and the arguement we hear the most against it is that we’ll be depriving our child of a lifetime best friend, but it’s a bad arguement. It’d be awesome if it were always the case, but it’s not. 

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    Well…my sister drives me crazy, but it’s better than it has been in the past.  She’s actually moving in with us next month.  I pray it’s very temporary…I’ll like not having her halfway across the country, but in the same house while I’m pregnant…could be a bit much.

    My brother is 17 years younger than me.  Definitely a very unusual sibling dynamic there!

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    My brother and I are super close.  He’s 6 years younger than me.  We’ve always been close but as we get older and the perceived age gap shrinks, we get closer and closer.  My parents have always made a big deal about making sure we loved each other and were close.  He’s the only person in the world that has the same shared experience as me of growing up with my family and that creates a major bond.  

    He always comes to me for advice before he goes to our parents or his friends.  and he’s my partner in crime when I need to plot anyting sneaky, (for fun).  He’s on my list of top three favorite people in the world, (with my Darling Husband and my mom).    Can’t imagine my life without him.

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    I voted neutral. I have one brother who is 7 years older than me. We were never close growing up because of the age difference. When I was 19 and he was 26 he moved to the city I live in and we actually got close for like four years. We didn’t have heart to hearts or anything, but we would do dinner at least once a month and it was nice. Then he met his now-wife who I didn’t get along with and he basically stopped wanting to see me/my family. 

    Things have settled down now, and we actually live just 10 minutes apart. We see each other at family events and it is fine, and we stop by each others’ houses to borrow stuff or whatever, but we don’t like hang out or talk or anything. 

    I still think having a sibling is nice, even though he isn’t really a part of my life mostly, because it is nice to have someone else in life who you know would do anything for you and vice versa. Through all the shit I always knew if it was important, he would be there.

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    baby out of 10. so this can get long.

    dads kids(4) two of which i get along only via facebook. we dont communicate other wise.2 of them i have not seen in 15 years (im almost 26) and i would like to keep it that way.

    moms kids( 4) i get along with 2 out of 4. the two older ones i see at events and gatherings and we are civil. the 3rd one we dont have a relationship because there is a whole ocean between us and im sure not being told she was a “real” sibling probably rubbed her the wrong way. my mom told me and my biological sister we were this lady’s cousin on the last visit to asia when that is far from the truth. my brother on this batch we always hated eachother but we would make family gathering pleasent. now we cant even do that. we are going on 3 years of not talking and there are no more peace offerings i am giving to him.


    the biological sister- we were close as kids but as we age we have drifted. dont need to talk everyday but if one of us needs something we are there for eachtoher

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    My brother is 9 years older than me so there has always been a distance in our relationship.  My sister and I fought all through high school, and while I don’t approve of how she handles some things, we talk on a regular basis now.  One thing that has always been steady is that when the entire family gets together we always have a blast!

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    My sister is 5 years older than me. We fought a lot when we were younger, I was the obnoxious younger sister, and then I was a pre-teen when she was a teenager. We fought over the phone/interenet/etc a LOT.

    Then she left for school and after that we became really close. We talk multiple times a week and she is definitely my best friend.

    Our family has it’s quirks that are hard for outsiders to understand. It’s nice to have someone who understands. 

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    Other. My older brother loves the shit out of me and I tolerate him. He’s 11 years older than me so he’s in his mid 30’s but up until the end of last year he was a lazy, volitile, degenerate, drunk. A trip to jail was enough to scare him straight and accept my uncle’s long-standing offer to move to Florida and get a fresh start. He’s doing a lot better now and has a really good job and wonders why he spent so long being such a profound screw up. The fact that he can admit to all of this and the fact that he really seems to have changed has vastly improved my feelings toward him but it’s still hard for me.

    I know I love him, I cried when he left for Florida, and I recently had a very realistic dream where he died that shook me to my core and made me realize I should try harder to make peace with him but whenever we talk it’s really hard for me to forget all the horrible things he did, to others and our family.

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    Brother and I are 2 years apart but growing up as teenagers, he was in a completely different world of wanting to be “cool”, doing weed, drinking, etc. To him, I was considered “goody two shoes” cause I didn’t any of that stuff and exelled in school. Now that we’re both adults and have children, he has passed that phase of his life and we get along really well. While we are still not the best of friends, I love him and will do anything for him. We live in different states now and will call to check up on eachother like once a week.

    My sister and I are 12 years apart so I am more like a mother figure to her rather than a bestfriend/sister relationship. Still love her very much and keep in contact. She is currently a teenager and is full of mood swings all the time so I just deal for now! Lol. Arrrgh!

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