How did you decide what ring you wanted?

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I started with shape and size of stone.  I had my heart set on a 2 ct cushion cut.  I researched and for a stone, but then on a whim decided to reach out to my jeweler to see if he had anything in his store and he had a 2.2 ct cushion cut and it was perfect!

I knew I wanted a plain band and then added surprise rubies.  I’ve tried on pave bands and halos and none of that is my style, so I went with a 2.5 mm cathedral band with surprise rubies and I love it.  The whole setting took me about 5 minutes to decide on.  The stone was the most important and difficult to find part of it.





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  • Wedding: August 2019

I knew I wanted a peach sapphire and I knew I liked ovals. Rose gold has always looked the best on my skin tone. After I had those things narrowed down, I went in person to try on solitaire ovals vs. ovals with different styles of halos until I had an idea of what styles I liked.

9x7mm peach sapphire with diamond halo set in rose gold.

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  • Wedding: June 2019

I think Elizabeth Taylor’s ring sparked my interest in emerald cuts, they’re so glamourous to me so I always knew I wanted one. The rose gold tone looks way better on my skin than platinum or yellow when I tried things on so I went with that! I was stuck between three stone trillion sides and pave and ultimately just loved the thinness of the pave band compared to the stone. Just try a bunch of things on and you’ll figure out what you’re drawn to!


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  • Wedding: September 2019

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I actually hadn’t put in that much research, besides pinterest and Costco. I had browsed Brilliant Earth as well. My favorite settings were always the Aria and Selene. 

We tried on the two rings I would always stare at when at Costco. I wanted more of a surprise, so when he was serious, we looked at second hand rings on idonowidont. I would send him ones I liked from there. He then asked if I preferred solitaires or 3 stone, and my preference was a 3 stone. I still thought he was negotiating with sellers.

He surprised me with a ring from James Allen. 

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We just went looking in the stores. I knew I didn’t want a solitaire…and I knew I liked white gold. It was just a matter of trying rings on and eventually I found the one! I can’t get a picture to upload by I ended up with a Vera Wang 3 stone halo. I believe this ring was discontinued because I haven’t been able to find it online and it was on sale. I decided against a wedding band because my ring looks perfect by itself. I feel like a band would detract from its beauty.

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rdtobee :   it is 1.6 carat total weight– center stone is 0.7 carat and the setting has 0.9 carats. It’s a single halo. Designer is Henri Daussi.

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  • Wedding: June 2019

Mine started with looking online (and ultimately ordering online too lol). My fiancé let me more or less take the helm when it came to finding a ring (though he did share input and opinions!) I knew I wanted something unique and meaningful to me, and (cheesy though this sounds) I’ve been head-over-heels obsessed with beauty and the beast since I was little (and my fiancé has a tradition of getting me beauty and the beast related items for birthdays and anniversaries haha), so I knew I wanted some kind of batb-inspired style.

Originally there was a “Belle” ring from the Zales Disney collection that caught my eye, but it was out of our price range and also a bit too bling-y for my taste with the band. I used it as inspiration though, and ultimately fell in love with a Moissanite ring from Etsy that was similar in style but simpler (which I wanted!) and also I honestly love the overall look of the “petals” on my ring more than I do on the Zales ring ๐Ÿ™‚

Here is the original ring I liked, and the one I ended up with!

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  • Wedding: September 2020

I’d fallen in love with morganite and rose gold on Pinterest, so when it was time to think about my e-ring FH sent me to a jewler to look at them in person to be 1000000% sure I didn’t want a diamond. I tried on tons of shapes and styles and my love for peachy tones and rose gold was confirmed.  I was told that morganite was too soft for daily wear so decided on peach sapphire to achieve my desired look with more durability.  With  my short, tapered fingers I knew an elongating shape like a pear or an oval was what I wanted.  FH did an AMAZING JOB procuring the stone from a gems dealer in New York and having a setting custom made here in Chicago.    

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Prior to getting engaged, I wanted a round solitaire with pave. I loved the simplicity and the extra sparkle. I found Brilliant Earth and lab diamonds and loved that I could get a larger stone for a great price AND that the rings as a whole are ethically sourced. I looked at every setting on their site dozens of times. I knew I wanted rose gold because my fiancé and I have always been partial to it/that is what my other expensive jewelry is. 

6 prong felt more comfortable for me and the look of claw prong was my preference. I love the dainty and smooth look! 

I found two settings that were 6 prong, pave with the only difference being the thickness of the band and the $900 price between the two. I felt guilty about spending that much more when they were so similar, but the thinner band was so thin at 1.7mm it didn’t feel sturdy enough. I also wished that there was a contrast between the options so it would be more of a decision for my fiancé, but I liked what I liked.

