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My Fiance always told me that whenever he was going to ask me it wouldn’t be in front of other people. He said he would hate it if there was a crowd and that he would be too scared that I would say no (obviously I told him this was nonsense :-P).

On the last Saturday before Christmas (last year) we were flying to my home country to spend Christmas with my family and when we stepped on the plane there was a mistletoe hanging from the frame in front of first class. We were in the first row of first class, so we saw all the reactions to the mistletoe and everyone said that it was so sweet that they’d hung it up for Christmas.

About 30 minutes before landing the main stewardess came on the speakersystem and I assumed that they were going to tell us that we had to put our seatbelts on. Boy was I wrong!

The stewardess said “Ladies and gentlement, we have a very special announcement. One of our passengers is getting her Christmas present a bit early this year.” and then Fiance got down on one knee in the aisle, with the ring box open, and said “Will you marry me?”. I said yes (of course) and everyone applauded and the stewardesses came out with a tray with mini champagne bottles, love heart candies, a flower, a heart shaped cushion and a card signed by the whole crew. Then they all came up and congratulated us and the pilot came out too πŸ™‚ 

It was so amazing and unexpected, he’d called the airline and planned it all in advance! I still can’t believe he did it so publicly πŸ™‚ 

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I’m a bit jealous in saying my proposal was not a complete surprise but I’m a compulsive planner and had been involved in initial ring shopping so I knew it was “in the works”.

We were visiting family in Michigan (we live out of state) and took a little couples trip up to Traverse City which is way up north! We hung around town, shopping, visiting breweries, and eating chocolate fudge πŸ˜› On the second night we had a fancy dinner reservation out on one of the peninsulas and I was looking for a ring box in his pockets and nada.

While eating, we actually heard our waiter on the phone with another guy helping him get ready to propose to his gf and we laughed it off (though Fiance looked a little nervous). After a fabulous dinner overlooking Grand Traverse Bay he told me to call our ride (20 minutes away) so I was pretty certain at that point it wasn’t happening.

We walked out to the bay and sat in a wicker loveseat and literally the moment his butt hit the seat he’s pulling out the ring out of his pocket (yes he put it in his pocket with no box or anything). I was so shocked I said “Aren’t you going to get on one knee???” (romantic control freak that I am). He did and proposed so sweetly in front of the sunset on the lawn of this nearly empty restaurant. I was shaking and laughing and kissing him.

Our waiter came out on the porch and asked if we needed another drink, when he saw the ring he brought us champagne, took our pic, and then started crying πŸ™‚ So cute. We proceeded to drink a ton more champagne and drunkenly call all our friends and family from the hotel room.

So perfect πŸ™‚

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We were visiting his brother in San Francisco, and I knew it was going to happen. And we were in the process of buying a house, and that morning it almost fell through! Poor DH had to spend an hour on the phone figuring out what to do, luckily it worked out, but that was stressful. A little after that was sorted out, a car came, and took us first to a restaurant we had visited on our first trip together. The first time we were there, some drunk girl said I was staring at her and that she wanted to fight me! I was speechless and DH stood up for me. This time, DH told me that that was when he realized that he had someone he always wanted to stand up for. Then the driver took us to a part of Golden Gate Park where we once had a picnic, with our dog running around being adorable. This time, he told me that during that picnic, he first realized that we felt like a family. Then we went to a gorgeous part of the park we had never been to before, and DH said that he always wanted to visit new places with me, pulled out a velvet box, got down on one knee, opened it, and asked me to marry me. I said yes, we had a moment, and I ogled the ring, which was an awesome dragon ring (so I could pick out my engagement ring myself). Then a Segway tour rolled by.

It was perfect, we spent the rest of the day playing tourist, had an amazing dinner, and spent the night in a hotel (instead of on the deformed pullout bed in his brother’s living room).

