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msbr: #anothercarstory I was driving us around while we were doing errands, he just all of a sudden proposed. No puppies. No rose petals. No jumbotrons. It was perfect! He just couldn’t hold it in any longer! I thought that was so sweet.

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I knew it was coming because we had designed my ring in January 2014. I was studying abroad that summer and knew he would be getting it while I was gone. It was a very rough year for us and we planned to go back to our favorite place to get away from it all before we started our senior year of college. When I got back from studying abroad, he told me that he tried to get my ring while I was gone, but something happened and he needed to take me to the store. 

We went and they told us it would take about 4 weeks. We were leaving for Hawaii in 5 weeks so we figured it would be done before then and I knew he was going to do it there because it means a lot to me. I’ve lost both of my parents and that’s where they honeymooned so it kinda felt like they were there and there was a connection to them. Literally 5 days before we left, I got an email stating that the ring hadn’t even been started yet!! I thought it was some kind of evil joke, but DH had no idea and he thought it was almost done too!! 

So we went to Hawaii and he took a stand in ring to propose with. One day we did a helicopter tour and shark cage diving and I definitely thought he was going to do it that day, but he didn’t… Then the next morning we went for a sunrise hike and I swear I saw a ring box in his pocket.. but, nope.

Our last full day, we were going to hike diamond head and I wasn’t looking for a ring this time. Right before we left, we discovered my debit card had been lost the night before and someone was using it, so I was caught up trying to handle that and DH felt awful since he’s the one that lost it lol. 

We got to the top and was sitting in the bunker and then he said he wanted to take a picture after these people moved. We stood up and he gave my phone to the only guy there that spoke English and whispered, “I’m going to propose, just keep taking pictures!” Then he talked about how we were in the most beautiful place ever and how he never wanted to leave or be without me and asked if I would be “his lady” (he has NEVER said this phrase before and we laugh about it now) forever? I of course said yes! We ended up taking pictures that night on the north shore! 

It was an amazing time, but then also a horrible time. We left Hawaii the next day and when we landed back home, I found out my grandfather had passed away the night before, like right after our flight took off, so I never got to tell him. Then two months later DH grandfather passed away. 

My ring obviously wasn’t ready for the proposal, so he came up with a way to kinda propose again. This time, I had NO idea and was definitely surprised! 

We also got married a couple of weeks ago in Hawaii and our family finally got to see where we got engaged! 

The proposal-

Him surprising me with my ring-

And for fun, a pic from our wedding-

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Coldest day of the year (-15°F, -32°F windchills), he thought it would be a good idea to go for a hike at a local state park. The park is at a high elevation where you can see for miles once you get to the top. We were all alone up there. The snow was gorgeous, but we were so bundled up that every breath we took fogged up our glasses. When he proposed, neither of us could see eachother. 😛 It was perfect though!

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My now fiance and I had been talking about getting married, so I knew he was eventually going to propose.  We had a trip planned to New Orleans for right after my birthday last July, and everyone kept telling me they thought he would do it there, but I kept thinking he wouldn’t want to bring a ring on vacation.  He also kept saying that he wanted to wait to buy a ring and threw me off a little.  One of his parent’s friends had told us congratulations before we left, so I was very suspicious, but she realized her mistake and covered it up by congratulating me on ending my school year (I am a teacher).  

So the whole trip I was wondering, but also trying not to think about it just in case 🙂 But on the 4th night, we went out without my parents (who had joined us on the trip) and had a fun dinner and he was acting kind of weird.  We walked around the river for a bit, and then went to ride a carriage in Jackson Square.  He wouldn’t hold my hand on the carriage, and I was kind of getting annoyed with him, but it turns out the ring was in that pocket and he was scared I would accidently feel it.  Right at the end of the ride as we returned to Jackson Square, he told me to wait in the carriage because he wanted to take a picture together, and then got down on his knee (he is 6’7″ so that was a task on its own lol) and pulled out the ring box.  I immediately starting crying happy tears and said “Oh my God, really?” (which he still laughs at me for). He just simply asked “Will you marry me?” and I was so nervous I said yes and starting putting the ring on myself instead of waiting for him (another thing he likes to tease me about ).  I let him take it off and put it back on himself too haha.  We then took a picture and a bunch of people who saw shouted “She said yes!” and started clapping for us.  

