How Did Others Petitie Bees Lose Weight?

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lifelovemountains :  I’m looking for ideas on this too! I am also 5’1 and would love to love 10-15 pounds before my wedding. 

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Sounds like your on the right track for weight loss. I used the Atkins diet to lose 50 pounds in 3 months, it truly does work, cut out all the carbs and drink a ton of water! 

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Bumble bee

You didn’t mention your age, Bee. Your diet is healthy and you have a good amount of exercise each week. 

Truth of the matter is that as you age, the body does slow down and your fat/muscle/etc. redistributes. 

You might have to work harder to get the results you want, but I’d recommend against it, as that borders on nutrient deprivation and general deprivation. Part of a happy life is not constantly depriving yourself. Keep up your exercise, eat a healthy and clean diet, and if your weight lands naturally at 120 instead of 115, then maybe that’s where you’re supposed to be (according to your body). Do what you can and let it direct you. 

I’m currently overweight because I have an unhealthy relationship with food, but I can tell you my natural (and healthy) progression from age 16-24 (before my depression and developing my current issues). I’m 5’3”. 

At age 16, I exercised five days per week, ate whatever I wanted, and weighed 108. Bra size: full C. 

At 18, I exercised five days per week, ate a little more consciously, and weighed 115. Bra size: small D.

At 20, I exercised three days per week and ate healthy, weighed 122. Bra size: full D. 

My metabolism slowed. I did everything as I did it before, and by 24, I weighed 130 and felt really good at that weight. My bra size was a Dear Daughter. 

I put in my bra size to show you that this was a natural process of my body maturing and becoming more “womanly”. It wasn’t just me gaining weight/fat/whathaveyou. I was still exercising and eating healthy. There are natural changes you’ll go through over time. Let them happen so long as you’re still at a normal BMI. If it requires killing yourself at the gym or overly restricting yourself to continue losing weight, then it could be the case that your body is going through a very natural and normal period of change. 

For me now, 135 at 31 years old would be a blessing. It’s my goal. My highest weight got to be 180 when I ate everything and had no energy to exercise. So, what I’m saying? Let the 5 lbs go if all else is in order. The 45 lbs like me? Don’t be that person. Haha 

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Busy bee

Make sure you’re doing strength training. I’m 5’2 and 98 pounds. I eat probably closer to 1600-1800 calories per day (I don’t count calories but I eat very often throughout the day). Strength training builds muscle which in turn burns more calories. Sounds like you’re eating sensibly and not following any kind of fad or elimination diet which is great! Those pretty much never work long-term.

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lifelovemountains :  This is such a small thing but I will say to be careful with cereal! Often they are empty calories (as in not much nutritional value) packed with sugar and it’s very easy to overestimate how much you are eating. 

Also, maybe consider cutting down to 1300 calories per day if that’s something you are comfortable with. I calculated your TDEE using your height and exercise (I had to guess your age) and it estimates you shouldn’t be eating more than 1350 if you want to lose weight.

Finally, do you remember to track the oils you use when cooking? Just one tablespoon of oil is around 120 calories!

Like others said, you eat very healthy so maybe just some minor tweaks could get you heading in the direction you’d like!

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So I’m 5’0″ and weight about 155. If I ate some of the stuff you ate I’d weigh even more. If I don’t watch my carbs and sugar then I gain weight pretty rapidly. It’s really frustrating. I also have huge boobs and a butt so I think that accounts for a lot of my weight lol.

I don’t have any advice other than to say if you’re eating healthy, getting exercise and feel great, that’s all that matters. I’m obese according to my bmi but I feel great.