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With a surprise trip to Paris! One of the best days of my life πŸ™‚

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Like some Bees here, I was expecting a super huge proposal in public (since we’ve been together 7 years at the time now 8, I figured he had a lot of time to think loool). Well, it was pretty big but not tooooo public and I think I prefer it that way in retrospect!

It was right after I finished my last internship before getting my license, and it had been 6 weeks I hadn’t seen Fiance, so I was sooo excited to go see him!! I got there on Saturday night, and Sunday, he said he wanted to celebrate my imminent graduation, so he made me breakfast-in-bed at first! Then we went shopping in a street I really wanted to visit in his new city, and he bought me a couple of dresses ahaaa.

Then we were supposed to go catch a movie, so he convinced me that to get there, we had to go through the park. (well, I was a complete tourist there so I had no idea he was totally bluffing) I was getting cold (it was in March) and started complaining of walking xD (I hate walking for long and he knows it, he actually shared afterwards that he was exactly scared of that and me not wanting to walk so far xD) when we got to a frozen willow tree next to a beautiful iced pond, that’s when he started talking to me really anxiously. I was still complaining actually and didn’t realize what was happening until he got on one knee… Then I went “Oh no, no no no” (ok i don’t know why, stress ahaa) and then he freaked out for a second there… and kept on going… and then I finally said YES aha!!! We were all giddy and excited, I think I cried of joy not too sure.. That part is kinda blurry with all the emotions! I don’t even remember what he said when he asked lol.

Then we actually went to see the movie LOL I couldn’t stay still! we then had dinner at a super fancy restaurant where I stopped him from ordering the most expensive thing on the menu lool

When we went back to his place, I opened the door and just went “HOLY F*” (oops) that was the biggest surprise: the whole place was full of petals of roses on the floor and with cute white xmas lights, the song “At Last” by Etta James started playing and there was an iPad on the bed playing a collage of many pics of us through the years aww : ) I mean, the proposal could’ve been just that part and it would’ve been perfect, but Fiance made it a whole day of proposal!!!!! 

I’m just so happy we are engaged after so long, that I can call him my Fiance and that we will be able to share our love soon enough through the wedding and marriage : )

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I was butt naked and we were laying around post-coitus when he got up, asked if I wanted to watch Duck Dynasty, and disappeared to get the DVD player from the other room. He called me out to ‘help’ and then he dropped a box on the floor, picked it up, and knelt in front of me in all our naked glory!

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He completely surprised me! It was not unexpected, because I knew we’d get married eventually, but it was definitely a surprise. From very early on, we discussed the future (where we’d live, kids, values, etc.) and for at least 8 months before the proposal, we’d been planning our move to England (where he’s from) where we want to live for some number of years before returning to the west coast of the US (where I’m from). He’s also talked about how he never made plans around anyone before, but I was different, so I figured he’d be slow to commit – maybe we’d get engaged once we were in England and had lived together for a while? We even discussed visas and how I would get into the country without us having to get married (we didn’t want to feel like we were getting married just to get me into the country).


Little did I know, a camping & meteor shower-gazing trip we had planned for ~4 months was actually his plan to propose! I was so excited for the trip, planned out everything we had to bring, kept going on and on about the meteors and making him try s’mores for the first time (s’mores are not a thing in the UK. Fiance had never tried one before. WHAT?!). Come the first evening of our trip, Fiance didn’t want to play the normal card game we love (it riles us up too much! haha not so good to put you in a love-y mood), was agitated when the supermoon blocked us from seeing meteors, even drove us (uncharacteristically silently – said later that he was afraid to spill his secret!) to a second location to see if we could see more stars, then drove us BACK to the original (more romantic) location. Thank heavens I didn’t complain as he shuffled us around so much! After lying on the dock on the lake for a solid 20 minutes the second time around, I finally spotted a meteor. I told him, he told me to make a wish, and then he started talking about how he was staring up at this same meteor shower a year ago and his wish was that we’d be happy together forever etc. and he put the ring box in my hand. I was so startled, I said “What’s this?!” and he told me to open it. We flipped over onto our stomachs and he got out a flashlight so I could see what I was doing. As soon as I opened it, I burst into happy tears and we spent the rest of the evening cuddling and laughing. He told me EVERYTHING – how long it took him to pick the ring, how he’s known since our third date that he was going to ask me to marry him, and how hard it was to keep all of this a secret from me (he’s terrible at keeping secrets). We laughed at the dismal meteor shower and how it threw a wrench in the romance of his plans, but this way Mother Nature will throw us a meteor shower party every year on our engagement anniversary πŸ™‚ 