After that, we went to a nearby bar where a jazz band was playing and he slow danced with me for the first time ever (to What a Wonderful World, which will most likely be our wedding first dance) and another couple nearby who overheard us saying we had just gotten engaged bought us champagne and cheers to us with a few other people around.  It was a perfect, wonderful and magical night.  


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He took me to our favorite hiking spot on Earth Day and proposed at an overlook by the mountains. It was simple, and very us. We had discussed marriage (and picked out the ring together) so it wasn’t a surprise. 

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we climbed a mountain and went in a cave ( our favorite spot! bed, table, journal). While sitting on the bed, we started doing a staring contest. On the 3rd game, I opened my eyes to see a ring right in front of my face. It was the biggest shock of my life! haha.

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My bf (now fiance!), best friend, and I went to the Detroit Tigers home opener this year. My bf was being pretty quiet but I figured that was just because we got up early to get to Detroit and get decent parking, etc. As soon as we got there, he jumps out of the car and says “Let’s go take a picture in front of the giant tiger!” (right outside the ballpark). We have been to at least 5 games together before this and had never taken a pic in front of the tiger, so I thought that was odd, but sure, we don’t have that picture yet, so why not! Once we got there, my friend took out her camera and we went to get situated in front of the tiger. I turn to him to ask how wanted to stand, and he’s down on his knee with the ring out and asks “Will you marry me?”

I was shocked! I knew he was going to propose eventually, but I was NOT expecting it that day. It was absolutely perfect 🙂

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It was an absolutely dreary grey Monday morning, snow and sleet came early that year and it was all around damp and unpleasant. She always gets up before I do, so she just came back to bed wearing the ring on her hand.

“What’s that?”
“Well, aren’t you even going to ask me?”

I can’t remember if she asked. I think she did. I told her she should’ve brought me coffee first, I could’ve said no, haha. I was pretty upset that she didn’t say anything nice about us or the bare minimum of at least asking, but I got over it and think it’s funny and cute now, haha.

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My DH proposed when we were vacationing in Breckenridge, Colorado. We went snow mobiling with a group up to the Continental Divide… once we got up there, we all got off our snow mobiles and walked around separately for about 20 minutes. Him and I went off towards the side of the mountain and were looking out, when he started saying how cold he was. So I suggested walking back towards the group out of the wind, but he refused lmao!!! Finally, he got down on one knee (sunk into the snow lol) and proposed. It was GORGEOUS and it was perfect.

This was our view, sorry about the tops of the champagne flutes haha, this was my copy of it from timehop.


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We had talked about marriage for awhile, and about 6-7 months before I had given him my “ring guide”- things I liked and didn’t like, my ring size, metal pref, etc. I had not heard a PEEP about it. For awhile I was expecting it (maybe xmas, maybe Vday), but it never happened. Never seemed like it was going to, to be honest! 

Then one random Wed we went to St Louis (a few hours from where we live) for a concert. I’d actually had a dream the night before that he’d proposed, and told him about it that morning. We were in the hotel room after the concert, and he asked me to tell him about my dream again. I was saying how he had gotten me multiple plastic bands in pink/white/other colors so I could wear them with diff outfits, and in the dream I was very polite about it, and then he said “Well, what about this one??” and pulled the ring out of his pocket. I was shocked!! He’d had the ring for almost a month and was waiting for the right time! I gave him quite the layup opportunity, haha.

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msbr:  He took me to the waterfront where we had our first kiss.  He kissed me, and said that after he kissed me to the first time, that he knew I was someone special.  He then got down on one knee, and I said, “Oh my gosh, you’re doing it!” He pulled out the ring from his pocket and asked me to marry him.  I began to cry and said yes.