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Blushing bee

I am your same height/weight and the only thing that works for me to lose lbs. on the scale is keeping calories the same (1200-1400) but cutting carbs, and even then it’s pretty slow since (3 lbs a month or so). I think it’s mostly because eating mostly fat/protein lowers my appetite/keeps me fuller longer. Exercise tones your muscles so you look slimmer but for at least for me doesn’t do much for actual fat loss (like I can have toned abs but still have a little belly fat that won’t go away without dietary changes). Over-exercising (too often at a high intensity) can also stall weight loss and that could be what’s happening for you. It could also be that you’ve gained muscle which weighs more than fat.  As I’ve gotten older (early 30s) I have to put in more effort to maintain my weight. I doubt I’ll ever weigh 110 again without near starvation which I’m not willing to do because that would be sacrificing my health. I try to worry more about how I look/feel/how my clothes fit rather than a number on the scale. 🙂

Edited to agree with PP that strength training is your friend. I can do tons of cardio and not look much different (although cardio is good for lots of other reasons), but strength training (I usually do bodyweight exercises) makes a big difference in how toned I look.

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At the end of the day, (with a few exceptions) weight loss comes down to calories you put in to your body vs calories burned. 

Unfortunately for all you shorties, your calorie allowances for weight loss are frustratingly small. 

Let’s say someone is 5’1, weighs 120 lbs, and is 28 years old. Their “Basic Metabolic Rate” is only around 1330 calories. When they achieve 110 lbs, it would only be about 1280 calories per day.  Of course, with your activity level, they would probably have a calorie allowance of around 1700 to maintain their current weight of 120 lbs, and a little over 1600 when they reach their goal weight of 110 lbs.  (there are calculators to help you determine this for yourself).

There are approximately 3500 calories in 1 lb. So, if you find out your calorie allowance is 1700 per day to maintain, and you eat 1200 calories per day, you should lose 1 lb per week.

Get it?

Now, if you are eating at a calorie deficit but the weight isn’t moving, one of two things is happening:

1. You have miscalculated something. Either you are overestimating your exercise, or underestimating/mis-measuring your food (which is a super easy/common mistake).

2.Something more sinister is going on, like a medical problem, for which you should seek professional help.

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I’m typically about the same size as you. I’m 5’1″, and usually, my weight consistently hovers around 115 (fluctuating between 110 and 120). When we got engaged I was 120, which wasn’t a huge cause for concern. But then we moved in together and I wasn’t working out as much as I adjusted to our new routine, so I got up to 125. Then I had some health problems over the summer, which limited my physical activity even more, and I got up to 133. I definitely was not feeling like myself and didn’t want to get married like that.

Sometimes it can be tough to lose weight if you’re not super overweight, because your body doesn’t have that much to lose and wants to hold onto some “cushion.” I only managed to lose 2 pounds on my own over the course of a couple months. So finally in January I signed up for a BeachBody program to get myself into shape before my wedding this spring. My goal is to be under 120 (preferably 115 or less) by my wedding in May. 

I’ve been doing 80 Day Obsession for a month now, and have gone from 131 to 125 (maybe even less now, since it’s been about a week since my last weigh-in). I did not expect to lose weight so rapidly, but the even better part is that my body composition has been changing as well. I’ve lost inches, and my fiance said that I look like I’ve lost more weight than I actually have because I’m losing fat and building muscle. I expect that the rate of weight loss will slow a bit, but I’m confident that I’ll be able to reach my goals for my wedding, so I recommend this program! I had a higher starting weight than you, so your results may vary, but as a petite person who typically has a hard time losing weight, I did not expect the results I’ve gotten so far. 

80 Day Obsession consists of a nutrition plan (which is pretty strict, but I’m not as hungry as I expected to be) and workout videos (some weight/strength training and some cardio) which can be accessed online and done at home. If you want to continue running, you can combine that with the program. I recommend these articles for that:

Personally, I have not kept up with running so far while I’ve been doing the program for the past month, but I’m looking to add some running back into my routine in the next week or two. 

Anyway, I hope this helps, and good luck with your fitness goals! 

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lifelovemountains :  I am also 5’1″ and lost over 10lbs with diet and exercise. For diet, I just ate less processed foods, fast food and cut out soda, and tracked my calories with MyFitnessPal. I calculated my BMR online (how many calories you burn in a day) and with MyFitnessPal, and used this to determine how many calories I needed to eat to lose weight. This ended up to be around 1200-1300 caloires a day for 1lb/week loss with my weight and height. At the time I was 127lbs. Now I’m around 114. 