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how sweet <3 I think that is very romantic.

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Ours was way over the top but so us! He told me we were going up to DC for a vacation because its one of my favorite cities. On the way there he got off on the wrong exit and I had no clue what was going on. He told me he had a surprise for me because we’d both been wprking so hard lately. We ended up in this small town in Maryland right on the Chesapeake Bay. They were having a Thompson Square Concert. I’d been dying to go see them because they sing our song. When we got up to will call they also handed us meet and great passes, which he told me he payed extra for (looking back that should have been a sign something was up). We got to meet them and have our picture taken. Right before the concert started a man came up to us and gave us back stage passes. He said they always chpse a random group from the meet and greats. As we were standing back stage durring their finale they stopped in the middle of our song Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not. They called us pn stage and I was paralyzed. When I finally followed my fiance they gave him the mic and he got down on one knee. He said he couldnt think of a better place because of how much that song ment to us. The band then contiued our song for us to dance to. Afterwards they were so amazongly nice! 

The poor guy had been sending them tweets until they followed him. He pm’d them and they willing gave him their number and their managers number to set it up. That day he was a total mesz! He kept stopping to use the bathroom telling me he was sicl when actually he was communicating with them. Their bus had broke down and he was in a complete panic! I cant believe he went through so much trouble. We have professional pics and videos from the crowd!

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blt982: the funny thing about our proposal story, is I really had no idea it was coming. We had been talking marriage for a few years, and I knew it was going to happen eventually, I just didn’t know when. Two nights before he proposed, he told me that it probably wasn’t going to happen for a few more months (what a liar) and then the morning of her told me that two of his friends wee going to tag along on a date that I had been looking forward too the whole week, which pissed me of a little bit. They called while we were on our way to say “something had come up”. Well, he took me out on the boat that he shares with his friends on the lake. He put the ring on the end of his fishing line and put it in the lake. While he was “messing with something else” he asked me to reel his line in. I didn’t realize there was a ring on the line until I turned around and he was down on his knee asking me to marry him.

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blt982:  I have two stories, actually. The first time, my husband was out working on one of his project cars and talking to me at the same time. He stopped what he was doing and just smiled at me. It was a little creepy and I said “why are you looking at me like that?” And he told me “I want to marry you. I don’t think I can wait to ask.” He put a small hose clamp on my ring finger and it’s still in my jewelry box. 

When he “officially” asked (his idea, not mine), he had just helped me move into my new house and was talking to me at like 3 in the morning before he drove home. He said a bunch of stuff about making this official and announcing things to our families, all that fun stuff. We planned out the basic stuff for the wedding that night and I considered that our official engagement,  but he had other plans. 

I came back from getting my pastor’s license and stopped to visit him/crash on his couch. He woke me up early so I was growly and was wearing yoga pants and his sweatshirt when he blindfolded me and drove me to breakfast at the place we’d had our first date. Then he drove to the local jewelry store and helped me pick out a ring. After he bought one, the owner told him he had to “join the ranks; down on one knee”, but he waited til we were in the car and then said “so…are we gonna do this?” To which I responded “yeah…I think so.”

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Mine was so unexpected that the fact it wasn’t romantic doesn’t matter. Me and fiance had talked about getting engaged and we’re going to wait a year or two so he could save up….well like 2 months after this conversation,  I get home from work and he said I had a present upstairs (we have a split level house). My fiance always gets me little cite knick knacks so I thought it was tjat. Well I look at the living room table and there was the box!

