(Closed) How did you feel before going into labor?

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Diamondgurl:  A few weeks prior I started having BH on the regular. The day of I actually felt pretty fine apart from being really tired. I had a little bit of BH/cramping, but nothing I thought was out of the ordinary. I took a nap in the afternoon and woke up with cramping that was close together and then far apart, and I started to have blood, which I thought was just my mucous plug, so I ignore that. That was about all I had, but I was very uneasy about my BH because of how often they came even though they were so inconsistent, and it seemed like when I moved they would go away, but come back pretty fast.

I went through that from about 4:30 in the afternoon until I went to bed at 10:30. I managed to shift around in bed until 12:30 or so when I couldn’t sleep through these BH anymore, and I knew I was in labor. We timed them, and I was between 2-5 minutes apart.

Edited to add that (this is purely mental) but a lot of people say you will get thisd overwhelming urge to clean. I can’t tell you how many people I heard this from. NOT true for me. However, that Saturday I felt like I had to get my at-home maternity pictures done. I was so bound and determined to get them taken because I had this “feeling” that my son would be there soon. Only a day and a half later πŸ™‚

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Diamondgurl:  It was a Wednesday and I had my 39 week appt and they checked my cervix- 1.5 cm dilated and 70% effaced, which basically means nothing. My midwife assured me I wouldn’t be pregnant in two weeks…um, yay? My future SIL’s bridal shower was on Saturday and since I still felt totally normal the next day Thursday, I figured I’d make it to the shower. I went for a long walk with my dog as usual. That evening I felt a little crampy and had some bleeding but I figured it was still from the cervical check since I had quite a bit of discomfort and bleeding after it. I was able to go to bed (with the help of a Benadryll for “allergies” ok, I did have a little sneeziness but mostly I just wanted some help sleeping since I was kinda uncomfortable). I woke up at 3 am and was pretty sure I was in early labor. I ate a snack and got in the bathtub. While in the tub I lost some mucous plug. After the bath I put in a movie but I kept pausing it to get up and walk around and breath, I was really uncomfortable but I wouldn’t say I was in pain. By 7 am I needed to wake my husband up to tell him I that I THINK this might be it. We called the midwives and I was at the birth center by 9:45 am, 4 cm dilated and 5 during a contraction. I was hesitant to believe I was truly in labor until then since I had a TON of BH and lots of early labor leading up to it. But basically I felt normal until I didn’t- you could go into labor any day! Best of luck!!!

PS I did clean out our cabinets but that had been on my list for a while….in hindsight maybe I was nesting???

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like a week before I noticed a lot of Braxton hicks, I had a bloody show about three days before And starting Friday (I gave birth Tuesday) I felt really sick to my stomach, achy, crampy, and had no appetite.

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Diamondgurl:  It can come out of nowhere! On Tues afternoon/evening I had progressively stronger BH and thought it might happen! (I had a cervical check that morning and was 1-2 cm 90%) Woke up Wed and nada – felt totally fine. Towards the end of the work day the BH were more noticeable but nothing like they were on Tuesday. 1 am Thursday my water broke and I had my baby in my arms that evening. Ya never know when baby will come. Good luck! I know the end drags on but get as much sleep as you can and enjoy your last days of being pregnant – you’ll miss it when it’s all over!

megz06:  my nesting urge came and left in second trimester! I didn’t even have a hospital bag packed lol. I wish I had gotten the urge to clean because our house was a mess! I did however clean the bathrooms at like 3 am while in labor because I knew people would be over! 

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My first sign of labor was my water breaking. No BH. no dilation (I’d seen the doctor the day before). No signs of any kind. And poof – water broke and I had the baby 14 hours later πŸ™‚

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I never had any signs or symptoms leading up. No Braxton hicks, no bloody show, nothing. True morning of (37w5d) I woke up with a splitting headache. I joked to my husband maybe it was all the hormones and I was going into labor. Everything else was normal then my water broke ( trickled actually.) about an hour later I started contractions and 4 hours later she was born πŸ™‚ good luck!

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Diamondgurl:  the night before I had my DS (39w 5d) I was saying he will be in there forever because I felt perfectly normal and had no labor signs at all. 6 am the next morning contractions started, he was born at 5 pm.

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I was waiting for all the signs . . . and didn’t have any of them. I never had Braxton Hicks contractions, I never had any bloody show, and I didnt lose my mucus plug. I went to bed the night of my due date and woke up at 0300 with period-like cramps. That was the start of my labour and my son was born at 1400 that day. 

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I was like 2 weeks overdue & felt like a whale… So very ready to get my baby out and resume being myself lol. 

12 hour labour with epidural. I did cry & say I couldn’t do it, a few times but I did πŸ™‚ 

I had a mild (24hr) case of depression – once she was out, I didn’t care who held her – I really wanted a shower & some sleep. But that subsided and I felt so much better once I was home in my own environment πŸ™‚ 

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I was almost 2 weeks overdue but felt fine. I went to work up until the day I delivered, ate normal meals, and went for long walks. I kept looking for a mucus plug, bloody show, all that good stuff — nothing. I did have some BH contractions, but nothing major. No nesting instinct, either, or any of the other signs I’d read about.

My husband did say that my belly looked lower the night before I ended up going into labor. That was probably the only sign.

I knew I was in labor (finally!) when I woke up with strong, sharp backpains and the need to vomit.

Good luck… it will happen soon! And you’ll know it when it comes! 

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Well, I got in a car accident and was induced at 37 weeks. Honestly, did not do much research since I figured “this is going to happen anyway” and I was really far more obsessed with reading about my baby’s Down Syndrome (which unnecessarily terrified me btw). My doctor came highly recommended, I trusted him, knew that I would be getting an epidural, so I figured the birth would be fine. But it was not fine … Flash-back to my childhood experiences in the dentist’s chair, with the doctor coming in the room every 30 minutes with another numbing injection. For literally hours, and it never worked. Same thing happened with the epidural. They kept delivering more and more but I felt every single thing. So so angry. Horrible. Worst nightmare. Do not recommend.

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Trust me, your WTF is going on moment will be coming soon and it will be clear.

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I had no real signs or symptoms.  I felt pretty great honestly.  I was induced at 41 weeks, with nothing more than just some effacement and dilation (like a fingertip) beforehand.  So I never went into labor on my own

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