(Closed) How did you decide what order to put your wedding party in?

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We obviously will have our Maid/Matron of Honor and Bridesmaid or Best Man first.  Then, I think we will arrange the other two girls by height. The guys side won’t be from tallest to lowest like the girls, just cause one of the groomsmen is taller than the best man.  Eh, you win some you loose some. I’m not stressing over it 🙂

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For my wedding I was trying to place the girls with the guys I thought they would get along with the best since they didn’t know each other.  However we quickly realized that the height differences would look strange in pictures.  We ended up just doing order of height.  Was kind of funny that the Maid/Matron of Honor was the tallest girl but best man was 2nd tallest guy though.  I say just do order of height so that no one can really argue that you think one is more important than the other. 

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Good question!

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Lexatron, I agree with mandalynn17, don’t stress 🙂 I would do whatever you feel most comfortable with. Have you asked the couples if they would care walking down the aisles with someone other their their S.O. or not? If not, then do what you want. Now, I do think it would be cute to put the respective couples together in any photos you take. That way it’s sweet for them too!

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I’ll be watching this thread closely. Fiance has a Best Man, but I don’t have an Maid/Matron of Honor. I have NO idea how I’m going to order them.

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We are having our Maid/Matron of Honor and Bridesmaid or Best Man first. Then we chose my best friend and and a Groomsmen that she gets along well with and knows to go next. After that is his best friend and we paired him with one of my BM’s that is equally good looking to him and they are about the same height. Everyone else was chosen based on height.

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We’ve paired them up based on a bunch of decisions: their personal relationships (my brother and SIL will walk together, two that have known each other for a while will walk together, two that we want to get to *know* each other will walk together….hehe) and then otherwise just based on who we think will get along best. Thankfully none of the guys are particularly tall nor the girls short … I think it just works! As for order – who knows!  Still TBD

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yeah, ours are personal reasons. He has two sisters that I have standing up, and I have two brother’s that are standing up as groomsmen. I have three friends standing up, and he has three friends. The Maid/Matron of Honor and Bridesmaid or Best Man go together, than my brothers will go with my friends, since they know each other well, and his friends will go with his sisters since they know each other well!

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It sounds like you have conflicting things that are important to you:)

I think you need to decide whether having couples walk together is more important or having your friends closer to you is.  Keep in mind that unless you hare having BM’s escorted down the aisle (I don’t htink I’ve ever seen this done), it’s only going to matter for the recessional who each person stands opposite.  Many people won’t even be paying much attention after you guys have walked out.

As for me, b/c my sister (Matron of HOnor) will be 6 days from her due date, she probably won’t stand.  My co-Maid of Honor is not being the nicest, so I really don’t want her standing next to me.  Since we’re mixing up genders and my brother is on my side, I think I’m going to have him next to me (and just have him hand her the bouquet).

There is *no* right answer to this.  Just do what feels right (though I understand it can be stressful)

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I only had an Maid/Matron of Honor but I’ve been a bridesmaid twice and seen it happen two different ways.. the third time is coming up Aug 1 and we’ll see how that works!

The first time it was four of us out of an inseperable high school Gang of Five (what we called ourselves, I know, lame. ), and we seemed to be order of closeness at the current time, after the Maid/Matron of Honor. It went SIL/MOH, then girl who had been a coworker, girl who was the best friend first/longest, me (who was closer a little later on) and then little sister of coworker girl, who was least close but still an important part of the group.

The second time was length of acquaintance. Cousin/BFF/MOH, 1st grade best friend, high school best friend (me), SIL.

I didn’t know the groomsmen at all so I’m not sure how they were ordered. One girl I knew had every other bridesmaid in a cocktail length dress, but that seemed to be kind of on accident. They all were told to wear red and I don’t know if the bride knew what their dresses were like beforehand.

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I’m doing my MOH/BM, 2 brothers with SILs, and 3 girlfriends with 3 of his friends.  Although I’m closer to my friends than SILs, I figured this was easiest since I’m very close to my brothers.  He can let the guys walk down however he wants (not sure if guys think about it as much as us!!) and my friends were going to be in height, but one p*ssed me off and is moving to the end of the line!  And the only reason I have a bad connotation with the ‘end of the line’ is b/c my cousin that has been a Bridesmaid or Best Man about 15 times (literally) always begs not to be at the end of the line.  So yes, me moving her there is punishment.  Ha!

And for pictures – last wedding I was the in the photographer mixed it up and we only stood in our walking order for about 5 pictures.

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If you are willing to do something a little non-traditional, why not group them in couples to stand with you as couples (instead of a row of girls and a row of guys).  I was in a wedding where this worked out really well.  That way, you can put the groups of couples you want closest to you or facing you where you want.  

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