How close in age are your babies!?

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emileem :  I’m only in my first trimester with#2 and they will be 21 months apart. Be kind to yourself during pregnancy, especially the first tri. Your body is growing a baby and the exhaustion is real. Be the best mama you can be but if that means laying on the couch for an hour while your baby plays that’s just what has to be done. You are also feeding three right now (you, #1 and #2)which is extra challenging. I feel like a deadbeat right now (especially in the mornings) but I try to make it up to her in the afternoons.

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My kids are exactly 18 months apart. We planned it that way. The first couple months aren’t so bad — I would definitely recommend that your older son go to part time daycare or something so you get a little one on one time to focus on new baby/recover etc. The months of 6-12 months w the younger baby definitely were the worst for me because little baby was crawling but couldn’t really do anything, it was winter and we couldn’t go to the park etc, older one was jealous and possessive of his toys.

But now my son is almost 3 and my daughter is almost 1.5 and it is waaaay way better! We can go do things together and they seem to like each other, not really playing together yet.

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I wish my kids were closer in age somedays, but I think having that first age separation will be good for our LO.  Thankfully we luckily timed it so that our LO is going to preschool right after the baby is born or right before depending on when the baby arrives, but they will be over 3 years apart in age.  If we were to have a third, I’d plan for the last one to come much closer at around 18 months.

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When DS 1 arrives Dear Daughter will be 22 months.

Bricking it! 

Plan on adding a third if I don’t lose my mind beforehand and will also be planned close together.

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Hey we have the same exact due date!  Mine will be just shy of 25 months apart and I’m nervous/anxious/guilty even though this baby was planned.  I think it just comes with the territory.  I feel guilty that we lay low some days and watch a lot of Sesame Street.  But, were getting close to being done with he first tri which majorly helps me. 

I think it’s partially the unknown aspect that’s scary but we will figure it out!  

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Mine are 26 months apart. We had a hard time getting a sticky baby for each though, so not too shabby considering.

Stop calling yourself a deadbeat mom first off. There is nothing wrong with having them close in age. They will be the best of friends, and likely have interest in the same things at the same time which is going to be pretty great too. Just make sure to give the oldest attention when the new baby comes, and try to include them. It will all work out. 

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It took us 2 years and 7 miscarriages to have our son so we decided to NTNP (not try not prevent) when he was 6 months and didn’t think it would happen right away, I’m currently pregnant and my kids will be 14 months apart (due in 6 weeks with a daughter). I’m tired and sometimes I feel guilty that I don’t spend as much time with my son because I’m exhausted and hubby is the one playing and interacting with him most of the time.

My brother and I are 16 months apart and we’re very close and growing up he was always there, we had the same friends, we played together all the time; I’m hoping my kids will have a similar relationship. My mom tells me that the first months were the hardest, but afterwards it all worked great and she was actually more exhausted when she had #3 a few years later since it was like starting all over again and that transition was harder for her. Good luck!

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I have an August 2011 baby and an August 2013 baby. I wouldn’t change it if I could. I love their relationship even when they butt heads. They kind of go through all the phases together. As they get older the gap seems to close. 

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First off, congratulations!!! You can do this!!

My first was born December 2013 and my second will be born hopefully this weekend !! They will be about 3 years and 2 months apart.

I’m also nervous because I don’t remember half the stuff I did with an infant and now we have to go through it all over again!!

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pregnant with #2 and they will be 21 months apart

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My girls are just under 15 months apart, we get asked so often if they are twins. We knew we wanted more then one, but it was a definite surprise when i learned I was pregnant with #2. Various things were difficult, first trimester exhuastion was crazy with a baby already around and the mom guilt about not having enough time with my first and that I was sort of cheating her, and having a newborn with one who’s still not very independent  were some of my personal struggles. Babywearing was a lifesaver. Now I’m pregnant with #3 and due within the next few weeks and the girls are 3 & just turned 2. I’m so excited to see their relationship with the new baby.

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I am due 9/18 with #2 too! My son will be 14 when this next one comes. Its a big gap, and I am worried about it. I want them to have a close relationship. So we will see! 


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My daughters are 16.5 months apart – they are now 18 months and 6 weeks old!  It took us 18 months to get preggo the first time & I was still EBFing, so I didn’t think I’d get pregnant even though we weren’t using protection.  Surprise!

I’m a Stay-At-Home Mom and the hardest thing was being pregnant with a mobile young toddler.  I had horrible morning sickness my entire pregnancies – there is nothing like throwing up while trying to prevent your daughter from sticking her hand in the toilet.  

Now that baby is here, things are better although I’m getting less sleep.  With 1 baby you sleep when the baby sleeps, but you can’t really do that when you have two.  Prepare yourself for lots & lots of coffee.  And it takes like an hour to leave the house.  But daughter #1 loves her baby sister and will often play by herself or sit on the couch with me when I’m nursing the baby, so all is good!

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it took us 2 years, lots of IUI and IVF cycles to finally have our son.  we tried since DS was 6 months with no luck and are now starting the FET process for #2.  if our first FET is successful, they will be 21 months apart.

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