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@Theonetime:  Slow, one thing at a time. Meat is actually fine. If you want to lose weight, just eat twice or three times as many vegetables and cut down on dairy and carbs (I know why do we have to give up the best things ever?!) 

Also, my parents did the Dukan diet and it worked WONDERS for them. They each lost 40 pounds and now they can eat a lot of the things they like again, just in moderation. So I recommend it.

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I eat sweets every day (like two cookies) but make sure I eat healthy for every other meal. I am 5’7 and 140lbs, and while my weight hasnt chnged in a year I have gone down two dress sizes, and had to buy new pants/shorts/etc because everything was too big. (Went from an 8, to a 4-6) My biggest recommendation is that you need to realize it all takes time, the people who get amazing results in months are doing crazy workouts! I know this wasnt exactly the advice you wanted, but I hope it helps.

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I’ve cut out most sugar from my diet by nessecity, because I really can’t tolerate it.
It makes me feel ill, so that was realy good motivation for cutting it out! Honestly, I have cravings but generally regret it when I give in, so I have a stronger willpower because of that.
I found that the best thing (well, for me anyway) in terms of cutting out sugar is cutting out all sugary drinks – including juice. I only drink water and iced tea with lemon when I go out to eat.

I cut out gluten for a few months as well. That one was hard because of figuring out the substitutions. I include it in my diet now, but I actually preferred the non-gluten alternatives (i.e. use a lettuce leaf instead of bread in a sandwich) so I’ve been eating less of it overall.

Overall, the no gluten helped me lose a pound or two… I haven’t gained or lost weight in 10 years, so that was significant for me.
I cut the sugar out to feel better, and I’d say not eating sugar has accomplished that goal for the most part.

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@Theonetime:  Hi there!  About three months ago I started a move towards a more healthy lifestyle (and lost about 12 pounds along the way).  I started running and cycling, but most importantly, I started recording what I eat.  I use the MyFitnessPal app on my phone, and I swear by it for tracking calories, fat, and keeping me accountable for what I eat.

For me, I am a creature of habit, so that is how I changed my eating.  I used to eat breakfast sporadically at best, usually grabbing a bagel on my way to work, and would be starving by 10:00.  Now I eat a fruit smoothie and cereal every morning and a lunch of fruit, veggies and peanut butter and yogurt.  For cravings during the day, I keep raw almonds at my desk and grab a handful mid-afternoon if needed.  

You said you go to the gym regularly… what time do you usually go?  I find if I run first thing in the morning, it inspires me to eat better during the day.  I’m thinking “hmm.. if I eat that muffin I’ll basically cancel out most of my run this morning”, whereas if I run at the end of the day I think “I can eat the muffin, I’m going to run tonight!”  Maybe try working out earlier (if you don’t already) for extra motivation for healthly eating.

I would also say don’t completely cut out food you love, just limit how much of it you eat.  

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I started by making healthier desicions.  I cut out white foods like breads, pastas, and potatoes and switched to 100% wheat or whole grain if I must have it.  I also cut out sodas, so I only drink water and coffee.  I only really crave potatoes or pasta so I deal with cravings by having a “cheat” day.  It’s usually on Saturday’s, and I eat whatever I want in moderation. 

I try to eat lots of meat and veggies…you still need some carbs, but I’ve come to terms with the fact that I don’t need half a plate of mac n cheese or mashed potatoes. LOL  It’s all about portion control. 

Also, watch your salad dressings.  Ranch or thousand island can easily be over 500 calories!!  I try to stick with italian/vinagarettes and use as little as possible. 

I don’t really “count” calories, but I downloaded “My fitness pal” on my phone to help me see how many calories I’m actually taking in.

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@Excited To Bee:  +1

If you deprive yourself of everything and tell yourself you’re on a diet, you’re more likely to give up and binge later. I find that if you let yourself eat cookies, and chocolate and ice ceam but only have one thing a day and in a really small portion you can teach yourself to sit and enjoy them without scarfing down and entire plate. I’ve also found that once you start to get rid of the pasta and bread and sugar you don’t crave them as much. I also drink a ton of water!

Just take it slow and track your progess, losing 1-2lbs a week is the most you should be aiming for so that you can keep the weight off later. I am 5’7″ and went from 157 lbs to 121 lbs and have stayed at between 212 and 125 for 4 years. I lost the original 30 lbs in 3 months by going to the gym 5 times a week, doing the stairmaster and the assisted dip/pull-up machine mostly, and cutting out any drink but water and black coffee and anything processed, and just using proper portions (I still ate pasta and casseroles and things). I found that by only “weighing in” one day a week (but still weighing myself every day) and charting those weigh-in amounts I could see how well I was doing and it motivated me to keep it up!

Good luck!

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