(Closed) how did you and your SO get together??

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i met my husband at temple. i used to go all the time, but he only came b/c his friend was having some major problems in his life so a group of them went to pray for him. his friends happened to be my brothers friends, so i went to say hello to all of them and there he was. although we’ve gone to the same temple our whole lives, i’ve never seen him before. and he didn’t say more than two words to me, so i was sure he wasn’t interested. the next day, he friended me on facebook and we talked pretty much every day for a month. on facebook. that was until i finally said that we should hang out. we made a date, and pretty much spent every day with eachother since than.

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We met at a bar.  I was out with a girlfriend and pointed him out as he walked by because I thought he was cute.  Later, some other gross drunk guy was bothering us so we as we escaped from him my friend saw my Fiance and his friend sitting at a table.  She ran up to them and started talking to them.  Unfortunately, Fiance didn’t talk much at first (he claims he’s shy…I think he was drunk).  We ended up talking a while, and ended up kissing a bit, until it was time to go home.  My friend had to hand him my phone number and said “call her!”  Ten minutes later he did as I was driving home.  The rest is history!  Never thought I’d meet my future hubby at a smelly Irish bar, but I guess you just never know!

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Ooohh fun thread!

Well Boyfriend or Best Friend and I were acquaintances in high school, but never really had much interaction. We had History together and its funny b/c one of my friends had the BIGGEST crush on him and she used to ask me if I thought he was cute alllll the time. My response? “He’s cool” LOL. Ironic, no?

Fast forward 4 years later, were in college and he finds me on Facebook thru a mutual friend. We msg each other back and forth and we finally “re-meet” in person. From that day on we have been inseparable! The past 5 years have been a whirlwind, I love it!!

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SO and i were actually FWB (friends with benefits!) for about 5 years before we started dating. 5 years! We worked at a summer camp together and had  a summer fling, since we were both in college at the time, him in NY and me in Boston, we didn’t attempt anyting serious. we were young and enjoying our time in college and freedoms that came with it. Unlike many FWB situations, we were able to maintain a solid friendship and there was never much jelaousy or arguing. We hung out consistenly every summer and on breaks from school.

After college I started to develop feelings that were more than purely sexual or purely friendship- i wanted more! Things got slightly more serious- we spent more time together and went out on dates, but, to my dissapointment, we werent exclusive and it didnt seem like things were going anywhere. I got frustrated and ‘gave up’. I was settled into my career and wanted a man that would want to be with me and would compliment my now-adult life (in other words- i wasnt 21 anymore and didnt wanat someone to just drink beers and sleep with!) about 9 months went by without talking, and then we reconnected. From that day on, SO turned on the gas and was 100% committed.  There had been some stuff going on in his life previously (around the time i wanted to get serious) and now that he had move on, he made it clear he was ready. He amazed me with how serious he was about things- he even asked my parents permission before dating me.  We were in a LDR for a while and he drove 3 hours to see me every weekend. I was amazed at how he had changed from a fun-loving party-going hook up to a serious, committed partner. He is the most amazing man i’ve ever known and i am so very lucky.

our story is intersting because there have been many twists and turns, but i would never change a thing. looking back, even to the first summer we hooked up, i truly believe my heart always knew there was something special about him and we both just had to wait until we were mature and ready to make it happen. and i’m so glad we did!

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He had been working at Chick-fil-A for over 2 yrs when I started there in 2008. I was soooo extremely shy back then and for a long time I wouldn’t talk to anybody so he barely knew I existed. Eventually we started getting put on the same shifts and started talking more, both at work and on Facebook. I was very sheltered as a child so as we got to be friends he wanted me to try new things and go out with people more. Then he asked me to go see Transformers 2 with him and a bunch of friends, but at the last minute everybody else backed out so it was just us haha! After that we started talking ALOT; seriously we talked like at least 2 hrs on Facebook every night. (I am funny about who I will talk to on the phone before I know them really well.) And eventually we just realized that we were really becoming more than friends. We’ve had our share of ups and downs, and it’s been hard sometimes for him to get used to juggling school and work and parents and a girlfriend, but we stuck it out and we will have been together for a year in July! 🙂

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I love this thread!!

The boy and I met online when I was 19 – we talked for a few months and flirted and despite being at the same clubs and pubs a lot of the time, we always missed each other.

I then met another guy and ended up dating him for 5 years! The boy and I still emailed every few months to catch up on each other’s lives – he moved overseas for a bit and all the while there was this weird little nagging feeling in my head.

Eventually, I went overseas for a short while, came back home and realised just how bad for me this other guy was and broke up with him! A few weeks later, the boy texted me to see how my trip was. I decided to invite him out for a drink and to see why he always stuck in my head. Well, the second I laid eyes on him, I knew he was the one. I thought to myself “Uhoh, I am in trouble!”

It wasn’t great timing – my ex was being extremely difficult and calling me at all hours of the day, sending me abusive emails and letters promising reform, but it just solidified what I already knew – he was the wrong one for me! At the same time, my room mate decided he would quite like to go out with me, so he started hanging outside my bedroom and scaring the hell out of me! So we had quite an intense first few weeks, but he stuck with me through the difficult time and after 7 months we moved in together, after 1.5 years we bought a house, and now we are just on a saving plan to have enough money to afford a wedding!

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My SO (I have Called him Mr. Tee on here a few times so well continue with that) and I met on a site called Superhonda.com back in 2001. It is a website all about cars, specifically hondas lol. I honestly dont remember how we started talking from the site but I think it was because I was setting up a meet down here in Atlanta and he was going to come. After thoroughly reviewing the ups and downs he ended up not coming because of the 11+ hour drive and by the time he came down he would have to turn around 3 hours later to go back home. We talked on the phone, video chatted, texted, im’d, and emailed each other continually through 2002-2004.

