(Closed) How did you feel after stopping the pill?

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  • poll: How did you feel after stopping birth control?


    The same


    Worse at first, then better

    Got pregnant before I could tell

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    I’ve been off for two cycles now and was on ortho tri cyclen lo from ages 17-25. I was really worried about my cycles not returning to normal, but my first cycle off, I ovulated on cd16 and started my period on cd28. This cycle, I ovulated on cd14 and should get my period at the end of the week. I definitely noticed some changes, both bad and good: 

    good: huge increase in sex drive, more energy, no weight change

    bad: skin breakouts both cycles, extremely(!!) sore/tender breasts and nipples after ovulation until period, and slight cramps/bloating before my period 

    overall, I’m so glad I went off. I’ve begun charting my cycles and feel very in tune with my body. 

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    Oh I also wanted to add – my sex drive remained the same on and off pill. And for the first month my skin was very oily – now it is not as oily but I still have break outs like a teenager.

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    over all i felt fine.  but i did break out more. and AF cramps were bad on CD1-2.  i hadn’t had AF cramps in a long time so that was new again to me.

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    The first few wks off the pill, I felt a little ‘blah’ and my skin was greasier.  I seemed to break out along my hairline and gained a few lbs, however I went off right after the wedding, so not sure if the weight gain was due to the pill or taking a break from dieting and working out.  I also never got my period on the pill so imagine my surprise when an old friend, PMS came back. 

    Despite all this, I ended up getting my period ~4 wks after stopping and I did feel good knowing I didn’t have any extra hormones in my body.  I then got pregnant about 2mo after, so not sure how long it would’ve taken for me to feel ‘normal’ again.  I actually feel pretty normal now!  

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    I went off BC for the first time in ~15 years in February I believe. I feel pretty much the same. I broke out a tiny bit at first but that seems to have cleared up, although I still feel greasier by the end of the day. My sex drive went up maaaaybe a tiny bit, but not much.

    So far my cycles have been pretty regular which I was actually suprised by, and they’re lighter with less headaches (I used to get a ~3 day headache during the off week in my pack). Overall, not much change.

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    There’s some worse, some better:


     – heavier, longer period 

    – way worse cramps

    – took awhile for my cycle to stabilize 

    – seem more prone to pimples


     – Higher sex drive

     – Migraines disappeared

     – I think I’m less emotional right before my period (haven’t asked DH about that yet, though)


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    RunnerBride13:  After reading some of the comments I totally realised acne…. definatly have a few annoying ones come out. The first weeks I kinda felt wonky like.. cranky? but now I think Im ok. Around the time I was “supposed” to get AF I felt “something” going on but it wasnt crazy cramps… just like “activity” lol (if that makes any sense). Still havent got AF but now I feel normal….mostly. I do feel like I’ve been a bit puffy for a some reason (my stomach especially) which is weird because I thought you were supposed to be less puffy. Ive actually been easting really well/low alcohol etc… so theoredically I should be LOOSING weight…wtf lol. UGH

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    I will have to let you know I start my last pack in a few weeks.  I am terrified of what is going to happen.  I don’t know how my skin will react (hoping it will not be much since I had pretty good skin before the pill), no clue on my hair or my moods.  I am praying that my awful cramps do not return, they tended to sideline me for at least a day.  I have been on the pill for almost 13 years.  I am also hoping that my weight does not change, that would suck.

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    In the past when I stopped taking the pill, I would break out really bad along my chin and jawline. I became much more emotional, too. This time, to my surprise and delight, my skin has actually improved and is darn near flawless. I’m a bit more emotional, but it goes both ways – my highs are a little higher and my lows are a little lower, but nothing terrible. I actually prefer this.

    Oh, and AF is heavier but shorter. Again, preferable. 

    I really don’t want to ever take the pill again!

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    commenting to follow as I’ve got about 5 months left till I stop the pill… I’ve been on it for about 8 years, and before that my periods were pure hell. PMS, upset stomach, back pain, awful cramps, bloating… like a freaking Midol advertisement. I dread this. 🙁

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    I felt better as far as bloating went. Within weeks I was told I had lost so much weight by random co workers. But my acne and cramps came back with a vengeance. It did take a few monthes for my body to adjust fully and cramps and heavy period to come back. 

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    Commenting to follow. I’ve been on the pill for about 12 years now, and will be going off the pill in a month. Fingers crossed it goes well!

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    I Just recently got off birth control, last pill was April 13, 2014.. Last Period ended at April 18… going off the pill for me was the best thing that has ever happened to me! Though I did receive pimples… A bit more oily then before…. But my sex drive went back to the way it did before pills! While on the pills I hated having sex, no energy overall just didn’t want it…. i should of got off BCP long time ago! and oh! My metabolism went back up again! Lol

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    Before the pill: Acne, rashes.

    On the pill (and later implanon): Happy days. No more skin problems. No problems at all.

    After: Not always ovulating every cycle. When I do ovulate, I spend about three days with agonising cramps, morning sickness which can even last all day (sometimes accompanied by vomiting), bloating, and breast tenderness, feeling lousy. When it first happened, I thought it was appendicitis, LOL! But it wasn’t. AF is totally fine, but I’m really suffering mid cycle, which I never did before. The acne and skin problems are also back. On the plus side, I have a much higher sex drive, and I’m almost never hungry. Cycles a regular 28 days… always have been. No change in mood… I think maybe I’m a bit more unhappy, but I’ve had a tough few months, so…

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