I had a moment where I realized this was something I was going to wear forever.  It needed to be what I loved, so I nixed the thinner band. I did one more once over on the site and that’s when I found a beautiful 3 stone ring with very petite size stones and a lace band. I was obsessed with it and never saw myself with a three stone. It maintained the look of both a solitaire and a trilogy somehow and I thought it was so unique. So I added that to the options with the other solitaire/pave and sent it off to my fiancé. He said he knew immediately that the three stone was something special and that’s what he chose!

As far as the center stone, I knew I wanted rose gold, so I didn’t feel the need to get a colorless stone. I went with a beautiful 1.63 carat J, VS1, Ideal Cut, XXX. I poured over diamond options for months and while I found a few others that would have been jus as perfect, the timing was right on mine! It was important that it be at lease VS1 clarity and Ideal Cut! 

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  • Wedding: May 2019

I wanted either a opal or a black diamond. We  were told that we wouldn’t be able to engrave the band of a opal because opals are too soft so black diamond it was. I needed a engravable band with my ring because we wanted our  stillborn sons name and birthdate engraved into our rings.

My fiance let me choose my own ring. I like small stones  because my fingers are short and small. I have tried rings on with bigger stones on but they look ridiculous on me. So it made more sense to get a  promise ring since they are basically mini engagment rings and like way cheaper.

There were two rings in particular rings I loved. One was .16 CT black diamond with white diamond flakes. The other was .11 CT white diamond with black diamond flakes. 

Let me stress this my fiance told me I could have either ring and that the fact one was more pricey didn’t matter. Both of these rings were with in the budget he set for me so the choice was ALL mine.

As much as I loved the more expensive black diamond with diamond specks/flakes I just couldnt get over the price it was $500 before taxes. That may not seem like a lot to some  but  that is a lot of money especially since we would have to save up to pay for part of our wedding. We also are starting the adoption journey and had to pay for things associated with that. As well as ttc again and I need fertality drugs. So when I took all these factors into account it made more sense to get the less expensive ring.

Here is my ring . I really do love it but would be lying if I dont sometimes think of the black diamond ring.

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  • Wedding: March 2013

Best way to start is to look online and see if anything jumps out like shape and colours  you like. 

Then window shop and see if that still holds true. Then try on different colours and shapes. I love emeralds but they make my skin look green and am still gutted about that! So worth seeing if what colours you like also suit you.

Then I’d think about what’s most important to you eg size colour shape etc and what budget you want to set.

Marquise cuts are good value for money just now as they aren’t as popular. Princess cuts offer biggest weight for your money. Ovals are pricier just now as they’re so popular. Also for me cut is most important, I don’t want a stone that doesn’t wow.

There’s also settings to try and see what you prefer. You could go in thinking vintage and come out thinking you actually prefer modern etc. You could think about what things you love most that you possess and see if there are common themes.

Personally I think I pink diamond sounds lovely to remember your father but I would maybe not want that as an engagement stone as I want to think of my husband not my father. 

Have fun! 

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rdtobee :  my first post didn’t post for some reason so I will try again ๐Ÿ™‚

The first thing I did was choose my stone and then the rest flowed from there. I knew I didn’t want my main stone to be the traditional diamond so when me and my FH stumbled across these two perfect color sapphires and they were cut from the same stone we jumped at the chance to get them. I didn’t even care what size it was on my finger at the time because I knew they were the one. Bonus points because they came in a set of two so FH gets one in his ring as well so we will match! ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Once I had the sapphire I had to build a ring around it, so I went to a bunch of stores to try on styles to see what I liked and actually walked out pretty disappointed because nothing really wowed me and I went to 6-7 of the largest stores in my state ๐Ÿ™ however I did learn that I probably am looking for something a little more unqiue and custom so I spent the next four month looking online and through Pinterest saving rings that made me go ooohh! I started to narrow them down and realized a pattern of cluster settings, Heidi Gibson designs, floral and vintage settings and started to make a list of things that I really LOVED about those designs that I wanted in mine and then thought about how I would like it to go together that would be a statement piece but still stay elegant. It took me about 6 months of searching and playing around until I had a design in mind that checked all the boxes of things I loved and then took some inspiration pictures to my jeweler and explained my vision and he arranged some diamonds around my sapphire and it was perfect!!!! A few weeks later I had CADS and then a wax model, and finally she was on my finger and more perfect than I could have ever dreamed of. 

My advice if you can’t find a setting in the millions of settings out there is find your stone first. Go try on different  sizes and shapes, different colors of the shapes you like and lay it out on your finger. If you fall in love with a stone (or a setting) that you just cannot shake then you’re already one step done and then let your creativity flow. Happy hunting! 



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  • Wedding: October 2013

Didn’t get this until we were married for five years but I always loved old cut stones and when I found this one on JbyG I just had to snap her up!

1.51 J, VS antique cushion. Grace made me a setting to match my wedding band!rdtobee :  

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