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My Fiance was visiting me for the weekend and he was having a lot of problems with the jeep that weekend so we were constantly fixing it.  Later that night, we went out for dinner and a movie which was nothing different.  After the movie, we were out for a little cruise and stopped under the international bridge which was nothing new.   

After a little bit of chatting, we decided to head home for the night (it was 2am after all) so when he went to start the jeep, it wouldn’t start.  Little did I know that he didn’t put the clutch down when he started the jeep making me think that it was dead.  So, he asked me to go outside and help him under the hood.  Keep in mind that it was freaking cold outside (-29 celcius) but agreed to help him as it would be a long walk home otherwise!  So, after I got out of the jeep, he said, he found the problem on his side.  So, I walked around and he just gave me a hug which was nice and warm (did I mention that it was freezing outside? lol).

At that point, he started talking about how lucky he was to have me and that he would always be there for me and that he loved me so much.  He started crying a bit and was really shaking (he was nervous as heck).  I was slightly worried but just let him talked it out.  He talked about all the things he loved about me and that he would do everything in his power to make me happy and then said, “baby, I love you so much.  Will you marry me?” Then he pulled out the ring out of his pocket and got down on one knee holding the box up shaking so bad (combo of nervousness and cold) looking very hopeful and very scared.  It was so romantic, no one was around, no traffic on the bridge, there was no wind, and the lights from the bridge shining off the ice on the river and this wonderful man was asking me to marry him.  

I was bawling (I’m not a bawler) and said, “yes, of course!  I will marry you!  I love you too!”  We kissed and hugged and he put the ring on my finger.  After a few seconds of that, “let’s get back into the jeep, it’s freezing out here!” LOL

We popped back in the jeep and he started it up with ease.  I was all, “wth?  How come it’s starting?”  He just smiled like a cat who swallowed a canary and said, “all I needed was to push down the clutch”.  “Sneaky but I think I’ll forgive you!” haha

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This is gonna be long!

My husband’s proposal to me was nothing short of extraordinary. Let me preface this by saying we were together for over a year when he proposed and in that time we had gone on multiple extravagant 5* holidays and it had already become our tradition that he plans them and gets to surprise me about which country we are going to and where we are staying (We discuss options beforehand and he always asks for my input and whether I have requests of where to go but I like the surprise of it all).

Shortly after our 1 year anniversary holiday I had a *freak out* about why he didn’t propose to me at our 1 year anniversary. It prompted us talking about our expectations for the future. He gave me “a timeline to lean on” that he would propose within the next year. He also said he would need to meet my dad and ask his permission. (Little did I know he was already at this point designing the ring and had enlisted one of my friends to extract information about what kind of ring I would want – I had no clue at all she was feeding info to him because all I was talking about around this time were engagement rings non stop – she didn’t even have to ask me I would just be spewing this info on a daily basis).

Not long after, we flew to visit my mother but he still hadn’t met my father. Therefore when three months later our next holiday came around there wasn’t anything suspicious about it being a surprise destination, however I just had this feeling he was putting more effort than usual into the planning. I was secretely hoping for the proposal All The Time to the point I was “proposal photo ready” for every single dinner and time I saw him (we didn’t live together before getting engaged) but logic was telling me, this is too soon for his “within a year timeline” and “he still hasn’t met my father” (something we were planning for later that summer). 

So I pry…”do I need to bring a nice dress…”?

– Sure honey, we will go for dinner at the destination.

On the airplane I paint my nails white and put heart shaped lock&key nail stickers on my nails carefully watching for his reaction. He acts like nothing. 

Fast forward and we have arrived to Ritz Carlton Abama in Tenerife, Spain. We are greeted with bellinis (my favourite) and he brings out a new camera he bought especially for this trip and tells me “I thought it would be fun to document our vacation, you can even use it underwater”. …really….! Turns out the camera has no batteries and he is Devastated! I tell him it’s ok, we will use our mobile phones to take photos:

First photo of the trip, o boy I’m excited!

