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Wow That is so sweet !!! Love the dessert plate ๐Ÿ™‚ Similar ring ๐Ÿ™‚

I got engaged two weeks ago … 

After dinner at our favourite restaurant he suprised me by walking down to the beach at night and had a champagne picnic ๐Ÿ™‚ 

got down on one knee and all ๐Ÿ™‚ 


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How cool!


Mine picked a day where it was 10 below zero (F), haha. I adore Christmas lights so he made plans that we were going to go to a Christmas light show at a botanical garden in our hometown two days before Christmas. We wandered around for a bit (it was just beautiful) and he insisted that we go over to this dock area. Me being me, I had no idea as I was entranced by the lights, and kept insisting we go inside because it was cold. We walked over to the dock, he said that the lights were very pretty, like me, and that I was the light in his life, and then he got down on one knee in the snow and shivered the ring onto my finger. I don’t actually remember saying a whole lot more than squealing.

And then I dragged him back inside the pavilion where it was warm and he could stop freezing his butt off. ๐Ÿ™‚

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AntonyaDial:  February 14th is our anniversary, so each year on that day we visit the restaurant where we first became girlfriends. This Valentine’s Day started off pretty normal. I woke up to a card and a box of 50 (yes fifty) truffles. My wonderful girlfriend then instructed me to be ready to leave the house when she got home from work at 4. Well, of course I wasn’t ready when she got home. In fact, I had on sweats and ugg boots…very sexy (I know). Somehow I managed to get ready in time to make our reservation. While we were enjoying our delicious meal (and a few cocktails of course), I was given a red ring box. Of course I assumed that this was THE MOMENT!!! As my heart started to beat uncontrollably, I took a deep breath and slowly opened the box. It was a crystal bear. Wait, it wasn’t even crystal, it was glass. Of course I thanked her for the gift, expressed how I loved bears and how cute this particular one was, but deep down inside I was having a WTF moment! How dare she hand me anything resembling a ring box…at dinner…on Valentine’s Day…that didn’t have a ring in it! HOW RUDE!


Sensing my disappointment, she chuckled and asked if I thought the box was a ring and then apologized for accidentally getting my hopes up. I laughed too because I felt super silly!! She then gave me another card, and inside were two tickets to the ballet for that night! That was an awesome surprise! I love ballet, and I was happy to spend the rest of the night enjoying a show. When the ballet finished around 10:30 that night, I pretty much assumed our night was over, but she asked if I wanted to get a drink. I agreed, and we chose to go to one of our favorites bars, which is located across the street from my old apartment. After parking, we began to walk towards the bar and I saw that the tree where we first kissed has hearts and “A+E” painted all over it and that candles have been placed around it! It was here, at our special tree that my love proposed to me…. after finishing an original poem and making me twelve promises. I thought that I was going to have stroke! 


We then met up with my friends at a swanky hotel to celebrate! They were the same awesome friends that decorated the tree AND went to the house to get my dog so he would be at the hotel when I got there! I was so happy!! My girlfriend got us a room on the 19th floor, so after celebrating with friends we enjoyed a little “stay-cation” complete with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. One of my favorite parts of the story is that inside the bag that my new fiancé packed for the next day was the exact same outfit that I had worn on our first date…down to the shoes!!!!! BEST DAY EVER!!!

<br style=”box-sizing: border-box; margin: 0px; padding: 0px; max-height: 1000000px;” /><br style=”box-sizing: border-box; margin: 0px; padding: 0px; max-height: 1000000px;” />Sorry for being long winded! I just love the story, and the newness hasn’t worn off yet! CONGRATULATIONS to you!!!

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I love hearing proposal stories. I posted a similar thread a couple weeks ago. I always love to see the creativity that goes into proposals. Melting Pot dessert fondue is without fail my Achilles Heel. What a sweet moment, no pun intended. My proposal was very similar to AinsleeLois.

It was a stressful time for me and my Fiance, not personally but in our careers and school. He surprised me with a getaway to Laguna Beach (we live in L.A) the weekend before my birthday. The entire trip was very low key and relaxed. On the last night we went down to the beach to watch the sunset. Fiance brought candles, champagne and it was turning out to be the perfect ending to our trip. He then told me that he had an early birthday present for me, pulled out the box and completely caught me off guard. Four years later, still happily engaged and finally getting married this September, I couldn’t be more happy with the proposal. It was sweet and simple, which is what I wanted all along.