I opened it and ram downstairs. He asked if I liked it, I said yes and then asked me just standing there. It was totally out of the blue and a complete surprise. He’s a blue collar hard physical labor guy so it was so his style. It was sweet to me and I loved it!

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My Fiance and I were laying in bed watching The Lion king, and he looked over at me and said “Hey, do you wanna marry me?” I thought he was joking and said “Ew, you’re gross, no.” and then he like got all serious and was like “No, seriously, do you wanna marry me?” and of course I said yes.

It’s not romantic but it’s ours.

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My Fiance and I were (are) in a long distance relationship (I’m in Georgia and he’s in PA).  So we see each other once a month or every other month.  We had both agreed that we wanted to get married in Spring of 2015 and I told him I wanted at least 6 months to plan a wedding, but really wanted more than that.   I had kind of been pressuring him thinking he was putting it off, but he had a plan all along.  My best friend told me he asked her to go ring shopping with him, so i knew he had a ring.  He came down to Georgia in August and I was on pins and needles the whole weekend.  NOTHING.  So he flew away and I settled with the idea of waiting til I was going to see him in late September. 

The next weekend was my grandparents 50th anniversary party.  I was busy helping get ready for their party and he was going to Chicago that weekend to visit a friend.  Or so I thought!   Instead he and his two good friends drove all day down from Philly.  The morning of their anniversary, my sister asked me to come with her to pick up the cake for the party. We ended up pulling up to a park and I saw two guys holding bouquets and I said to my sister “Wow… That guy looks just like *FI*’s friend!  No, seriously!  He looks SO MUCH LIKE HIM!” And my sister turned and said “Gotcha Bitch!” and jumped out of the car laughing. (that’s when it clicked)

I got out and my sister and his two friends each read a part of a love letter he wrote me.

“This is it.  The day we’ve been waiting for so long.  Patience is trying, but it’s helped us to endure and to be united.  You and I have battled adversity and through it shown how much we love each other and why we should be together.  When things have been tough, we joined forces and chose each other.  We’ve laughed together, we’ve cried together, we’ve fought together, and we’ve hoped together.  For all the aspects of our lives that are about to change forever, here are a few that won’t: I will always fight for you,  I will always hope with you, I will always love you, and I will always choose you. 

Since I can remember, I have been picturing the woman that I would be facing on this day.  Throught the years her face has changed many times.  One of the best feelings I’ve ever known is the feeling of new love.  Falling in love for the first time.  One of the ways I know you’re the one for me is because you’ve changed all of that.  I never want to fall in love again.  I now only picture one face when I think of the rest of my life, yours.  I have fallen in love for the last time, and I will hold on to that love forever.

Today marks the beginning of so many things.  One step closer until I get to call you my wie.  The start of the real wedding planning!  The first day of our engagement.  I like our beginnings.  The first time we spoke on the shuttle, the first time I kissed you, the first time I flew to Georgia, and so much more.  Beginnings can be scary because there’s no way of knowing what lies ahead.  I know whatever is ahead for us, if I’m with you I’ll be happy.  If I’m with you, I’ll be home.  So close your eyes, hold my hang, and jump with me.  Don’t fear.  Instead, be excited for all the moments, the memories, the time that still awaits us.  After all, it’s only the beginning.”

Then they had me walk to meet him. He was waiting for me by a fountain, standing in a heart made of rose petals. He got down on one knee and shared his heart with me and asked me to marry him. I, of course, was blubbering too much to actually say anything so I nodded!

I love that I was caught off guard but still had it drawn out so that I got to enjoy the moment of being proposed to.  He felt so clever for planning a surprise visit RIGHT after he had just come to visit.  He was right, I was not expecting it then!  He planned such a perfect day for us and pulled it off flawlessly!  

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