Still prying I ask him should I wear my evening gown tonight or tomorrow? He says casually “maybe save it for tomorrow though I’ve booked a restaurant tonight too, so whichever you feel like baby”. Hmm…. I decide to save my gown and wear my back-up-in-case-he-will-propose-this-is-also-good – incidentally the dress I bought and wore for our 1-year anniversary when I thought he was gonna propose. (Sorry that’s my standard photo pose):

Dinner, it was a tasting menu of about 20 courses, delicious, yet I’m thinking…is there a Ring hiding inside (I had told him hiding engagement ring in food is a terrible idea way back but who knows if he would remember this?!):

Such a romantic evening…

All in the same meal that came with a personalised printed menu with Mr and Mrs [hubbys surname] at the top…but ok, that happens at hotels sometimes, the assumption that you are husband and wife:

After all of that food I was stuffed…so stuffed I couldn’t breathe in my dress which had zero stretch. I asked my honey to give me his blazer inspite of the extreme heat and surreptiously unzipped my dress in the back. We finished our meal (a whole cake stand of petit fours arrived with coffee & tea…no ring) and both of us went for the restrooms where I immediately started to pat down his blazer which I was still wearing in search of a ring box. I found nothing, except a packet of headache pills or something like that, for a flip second I thought…could he? In that? I put it back thinking if it’s what it says on the packet I’m an idiot for checking and if the ring Is In There I will never forgive myself for seeing it before I’m meant to. Later he revealed the ring was in there but if I had tried to check I would’ve found the box unopened, sealed up, because he GLUED IT BACK TOGETHER after putting the ring there because he knows how I like to snoop!!!

Next day he takes me out on a boat for dolphin safari. I’m thinking to myself…is he going to do this when I’m all casual in bikini on a boat, what if he drops the ring?! I love dolphins and it is a dream of mine to swim with dolphins. It turned out it wasn’t possible to go in the water with the dolphins because of Spanish wildlife laws. But I was smiles from ear to ear just watching those dolphins leap with the boat and play all around us! We also got to go snorkelling in a different area and it was all just the Best Day Ever. 

We get back and get ready for dinner, I’m all dressed up in my sequin floor length evening gown and he says we will take our golf buggy down from our villa to the beach for a drink before dinner. 

We get down there…and it has been totally cleared off for us, nobody else is there apart from the concierge lady my husband had planned everything with. She leads us down onto the beach and there it is, candles all around, atop a blanket there are rose petals and my favourite pink champagne and favourite treats, chocolate covered strawberries and white chocolate and macaroons. It is So beautiful, the ocean right before us…we sit down and concierge lady serves us champagne and leaves us to enjoy the sunset. I’m thinking, he’a gonna do it isn’t he?! God help him if he’s Not doing it Now what is he gonna come up with?!

Hubby gives me a nervous kind of speech and we talk for a little bit and then he asks me to stand up, and he goes up on one knee (as we are both sitting on the blanket), and he asks me to spend the rest of my life with him, to be his wife and he’s crying with emotion and I say yes and we both tearfully kiss and he goes “oh and there is a ring!” And he brings out a special flat ring box that when you open it the ring twists up to be revealed and it’s a gorgeous ring in a crappy box 🤗 😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ And I just feel love love love inside:



and concierge lady is taking photos and we pose for a few:

Then my love drives me in our golf buggy to dinner, a special table has been set up super romantically on the lawn overlooking the ocean down below and we have a huge blue lobster while listening to the ocean.

As if all of this was not enough…we get back to our villa and:

More champagne and treats and even printed out photos of our engagement moment! I was absolutely stunned!

The next day just continued in a fluffy haze of love, and we got use of that bottle:

I never wanted to leave this gorgeous place!


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On a hike, he proposed right after this picture  We were literally in the clouds!

Teary eyed family photo

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lostinparadise:  is that a Pom?! (Sorry, I’m only focused on the dog haha)

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