(Closed) How did you Bee’s deal with not drinking for 9 months?!

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Buzzing bee

yes, most of the rules have a little asterick next to them, but the docs don’t always include the foot note  😉  for example

NO soft cheese     *unless it’s cooked or pasteurized

NO lunch meat     *unless you microwave it first – you can even microwave it in the morning, then pack with a ice pack in your insulated lunch box and still eat for lunch…anyone else trying that?

also, in your first trimester…image that feeling you get when hungover when you think you *might puke…now, would it be a sacrifice NOT to drink right then?  bc that’s how I feel a lot of the time since I found out I was pregnant, and then you’ll be used to NOT drinking by the time 2nd tri rolls around anyway

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Bee Keeper

1-2 drinks a day seems like a TON to me, but my DH and I don’t really drink.  In fact, 1-2 drinks per week seems like a lot!

The  one that has been killing me is the caffienated sodas because we are HUGE soda drinkers (namely Mountain Dew).  So I’ve had to find alternatives.

The sushi is hard on me, but DH doesn’t like fish so that’s not so bad.

And DH won’t let me eat hotdogs cold pregnant or not.  He refers to them as “beaks, feet, and @$$holes in a sac.”  Talk about killing your appetite!

Has anyone else cut their sodium drastically as well?  I don’t typically put salt on anything anyway, but I look at sodium levels in my food now and I eat a banana a day for the potassium to counter the sodium.

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Oh well! I guess I love my drinking problem, then!Wink

I never eat hot dogs or lunch meat anyway. My kids only get hot dogs at family functions when it’s unavoidable.

I make my own sushi, with veggies and cooked shrimp and salmon.

I try to cut back on the sodium, but it’s really hard, bc I LOVE Lay’s potato chips. It’s def one of those things I reach for when I feel yucky.

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It drives me nuts that doctors tell pregnant women not to do something b/c they assume we are too stupid to do it in moderation.  Most of the women I know drank while pregnant (everything from being wasted before they knew they were pregnant to having a glass or two of wine in their 2-3rd trimester.)  None of their kids had any problems. 

My aunt was an alcoholic who drank at least a bottle of vodka every day while pregnant with my cousin.  He doesn’t have FAS and he was actually one of the smartest kids in his class!  I know every case is different!

Anyone with a science background will tell you that the theory of “a lot is really bad so a little bit must be a little bit bad”.  That type of reasoning just doesn’t work in science. 

Every study on the effects of light drinking (1 drink per day or less) has found that this type of drinking while pregnant had has no detrimental effect on the baby. In fact, a recent study in the UK found that babies born to light drinking mothers actually have better behavior (at age 3) than babies born to non-drinkers. It was a three year long study involving over 12000 children:


So, to all the women who say that having a glass of wine is too big of a risk, how do you feel about the fact that it could be damaging to your child to NOT drink?

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Does it suck not to be able to drink a beer while watching football – YES. Does it suck not to be able to try that fancy new martini at the bar – YES.

But… it’s only for 9 months?  Honestly, it’s not that hard to give up lots of things when you know the reprecussions. I’ll admit that when we go to dinner, I ask for a “sip” of beer from someone who has ordered it. I take a sip, revel in it, and I’m done. And I think I’ve had, maybe, 12 sips of alchohol in 8 months?

I thought it would be miserable too, but honestly, it just happens. Just like it sucks not being about to sleep on my back. I don’t have a choice?

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Busy bee
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Hubby and I have also agreed that he will not be abstaining from drinking when I am pregnant.  If I’m abstaining from intoxication, I may as well be the DD for the group and let every else enjoy themselves. 

Instead, after the baby is born and I can become intoxicated again, he will have to be DD for me (like I was for him while pregnant 🙂

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Don’t worry Miss Starlet, you’re not alone. I enjoy a glass or two or wine every night (when I’m not pregnant) as well… it helps me relax and I thoroughly enjoy it.

