(Closed) How did you change from your early 20’s to mid to late 20’s?

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I had no clue when I was 20. I was a spoiled child. Never had anything difficult to deal with in life and was very self-involved. Now I could not be more different. I’m much more independant and appreciative of everything. I am a better person and have learned to live in a different way…if that makes sense. I don’t recognize a lot of myself when I look back.

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So much changed in those times because life changed. It was a rollercoaster ride from 19 to 24. My life is 100% percent different today.

I left home from texas to california at 18 and got my first job and apartment. I wanted to be a fashion designer and I did not believe in marriage and decided I wanted to be unmarried since cooking and cleaning was a stereotype.

I had an abusive ex boyfriend for 5 years from 16-21. He died of a drug overdose at 22.

I met the best friends I have ever met and had the best road trips, random times and fun parties.

I decided to go to college and moved from Texas to Washington. Then I met my fiance. Did I mention i cook all the time now.. Lol

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I’m 25, so I’m smack dab in the middle of my 20s. In my early twenties I was still in college. I was a mess! I was elbow deep in eating disorders, anxiety and drama. After I graduated, I moved home for a year and I think that’s when I grew up the most. I worked full time, had my own money, and started seeing what the real world was like. After that, I went to grad school (what a grown up!), got my master’s, moved out of my parent’s house and now work full time as a speech pathologist. You definitely start to change your outlook as your get a little older. As opposed to worrying about how much I could drink on a weekend, how many calories I was burning while I brushed my teeth, and what everyone was snickering about behind my back, you start thinking about saving money for a home, building a family, and making yourself a better person. It’s funny how just a few years can really make a difference!

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Wow. What a great question. Even though the thread is old, I think it’s a good one to keep going around.

I’m 28 now and life has changed so much in my 20’s. In my early 20’s I thought I was sooooo mature for my age. Looking back I laugh because almost everyone says that and almost everyone looks back and laughs at how naive they really were.
I was really selfish in my early 20’s. Life was about me. I was actually with Mr. Tattoo in my early 20’s. We hit a rough patch and instead of working through it together, we were both trying to find ways to save ourselves instead of each other. After we broke up, I threw the worlds biggest pitty party. I started to drink every day and smoke weed and then eventually I started to do coke. I didn’t care about my job in my early 20’s. I figured I could find one anywhere. I didn’t care about my work policies. I was serving and working in an office and one day I just didn’t show up to work at the office. I didn’t even call. I would never do that now.
I had an affair with a married man. I didn’t care about his wife. I was living my life and I’m not the one who broke the vows. He did. And if he wasn’t sleeping with me and showering me with gifts and affection, he would have been doing it with someone else.

Then I turned 25 and seriously something just changed. I don’t know what. I mean, I was changing for that. I had my daughter at 23 and started to settle down. But when I turned 25 something changed. I thought “Here we go. This is downhill now to 30. Time to get your shit together.” I developed a closer relationship with my sisters and mother. I entered a serious relationship and learned how to not be selfish. I finally got a good job and I still have it.

I’m still changing though. Now I’m thinking what’s the point in working so damn hard? We all die and can’t take any of this with us. A few years ago I was all about work work work, now I don’t want to work as hard and I want to do the things that I love to do.

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I’d say I just started to grow up. In my late teens/early twenties, life was all about me. My desires, my happiness, my goals, and forget everybody else. I also suffer from depression and anxiety but refused to get treatment, which resulted in some very risky behaviors. Then I had some sobering life experiences, and realized I needed to turn things around or I was going to self-destruct. I gained a sense of perspective, of realizing that my actions concerned not just myself but everyone I loved, people who cared about me and who deserved better from me. I began to appreciate them in ways I hadn’t even been able to understand before. I really think that it’s just a matter of life throwing experiences at you, and you either run away and refuse to face responsibilities and consequences, or you begin to shoulder them and deal with them like an adult. You recognize that no one but you is in charge of your life and you begin to own your decisions and actions. I think that’s what creates so much change.

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I don’t know if this counts, since I’m 25 so technically only JUST out of “early” twenties, but I agree with all the people saying about mortality!  My fiance and I barely survived the Samoan 2009 tsunami (where we were staying was completely wiped out, 17 people from one family killed next door), and 3 months after we got back I got pregnant and then lost the baby, then we got burgled, and then we got custody of my fiance’s young son (unfit mother) and then we bought our own house! So in the space of 3 years I went from carefree 21 year old at university to 25 year old with a house, post traumatic stress, and a 12 year old stepson! LOL its not all bad though, I finished uni, love his son with all my heart, and got over the tsunami thing to the point where we’re getting married on the beach haha All those things only brought us closer together.  I think thats the key really.  Not so much what age you are, but how you treat the lessons life throws at you. Realistically there was as much chance of me throwing caution to the wind and living like there’s no tomorrow (VERY tempting, lemme tell ya lol) but how I really knew I was different was that I didn’t! I think HeyKaraoke has it down. 🙂

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