 In 2004 at the time I was “talking” to Mr. Tee and one other guy we will Call Mr. Boston. Well I was in a very-near-fetal accident in May of 2004. I asked my mom to call both Mr tee and Mr Boston and let them know what had happened after I got out of ICU. So my mom did (or so I thought..years later I found out mom never called Mr. tee) and I never heard from Mr. Tee. Mr. Boston flew down to Ga. and spent a weekend with me in the hospital, so we started dating. About 3 months later I get a phone call from Mr. Tee. Still unknowing he had no idea about my accident we talked and I told him I was dating someone else.. he was very unhappy but told me hed rather be my friend then not in my life at all. About 3 months after that he started dating his ex. We then didnt talk for about five months after that. We both decided we would give each other space to enjoy our new relationships.

Fast forward 5 months. He called me one night really distraught about his GF.. they were having issues and three hours later we were still on the phone talking about our relationship issues. That continued until 2007 when I broke up with my ex.. he was off and on with his and we would still talk all the time about his problems and life. In Dec of 2008 he told me that he didnt feel like he could be himself around her and he knew his relationship was doomed. They broke up about a month later for good.

Fast forward to April 2009. I spent about 13 months being set up from my family and friends and although he was done with his relationship, she would still call him now and then to meet up and try things again. I needed a break from everything and one day I was on the phone with Mr. Tee and we were joking around about never having met in person. I told him I was distraught and needed a break and he mentioned me coming up to Pittsburgh for a long weekend. After giving it alot of thought I said I would. A friend of mine is from Winston Salem and we decided we would drive up there on Thursday and finish the 7 hour drive to Pittsburgh on Friday.

The night before we were to leave I got cold feet.. I was semi-dating someone at the time, although we werent serious I didnt want to hurt him. So I called the guy and told him I wanted to talk to him. I explained to him where I was going, what was going on, and was very honest with him. He was very upset as I expected and to keep me from going threw out the “Im falling for you” card. It was very hard but I knew that I had to go see Mr. Tee and I had to find out what this “thing” was for the past 8 years.

Thursday was the longest day of my entire life.. and April 9, 2009 I finally got a chance to meet Mr. Tee in person. I wish I could describe to you ladies exactly what I felt the moment I got to see him and be in his arms. It was incredible. He took me to meet his parents pretty much immediately after I got there. His mother had known of me for along time because in the past whenever he was with her and I was on the phone I would tell him to tell her Hi for me. i have to say it was the most remarkable weekend of my life and I immediately knew that Mr. Tee was the one for me.

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My fiance and I met online when I was in college – we dated briefly then went our separate ways.  He was always the one I thought about though…thinking about what would have happened if we had stayed together.  He moved across the country (NH to TX) but we stayed in contact and five years later he moved back to New Husband to be with me – I guess he kept thinking of me too 😛  Now here we are a year and a half later planning a wedding and moving to Texas in 6 weeks TOGETHER – the way it should be :o)

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We went to high school together – but not at first.


My freshman year I went to private school, and ended up becoming really good friends with this girl, C. C’s best friend from grade school was S (my now FH). I met him a few times freshman year, but nothing big cause he want to public school. The next year, I switched to public school…and guess who sat down next to me the first day at band camp? (Oh yes, we’re band nerds too) We didn’t start dating until the end of my junior year (he was a year older), but by the time we did, all we heard from our friends was “Finally!”


And C? Well, she’s doning a lovely bridesmaid dress for us this January 🙂

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We met in a carpark at McDonalds, swapped numbers and been together ever since – romantic right?

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I love these types of post.

We met in grad school, I was 22 and him 26. We both missed the first week of classes and I overheard him asking someone for notes, so I just sort of buzzed in. The following week he copied and binded all the notes for us both free of charge.I thought that was nice and since he was working full time I always try to look out for him ( class notes, projects, study material etc)

Then came summer break, we happened to bounce into each other in a bus, and I was just talking his ears off. When he left this old strange man from behind tapped my shoulder and commented how he could see its the start of something beautiful. Just like that!!

Fast forward a few months and we had a group project, he couldnt get time off from work so I just put his name down to work with me. Before you know it we were spending every day together, working on project not working on project it didnt matter. I just thought he was SO CUTE.

So some night, I was as usual, complaining to my best friend about whether or not he only have platonic feelings towards me. The next day he proved me wrong. We were studying separately when he texted me and said he needed a break. We went over to a bar next to campus where we were just sought of flirting as friends and before I knew what was happening he leaned over and kissed me.

I was shocked out my mind, and incredibly happy. And ever since then its been happily ever after, with just one ring away from completion.




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My guy and I met at a bowling alley.  My former bff was good friend with my fiance T. T came up to shake my hand and introduced himself to me.  When I looked up at him, I could see that he recognized me and smiled this incredible smile.  Well, that night ended with a silent ride home with bff (he was pissed at me).  When bff unfriended me on fb the next day, I contacted T to ask him what was wrong.  Long story short, T and I talked non-stop for two weeks through emails, txts and ims.  We talked until 4 am!  He called me on my birthday to tell me he would love to take me out for my bday (Tuesday), but would have to take a rain check since he became sick and didn’t want to get me sick.  He got better and we had dinner and a movie Friday night. His smiles left me breathless and once he smiled and looked into my eyes..i knew I was head over heals for him.  We went on a second date the day after, and we became inseparable.  He couldn’t be more perfect for me if I picked him out of a lineup. =)

Unfortunately, my bff had secretly crushed on me and now cut both of us out of his life. =( It’s a shame because our friendship spans 15 years and his relationship with fiance is a brotherly one lasted 6+ years. Hopefully he’ll get over it and one day accept that we’re together.

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