For exercise, I would highly recommend, they have hundreds of free workout videos and 4-week programs for $9.99 that have really worked for me. I started off slow with just yoga once to twice a week and I was so sore after that!!! Really out of shape, which is why I started SLOW and didn’t beat myself up with hard workouts starting out. I just simply wasn’t capable of them. After doing yoga for a couple weeks, I started doing more beginner cardio workouts and kicked freqency up to three times a week over the next few months. Then I really started to feel stronger and could push myself with beginner HIIT cardio, pilates, and weight lifting. This has really changed my life and I lost over 10lbs doing it! Hope this helps! 

ETA: As I lost weight and started working out harder and 5 days a week, I did not need to cut my calories as much. I had to adjust for my new BMR. I now eat around 1500-1600 a day, and even as much as 1800-2000 if I’m really working out hard. When you build muscle, you just burn more calories in a resting state, and need to eat more to function properly. 

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I’m 5’ 0” and have lost 50 lbs. All I’ve done is count calories. On a day where I don’t exercise I eat 1200-1300 calories. I also got into running, mostly so I can eat more lol. I workout 5 days a week – cardio and strength training and on those days I eat 1500-1600 calories.

The thing with being short is there’s not a lot of room for error with your calories so I would suggest getting a food scale to weigh all your food so you really know how many calories you are eating – I track using myfitnesspal.

Also, the less weight you have to lose the longer it will take. When I first started I could lose 2 lbs a week, now I average 1 lb a week. With only about 5 lbs to lose you should expect 0.5 lb a week at most. It’s just a slow process.

Also, since you are already at a healthy weight you may want to look into body recomp (basically building muscle rather than losing fat) because that may give you more of the results you want. There are lots of beginner strength training programs out there, you just pick one you think sounds good.

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bouviebee :  this! I remember I hit 24 and got hips out of nowhere. It was like a second puberty. All of the diet and exercise wasn’t going to get me back into a size 0 and I had to accept that. Now I’m almost 34 and have given birth – yes I need to lose some weight but it’s unrealistic to think I’ll get back to my college weight of 117. I have hips and boobs now! I’m at 155 and working towards 130, with 125 as my “damn that’d be awesome but I’m not killing myself for it” goal. But 117 again? Not unless I chop off an arm or get dealthy ill. 

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Helper bee

I’m the same height as you, and it’s true that it’s harder for tiny people to lose weight. I’ve always watched my calories to lose weight, but the real game changer for me was when I switched from eating 3 meals a day to 5 meals a day. Same number of daily calories, just spread out more throughout the day. Eating small meals every 3 hours really helps to keep my metabolism up, and it keeps my blood sugar more stable because I never get too hungry.

Also, make sure you’re doing strength training! Losing weight was a struggle when I was just doing cardio. Building muscle will increase your metabolic rate, so you’ll burn more calories at rest. (Then you’ll be able to enjoy a slice of pizza occasionally without immediately gaining weight.) In order to build muscle, you have to make sure you’re eating enough protein in addition to lifting weights. They say you need to eat about 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight every day if you want to build muscle. So make sure you get a good balance of protein, carbs, and fat with every meal. (I don’t restrict carbs. I’ve found that to be totally unnecessary.)

I keep my calories to 1375 a day and do strength training 3 times a week. I also eat about 100 grams of protein every day and drink plenty of water. I can lose an average of 1 pound a week doing this, but weight loss definitely slows down once I reach 105 pounds. Good luck!

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Sugar bee

The one thing that’s always worked for me is calorie counting. Especially when using a fit bit to track calories out and the my fitness pal app to track what I eat. If you punch in your height, weight, age, and weight goal/date – the app gives you daily calorie goals. 

I haate cutting out entire food groups because I end up hating life and pigging out, so calorie counting helps keep the portions in control. You also naturally start to eat healthier because you realize how much more full you are when eating healthy foods vs eating junk. 

Long distance running helps a ton too, probably mainly because of the calorie output. And limiting refined sugars because they spike my blood sugar and give me cravings. 

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