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Over dinner at a romantic place, great view.

I expected it. We’d discussed traveling to go “meet the parents” and I’d explained that I would not travel as a Girlfriend. 

I’m pretty pragmatic, so, no surprise proposal for us.




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  • Wedding: October 2017

My favourite summer event where I live is a series of three different nights of a massive fireworks display, each put on by a different country, called the Celebration of Light. 

On the last night of the Celebration of Light this summer, my Fiance said he wanted to do a special little date night since I love it so much. I worked in the afternoon that day. When I got home from work, my Fiance wasn’t home. He said he went down to the beach (the fireworks location) early to get a good spot since hundreds of thousands of people attend every night. He asked me to wear a little dress he had hanging on our bedroom door and to get a little bit fancy. 

Fiance had a cab take me to the beach so I wouldn’t have to bus (he preordered it). When I arrived he met me at the street and brought me to a spot right at the waterfront where he had a gourmet picnic and charcuterie platter set up. We ate, and just as the sun was starting to go down he proposed. He had it timed to that my closest friends were to show up just after, they ended up being a bit early and he was a bit late so they saw the whole proposal. He also coordinated with his brother’s girlfriend so she would be hidden and be able to take photos. 

After everything we got to watch the final night of fireworks together with all our friends as a newly engaged couple! It was by far the best fireworks show of the year haha. 


I did have an idea leading up to the day and once it started to unfold I did definitely know but I had no idea how it would unfold or how much work he’d put into it. It was incredible. An amazing blend of a private and still shared moment.

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  • Wedding: October 2015

We were on a weekend staycation in a mountain town in our state. We went snowmobiling and visited the hot springs and treated ourselves to a nice dinner the first night, I even griped that night that he was ‘never gonna marry me’ after a few glasses of wine haha.

The next day we got snowshoes and planned to take the gondola up the mountain to snowshoe, but there wasn’t enough snow on the hill to warrant snowshoes. I was horribly dissapointed because I love snowshoeing. We went to a trail that had a waterfall and it ended up being about a half mile paved.

I was sad we weren’t going to get to go for a hike but when we were walking around the base of the falls we saw a little trail. We went for it and it ended up being a 5 mile fairly strenuous hike (especially in our snow gear and without yaktrax on our snow boots) but it was beautiful, we saw frozen waterfalls and deer and meadows and clusters of aspen, I didn’t suspect a thing though. He usually isn’t one for long hikes so I kept asking if he’d like to turn around and he kept telling me ‘a little farther’.

Finally we came to the peak on a huge untouched snowy boulder overlooking the mountain range. I was beat and so not cute, I got my water out of his bag (which he was being strangely protective of) and was finishing it when I turned around and he was awkwardly rummaging through his bag on one knee, I asked ‘what are you doing?’ a few times as he got out my ring, he said a bunch of stuff I don’t remember and the first thing I said was ‘but I was so mean to you last night!’ He made reservation at this fantastic French restaurant to celebrate that night as well.

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  • Wedding: September 2016

I was somewhat expecting it. I knew he had the ring for a few months. After going to a few nice places and it never happening I kind of stopped expecting it. That’s until my birthday came around. We went to Disneyland (we have annual passes) and had dinner at one of the nice restaurants. We even had a hotel booked. But it didn’t happen.

A few days later we had to drive out to Anaheim for something, so we decided to go to Disneyland for a quick trip. Rode a few rides, had a quick dinner and then headed to our ride, The Little Mermaid. And exactly in the spot where we kissed for the first time when we started dating, he starts saying all these sweet cute things and he was trembling. I just started to cry when I realized it was happening. It was private and perfect. ๐Ÿ˜€

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  • Wedding: July 2016

Two days after my birthday, he arranged for a friend to take me to lunch. When I got home, I saw that the wall at the entrance of our apartment was completely filled with signs that said “Will you?” I walked to the living room where he was standing in a suit and tie, he did a little speech and proposed. It was amazing! I then called my best friend (who lives in a different city), and as we were talking on the phone, she knocked on the door. He had flown her in for the weekend. It was a total surprise, and so incredibly thoughtful and well-planned. I am very private so the proposal itself was beautiful and low-key, but after the proposal I got to celebrate with him and my friends. It was perfect. 

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  • Wedding: October 2017

We had a trip planned for his birthday to Gatlinburg. His grandma who we were both very close with was on her death bed. I wanted to cancel our vacation to stay home. He promised he wanted to go and his family shoved us out the door not to call all weekend no matter what. Which in the end I was upset about He kept his grandma’s passing from me until we pulled in the driveway at home.  A month before he proposed my mom and I went to a wedding in which I came home and told him if he wasn’t going to propose soon I was going to move on. He always said he wouldn’t propose for another 3 years. I told him when you know you know and I might just propose. Fast forward back to our trip. The last day we were there i got more than day drunk it was day wasted. Haha he kept insisting the whole trip we go hiking. It sneaked my suspicions because he is not one to hike. I agreed after sobering up on our last day. I put it in our GPS but, got us lost! He pulled into the first onlook over Gatlinburg he found thinking this is the last chance he would get down there and a apparently slightly afraid I was going to propose LOL he pulled out a selfie stick and I was posing away. All the sudden there was a ring and the man of my dreams asking me to marry him. I said “are you serious?” about 50× before saying yes. We were both crying and little did we know my getting us lost made us have a 2 hour drive through the mountains haha! He would have had a lot more chances to ask ๐Ÿ˜‰  

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  • Wedding: October 2015

pvtortuga17:  ahhh you totally made me cry! That’s so sweet ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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  • Wedding: December 2015

I knew it was coming and he was just waiting on us to close on our house first before he pulled the trigger to purchase the ring. At first he was trying to plan something big (like taking me to see one of his friends sing and pulling me up on stage to ask me. Thank god that didn’t happen). My grandmothers ring fell into our lap so he went and got it from my mother and then took it to be cleaned and resized. He kept saying he didn’t know when he would ask, if he’d do it right away or wait… Although he had even told me he didn’t know if he would be able to wait. They ended up getting the ring done way ahead of schedule (like 2 days as opposed to a week). It was a sunday and when he went to go pick it up, I went to run some errands. He got home before I did an he told me to come back home whenever I could. I walked in, he got off the bed and came over and held me while saying all this gushy stuff :-). When he actually said those words, “will you marry me”, I burst into tears as I was saying “yes”. 

At first I was slightly sad about my proposal story. But now I love it; it’s very “us”. 

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  • Wedding: September 2014

He joined the airforce so I knew we were going to get married plus we talked about it a couple times but it was a week before he was suppose to leave and I had it in my mind that he was going to wait until he came back. We lived together so we went out to eat then met up with some of our close friends at this park where he asked me to be his girlfriend on this cute bridge. So it’s dark and he says he wants to walk to the bridge and I didn’t think anything of it so meanwhile our friends are following us recording everything and we get to the bridge he tells me he loves me and I tell him too then he gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him I’m in complete shock that he even had the time to get me a ring let alone the money it was so beautiful the way it just glowed underneath the moonlight then I could see a light on him and I turn around and it’s our friends recording us and then I say yes! It was how I always wanted it to happen and I wouldn’thave changed anything.

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