Although, I can’t lie, I love reading about the huge elaborate proposals as well. 

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Major sneaking! 

His sister had me come along to look for a pair of earrings and then talked me into getting my ring size measured.  I have no clue on why I didn’t think that was odd.

Ring came in on a Friday a good 3 weeks early. He had plans for then, but couldn’t wait.  So he comes over, I’m tired, getting annoyed at my boys squabbling, daughter was clingy, work had been a nightmare and I wasn’t pleasant to be around at all.  He just packed up the boys and took them to the park to wear off the excessive energy. Daughter and I park our rears in front of Beauty and the Beast and had Poptarts for dinner.  He gets back, boys are asleep, dump them in bed.  He sits with Dirty Delete and me, then was going to make nasty microwave popcorn. Again, why I had no clue is crazy.  So I go make real popcorn and go back to the couch.  He and Dirty Delete are poking each other and laughing. Then Dirty Delete wants to sit on his other side, so we switch. He’s now fiddling with my hair, then snuggling me and holding my left hand.  

I’m about 75% out of it.  Oh, he’s just rubbing my hand.  Yeah right.  DD gets HUGE eyes and goes “Wow…..” while staring at my hand.  I look down.  Promptly said “What the f***?” Then he asked for us to become a family, mushy mushy sap…  

Found out the next day, he’d gotten the kids to help pick my ring, asked the boys if they were ok with us getting married when he took them out, then Dirty Delete while I was making popcorn, that’s what they were poking each other about.  

Not Pintrest approved, not that romantic. And it was perfect! 

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It was August 2012 and we were in Rittenhouse Square Park. We used to go there all the time because our apartment was literally only like 2-3 blocks away. Mostly to just relax and drink. Meet random people.  He’d also just sit and play his guitar at times. 

Anyway, one night we’re sitting on one of the walls just talking and having a few beers. He ,out of nowhere, says,”Marissa, I need to talk to you.” I got nervous, but, kept my cool. Then he hits me with,”I’m sorry, but, I don’t want you to be my girlfriend anymore.” I started crying, asking questions, and wanted to stomp away. What had I done? He immediately gets up and is like,”Baby, no. Not like that. I want you to be my wife.” He got down on his knee and proposed with one one of his own rings that was of sentimental value. I didn’t get my actual until just before Thanksgiving of that year. 

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The question was popped to me last October while we were in Scotland (we live in Australia). I had been sick the ENTIRE time and he’d wanted to ask me a couple of days from us arriving but I was so cranky – or was coughing and spluttering. 

We only just made it to the William Wallace Monument before closing and walked up the 246 steps to the top. It is absolutely breathtaking up there. We were all alone, shivering our butts off, and I was done taking photos so I told him I wanted to head back down. I turned around to put the camera away and when I turned back around, he was on one knee. And I was just so concentrated on not coughing and crying that I can’t quite remember what he said… but it was something along the lines of “We have been together for two and a half years and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you be my wife?” 

Best day, so far, of my life. 

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AntonyaDial:  Kinda long but I will post anyway.

It was Sat. Nov 19, 2011. I had gotten out of work. Darling Husband had a dentist appt. I texted him telling him I had just parked outside the dentist office, I will wait for you so I can drive you home. He said no, I am still in the chair, just go home. I will meet you there.

So instead I went shopping. It was the week before thanksgiving and I needed stuff for baking. I go home after 45mins and I walk up the stairs to my house (I was living with my mom at the time), and I hear my dog run to the front door. So I thought to myself my mom must be home, because otherwise she would be locked up in the back of the house. 

I had a party to go to that night and I needed to make a pue and there was a note attached my dogs collar and I thought it was my mom trying to be cute and tell me how to make the pie again for the 10th time. 

