(Closed) How could this happen??? Hardest stone my A**!!!!

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Any diamond that is not internally flawless has a higher probability of cracking and most arent flawless, and yes moissanite is less likely to crack or straight up break in half because it is born “IF”. Hopefully your jeweler will take it back/replace it!

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Are you sure it’s not a feather ? That you never noticed until closely examining it over and over again ? Once the excitement and overwelming feelings calm down we constantly had people coming in 6-8 months later because they see things that “weren’t there before”   Especially after you cleaned it and I’ve also heard story’s about how sales people tell customers that “change in altitude can affect the appearance!!! Which kills me what people believe and so horrible that people tell those kind of lies !! I only ask because you say it’s in the center and it’s not up to the surface…  A clear feather is essentially a “crack”  the crystal structure spead out while the presure is creating the stone over 100’s of years but as long as its not along an edge it’s less likely to chip … Just because it is a VS1 doesn’t means there’s no inclusions they grade them by placement as well as color of the inclusion  and the amount of inclusions so it may be possible that a clear feather is the one and only inclusion in your stone but the only way to prove it is a feather and not a crack is with a GIA report .. If that was there all along and the store can prove it than I’m not sure if they will help you out and switch it but if there’s no way for them to prove it wasn’t already there  ( no GIA report ) than I see no reason why they  shouldn’t change it  for you if you stand up for yourself weather it is a crack or feather… A good store is gonna want a happy customer 

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This happened to a friend of mine. It was because her stone was a princess and the setting was for a round.  Something about the way the stone was set caused it to be more prone to stress/chipping (It was also the corner of her stone, I think). Insurance took care of it.

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@LauraRose:  Moissanite is a 9.25-9.5 on the MOHs scale which means it can be scratched by diamonds and other moissanite tones. Diamonds are a 10 and can be scratched by other diamonds.

Yes, diamonds are definitely more likely to chip and crack but it isn’t common. Think of all the diamond sold. They are very tough, just not as tough as moissanite. 


@Metalkisses:  Moissanite isn’t internally flawless. It is grown to have inclusions since IF diamonds are very uncommon. Moissanite is its own jewel but is grown to mimic diamonds and is intentionlly very slightly included unlike CZ which are internally flawless.  Moissanite is not grown with fractures though which does make it far less likely to chip or crack than a diamond.

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@Mrs. Eagle:  Your diamond had to be cut to look the way it does and set the way it is. These stones don’t come out of the ground looking like that. While typically they use diamond tipped tools to cut the stones to the right size and cut. Diamonds are not impenetrable, things happen, take it in and have it looked at, it’s possibly that is just an inclusion you never noticed before.

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Nothing is forever, lol. Great marketing campaign, though!


This is the first time I hear that moissanite is grown to mimic diamonds. How can silicon carbide mimic a carbon structure? Is there a technical paper on this somewhere?

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Is it a round brilliant?  Rounds have something called a girdle reflection and it looks like a crack.  http://www.pricescope.com/forum/rockytalky/does-every-rb-diamond-have-a-girdle-reflection-t159485.html  

One day I was cleaning mine and noticed it, long after I had gotten it!  Sometimes it’s one of those things you don’t notice and all of a sudden you do.  

Either way, hope your jeweler helps you out!!

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@AP1976:  Thank you for posting that link!  I’ve had my ring for years, and just recently just noticed the girdle reflection.  It freaked me out, especially since I don’t wear my e-ring very often.  

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It’s is the hardest stone, but still a stone and anything can happen. Has nothing to do with the jewelry store or even the certificate. It has everything to do with insurance and it’s why you insure anything of value. All you have to do is tell your insurance company what happened and voila, new diamond. 

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what ended up happening at jeweler?

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@LauraRose:  If the certification says it was there, you need to let it go. Sadly, many people buy a diamond without noticing inclusions because sometimes the inclusions are so small you literally have to sit there and study it before finding it, like myself. My certification says my diamond has a white feather near the edge, and I couldn’t find it for months until one day I had it at the right angle and under the right lighting. If the certification shows that your diamond has this inclusion on it, then the jeweler did nothing wrong.

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Well feathers don’t “apear” over night with or without GIA certifications …..  but I do find it strange that if the stone is infact GIA certified than you should have that paperwork and that diamond chart/map and depending on the certification the stone will most likely be lazer enscribed so you can know exactly what stone belongs to what papers … But you should have those papers yourself 

Certified stones cost more than non-certified stones no matter what the specs are the clarity and color ect and it’s an expensive evaluation because it’s a few hundred per carat.. So that paper work belongs to you …. And also you can always personally send a stone I GIA and have them evaluate and lazer enscribed for your protection for theft ect… if a stone is not certified .. 

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