How Did Others Petitie Bees Lose Weight?

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I’m 5’2 and gained over 20 lbs in grad school. I lost it all with weight watchers and I’ve maintained my weight loss for almost ten years now. I currently hover around 103. I found that portion control was my biggest issue. While you are in weight loss mode, measure everything especially things like rice and pasta. Now I pretty much eat whatever I want but generally make healthy meals. If I’ve gsined a few lbs and want to get back down, I do a week of soup for lunch and dinner. I try to avoid buying anything for snacks and just snack on fruit. 

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I am 5’1″ and generally 118lbs. I got down to 108 for my wedding in April. I did morning cardio (while fasting), BBG in the afternoon, 1100-1200 cals per day and no carbs after breakfast. Cut out all those carbs at night. The potatoes, chex cereal and kombucha (sugar = carbs) all at night is probably un-doing all the diet and exercise you did during the day!

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I’m 5’3″, and I was always pretty athletic but not super thin. I was around 120- 125 and throughout the years crept up to 145-150. When we got engaged I dropped from 150 back to 140 and I just hit a plateau. I started doing intermittent fasting (my friend is a dietitian and recommended it) along with calorie counting and doing orange theory 3-4 days a week. I dropped the last 10 pounds I wanted. And have since maintained my happy weight of 130. I typically do IF 4-6 days a week just because I actually like that eating schedule.

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I’m 5’3” and around 120 pounds. Through college, I was like 110-115, but after I hit 23 or 24, it felt like my metabolism really slowed down, plus I had an office job vs. more active ones. I had a few health issues and got up to around 140. I dropped to 130 before my wedding and stayed there for awhile, but last summer got motivated and dropped back to 120 by cutting calories and eating healthier. I’ve really plateaued here no matter what I do. I am increasing my activity level (working out 4x/week instead of 2x/week and cutting down on carbs/sugars, but it seems like my body more or less really wants to stay around 120 even though I’d like to hit 115 again, so I’m just trying to be okay with that.

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I’m 5’1″ as well, I lost over 50 lbs (but still have a ways to go).

Mostly I avoid refined carbs and processed foods, and try to keep my diet full of veggies and healthy fats (like avocados and extra virgin olive oil). I do eat carbs, but only carbs that come in the form of veggies or beans. My diet most closely resembles Keto, except I don’t count my macros and I’m not strict about it (for instance, I don’t limit beans which can be carb-y). I also try to moderate the amount of animal protein I eat in general, I still eat meat but I try to make whatever veggies I’m eating make up the majority of my meal (so instead of meat with a veggie side, it’s more like veggies with a meat side), and I try to eat plenty of fish.

Beyond what I eat, I think intermittent fasting is what really helps me. I started out with just skipping breakfast and not eating snacks, and after a couple weeks that became easy for me and I stopped getting hungry between meals. Now I’ll often skip lunch at work, I’m just not that hungry then anyway, and it gives me time to do errands during my lunch break instead.

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I’ve been doing IIFYM for a year now and I love it. 

I ate healthy and mostly clean before I started IIFYM, but didn’t know a ton about macros, and actually wasn’t eating enough (especially not enough protein for the level of exercise I do). It’s a little overwhelming at first, but I’ve learned a lot about what makes my body thrive over this last year. I’ve also learned a lot about the nutritional values of foods to where it’s much easier for me to track things, and on days I don’t feel like tracking, I can eat intuitively and stay on track for the most part. If you visit, they will calculate your macros for free to give you an idea of where to start, based off of your height, weight, level of activity (if you have a sedentary or active job), level/amount/type of exercise, and your goals. I actually eat more now than I did before, but I feel so much better, have lost body fat while gaining muscle, and still get to splurge on the treats that I like. 

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Less cardio, more strength training. Pilates Reformer is great for building lean muscles. 


You might be a little more carb sensitive than others. Even though you’re choosing healthy starch carbs, I would cut the oatmeal and serial and see if that helps. For fruit, stick to berries (just short term) to see if that helps jumpstart a loss.

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I did Optavia before my wedding and dropped weight quickly and relatively easily.  All I had to do was eat 5 portion controlled “fuelings” a day that were mailed to me plus follow certain guidelines for one large meal on my own.  It was hard for me to stick with longer term because it isn’t super flexible about eating out, but was simple when I had a set goal and time frame. 

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I’m about the same height as you and I stick to around 1200 calories.

I stay away from sugar and carbs.(no wheat bread, no bagels, no pasta)

I’ll eat salads(but be careful of the sugar in dressings) and I’ll eat meat and healthy veggies(no corn or carrots, high in sugar).

I try to keep my carbs around 20-40.  Under 20 is strick keto. 

I find its the only thing that works for me.  Even when I was working out like a madwoman for 2 hours a day 4 days a week I wasn’t losing. I did keto for my wedding, never worked out(I dont consider walkign working out) and I lost what looked like 20 pounds, though the scale only said 10.  Inches were lost.

It is amazing. 

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I’m 5”1 and hover pretty much at 100lbs. I’m probably going to try to drop about 2/3 for my wedding as my dress is very fitted and once I start to go past 98lbs I hold weight on my stomach no matter how much I workout, above 100 just isn’t a flattering weight on my figure.

I just stay very careful of portion control, I don’t cut anything out as personally I don’t think it’s easy to maintain that. I eat healthy for the most part and if I want to eat bread or pizza or dessert I just have a very small portion. I need to drop to 1200 cals to lose weight so I always try to have half the portion that most of my friends or Fiancé have. 

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I am 5’1 and 127 as of now. I eat anywhere between 1800-1900 calories per day without much exercise and have maintained my weight. I’ve tried cutting back, but cutting back always leads to a binge.

I lose weight eating 1500-1700 as a general rule. 1200 is way too low for me—I would have no energy and get headaches eating that little. 

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I am finding these things help me a lot.

  • Cut out caffeine – stops sugar cravings
  • Have a big salad for one meal a day
  • Get your five fruit and veg a day WHOLE and not in juice or pre prepared dinners. 
  • Only have one big meal a day, 
  • An hour of exercise a day
  • at least 10g of protein at each meal
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I used a mix of calorie counting using an iPhone app and intermittent fasting. Lost 30lbs over the course of last year. It was hard but totally worth it. The easiest way for me to drop my calorie count was to only drink water and (green) tea except for my morning coffee. We also ate similar meals each week which made counting easier.

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