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To each their own, but for me when you become pregnant, you need to put your selfish desires aside. For the ones that say studies saying kids are better born to light drinkers…I disagree. My mom drank with me, I was born 6 wks premie and had many issues, luckily I am perfectly healthy now. However, my younger sister who she also drank with on a routine basis, was born with a developmental delay ie at the age of 7 had the mind of 3 yr old. Luckily too, she has grown out of that and is healthy physically and mentally, but it took alot of work, battles and tears to get her there. To me, it is just not worth it.

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Sugar bee
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One study or the fact that not all babies born to alocholics have problems is not enough to convince me its ok to drink lightly or even good for the baby.  There are plenty of other studies that suggest otherwise


And here is a fact to keep in mind “When a pregnant women drinks, the alcohol quickly travels through her bloodstream, crosses the placenta, and reaches her baby. A baby breaks down alcohol more slowly than an adult, so the baby may end up with higher levels of blood alcohol than her mother.” 

All that said, I don’t think a drink or two in the last trimester would do much harm, but I just don’t crave it enough to see myself bothering with that risk.


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Bumble bee
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i love my beer and wine, and i’m surprised how easy it was for me to give it up for the love of baby bee.  i don’t even drink now because i’m breastfeeding… i’ve had a glass of wine twice since charlie was born.  that’s too little for me…  i’d rather not drink at all. Wink

the not drinking doesn’t stop once you give birth… it continues until you stop breastfeeding!

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Blushing bee
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i lost all desire to drink alcohol and coffee when i got pregnant, so that totally helped me give it up. now that i’m further along, occasionally i’ll have a cup of decaf coffee, but i don’t love + crave it as much as i did pre-pregnancy.

re: sushi- you can have cooked sushi, so that’s how i get my fix :]

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I find it pretty harsh to even have one or two glasses, wine, beer. Just plan ole alc.  My husbands bf’s wife she literally drank the whole time, if her husband was then she was. She was so drunk this one day which i heard. That she ran over the dog, killed it then said well that means i have to get smashed. While she was pregant. I have seen it with my own eyes, my husband likes her and denys it everytime i tell the story. It wasnt just once i seen her drinking hard alc it was about four different event. and Smoke weed. WACKED, i cant hang out with her. And on top of it she is 41 years old, pregnant. I would be more worried of what i consumed. Needless to say the baby looks fine i guess. Always crying though, non stop. its actually annoying.

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I’m only 8 weeks, but I’ve totally lost all desire for coffee or alcohol.  The hubby and I are big wine geeks, so we would enjoy a bottle of wine almost every night with dinner.  In fact, we would frequently get more excited about the wine than about the food!  But since I found out I was pregnant (at about 4 weeks; yeah, very early), wine has not even crossed my mind when preparing dinner.  As for coffee, which I would enjoy every morning, I can’t even stand the smell of it.  My hubby continues to be a big coffee drinker (which doesn’t bother me at all), so I make him stand on the other side of the room when enjoying a cup.  Ugh.  The smell is just too much.

Before I got pregnant I was very concerned that I might not have the discipline to abstain from alcohol and coffee.  I was pleasantly and thankfully surprised to discover that it barely crosses my mind each day.  Of course, every woman is different, but you may find that your body will tell you what it wants and needs, and what it can do without for a little while.

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Bumble bee
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before i got pregnant i was living a really wild life… i was a huge smoker and drinker. i was living already with my Fiance and working as a bartender… i got pregnant with no planning at all… i got the news of my pregnancy one month and half into the pregnancy, when i knew i was pregnant i was so worried because i drank every day and smoke and even had a tattoo that first month of pregnancy because i didnt know i was pregnant… with the drinking it was easy because i bought the non alcoholic beer but after two weeks and didnt want to drink it and i didnt crave alcohol during all my pregnancy, witht he smoking was harder… i was in a really bad mood and the first two month i was miserable… after i gave birth i never went back to drinking or smoking as much as i had before being pregnant. i can honetly say my daughter save my life becuase my style of living was awful…

dont worry, when you get pregnant your mommy instincts will kick in and you will have a lot of love one who will support you 

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