I open the letter and this is what it reads: “hi mommy, you’ve always wondered what I would say if I could talk. Well I cant talk so I picked up this pen with my little paw and wrote you this letter. In case you havent noticed, I love Darling Husband soooo much and I would make me the happiest little puppy in the world if you were to make him my Daddy. So would you please marry him?! Say Yes! Say yes!!!!! Love Daisy”

I kept reading it over and over bc I couldnt believe what was happening. Then I hear footsteps and I turn around and its him, and I blurt out, how did you get in my house?! He says hold on, I will explain but first let me say this…He made a nice speech which I have no idea what he said bc I blacked out and cried. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him and I was crying I couldnt talk and he says “wait wait is this a yes?!” Lol it was so funny bc he needed to hear it 

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As a little introduction, my husband made sure I had no idea that he was going to propose. The Thursday before he proposed he had told me that we probably weren’t going to get engaged for another month or two. His excuse was that he needed to wait until mowing season (he has a lawncare business) slowed down so he would have time to go buy the ring. Then on Saturday (September 15, 2013) when he picked me up, he told me that two of his friends were going to go out on the boat with us. Conveniently, about fifteen minutes after he picked me up, they called and told Darling Husband that they weren’t going to make it, so now it was back to just us on the boat.

Now out on Lake Michigan, Darling Husband and I had started fishing. He moved up to the front of the boat so that he could “switch out his bait and lure”. After he dropped his new line into the water he came back to the middle where I was fishing and started working on another pole. About ten minutes later he asked me to go check his other line. I went up to the front of the boat and started reeling the line in. When I pulled the line in I noticed this shiny circular thing on the end of the fishing line. I turned to ask John what kind of fishing lure it was, but before I could I noticed that he was kneeling next to me and asking me to marry him. I blurted out, “Are you serious?” He laughed and said yes and kissed me. And then I, of course, said, “Yes! Absolutely!” I gave him the biggest hug I’ve probably ever given him, and then we promptly started calling our family and closest friends. Then we went out to eat and then headed over to his parents’ house for some desserts where our immediate family and close friends were there to celebrate with us. He told me later that he was trying to get his phone to take a video, but he was fumbling so much he figured I would figure out what he was doing. I had never known.

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We went on vacation to Disney and at the end of our week there he said to me “Well, all the rides are done, but we’ve still got one big ride to go on” and showed me a ring in a box. I was totally shocked and surprised and I thought it was very romantic. Perfect end to the perfect week!

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Fiance planned my proposal a few days before Christmas. He took me on a day-date, something I balked at, as we had a gazillion things to do before the holidays. We went to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, a beautiful art museum here in Boston that houses priceless works of art. The museum was a former estate, with the first three floors as the art galleries. In the center is a beautiful indoor courtyard with grecian statues, seasonal plants, persian tiles, etc. It is easily one of the most beautiful places in Boston. 

He didn’t want to check his coat, which I though strange as it was warm inside. While we were wandering around, he kept staring at me. I thought he was behaving oddly. When we came out in front of the court yard, he said he loved me and started getting mushy. I always joked and said “Yeah, prove it” and I said it this time. He was on his knee, holding out my ring, asking me to marry him. It happened so fast that all I saw was the flash of blue from my sapphire and him on his knee smiling. 

I was so surprised I couldn’t say anything. In my head I was shouting YES! but I speechless. He had to repeat the question before I nodded my head like crazy. When he slipped the ring on, the entire museum, on all three floors, erupted in cheering and applause. People were coming up to conratulate us for the rest of our visit. It was the most romatic thing that has ever happened to me. 

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I love all these proposal stories!

My fiancé is from Maine and we had traveled there to celebrate an early Christmas with his family. I had asked for a new winter jacket as my gift and the day before he proposed, we went shopping at LL Bean where he purchased one for me. We had planned to open gifts with his family the next day so as a joke, he wrapped my jacket for me to open even though I had worn it out of the store.

The next day after opening my other gifts, he handed me my wrapped jacket as my last gift and I jokingly acted surprised and tried it on again for his family to see. I noticed there was something in the pocket, so I reached in and it was a ring box! For a few seconds I thought he had gotten me another piece of jewelry, but his brother’s girlfriend let out a gasp and it was then that I realized he was standing in front of me with a big grin on his face. I opened it to find my beautiful ring and he proposed to me in front of his family. 

His mother was the only one who knew he was going to propose, and luckily she got it on video because I couldn’t even remember what he had said to me before the “will you marry me” part! Here are screencaps from the video and I love that our Corgi is in it too:


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